How To Travel With a Stroller

How To Travel With a Stroller

A stroller is a must-have item for every parent when it comes to traveling. Definitely, it makes things easier for parents as well as their kids, when transported.

But the idea of taking such a heavyweight and big-sized item all the way from home to the desired destination always appears to be challenging to parents. Especially those who are traveling for the very first time.

The first and foremost concern of every parent is what kind of stroller can I take on a plane. There is no one right answer to this. You’ll have to consider certain things to get the answer.

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How to Travel With A Stroller

The most significant of which is how are you going to handle your stroller while traveling. Here, we’ll discuss each one of these ways.

Getting The Stroller Checked

If your stroller is large and cannot be collapsed then you’ll have to get it checked. Treat such a stroller as any other language that will be checked.

If you are not sure if your stroller should be checked like the regular luggage or can be carried to the gate. It’s better that you contact your airline beforehand and clear out the confusion.

If you are checking it like regular luggage make sure that you ask the ticketing agent to cover the stroller with a plastic bag. It will keep it clean and prevent scratches during the flight. Note that airlines don’t charge extra for carrying the stroller as part of your checked luggage.


If you have got to know at home that you’ll be checking your stroller, you should pack it home. Get a big plastic bag and place all the parts in it. In this way, you won’t lose any of its parts and protect the stroller from dust, stains, and scratches.

To cushion the stroller/ stroller parts, many people put stuff like diapers or any other soft linen in the stroller’s bag. It not only cushions the stroller but also saves space in other bags where you can put more useful things. So, flying with a car seat and stroller can even save space for your bags!

Security Check

You will not be asked to open up the stroller bag at the airport security checkpoint. But if the bag is way too heavy or big then you might be asked to open it up.

To avoid this sort of hassle, ensure that you put a reasonable amount of linen and/or diapers in the stroller bag. And if your stroller already weighs more than a usual stroller then you should not put any other stuff in it in the first place.

In case you haven’t packed the stroller, then you will be required to pass the stroller through airport security check i.e., an X-Ray machine. It’s advised that you should fold your stroller before your own turn. As the lines are long and can be taxing, this will provide you with some relief.

Some airports have lines dedicated for families only to make things easier and less time taking for parents.

Getting The Stroller Checked At The Gate

In case you feel that your stroller’s size isn’t appropriate to fit in the overhead compartment. Then you will have to check it at the gate before you board. You’ll be given tags so that you can collect it after the flight. You can keep the car seat with you, throughout the flight.

To give parents time to gate-check their items and get settled on seats, airlines provide them the facility of pre-boarding.

Putting Stroller In Overhead Bin

If your stroller is small you can just take it inside the plane and fix it in the overhead bin just like other carry-on baggage.

Carrying a small stroller is the best option. It benefits parents in several ways. First, you can easily access it. Second, it can save your time as you will not have to wait to pick it up after the flight. Lastly, there are no chances that you’ll lose it.

Baggage Claim

Similar to the regular baggage, you will have to collect the stroller from the baggage claim if you checked it like regular luggage. Most probably, you’ll find strollers along with baggage larger in size than usual.


Traveling with a stroller is challenging for the first time. Once you have gone through the whole process, from packing to the airport checking. Then it won’t be difficult for you at all. Try to carry a small size stroller provided that the small size is suitable for your child.

But traveling without a stroller or car seat might give you a tough time once you have reached your destination. For instance, you might not be able to find a stroller on rent, or it might not have adequate safety features and things like your own stroller. So make sure to carry a stroller with you.


Can I bring a stroller on the plane?

A stroller and a car seat are typically allowed on most airlines. These items must be stored in the aircraft hold with your luggage during the flight. In the case of a baby under two years of age, you will not be charged for the additional baggage allowance.

How do you travel with a baby stroller?

It is sometimes possible to check strollers as checked baggage for free with some airlines. As with your regular baggage, strollers can be checked at the ticket counter or at the gate. In the United States, each ticketed adult can check one stroller for free.

How do you wrap a stroller on a plane?

You can prevent the stroller from opening by wrapping two or three pieces of twine around it. In order to keep your stroller as clean as possible, you need to place it in a large plastic bag or use a commercial bagging service.

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