How Old is Too Old for a Stroller

How Old is Too Old for a Stroller

Since strollers are lifesavers for parents, but everyone wonders how old is too old for a stroller? Well, the debate is controversial and is subjected to one’s personal needs and preferences.

Many kids, hate sitting buckled up in the strollers tight, while others’ legs get tired enough to roam around and they want someone, who can either carry them or take their strollers.

In either way, we are no one to judge any kid or make their parents feel ashamed. As the right age to quit a stroller is dependent upon many factors, let us look upon those in the text below.

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How Old is Too Old For a Stroller: Key Factors

At whatever age your kid is, you can always opt for the mix and match option. You can allow them to walk around, simultaneously carry their stroller too.

But, I suggest that if you are going on vacation, or in the mall or another place where you think you need to stay for long, carry your stroller with you. It will not only save your energy and time but you back too.

Physical Developmental Signs

Most pediatricians recommend that a child should not stay in the stroller for more than 3 years. According to Dr. Smith- a fellow Pediatrician, a child’s physical development is strengthened enough by the age of three, that he should be walking around with parents in the streets.

Although he will get tired after 30 minutes at maximum, allowing them to walk on their feet is crucial. When the kids are developing physically, most of them don’t want to sit in their strollers and they start throwing tantrums.

Well, in any case by the age of 3 parents should encourage their child to walk on their feet, even if it is for a few minutes.

Taking Childs Weight as a signal

Well, experts agree that weight is just a number. It does not indicate that your child is ready to hop out of the strollers because some kids weigh heavier than others or vice versa.

As per my opinion, your kid is ready to leave the stroller at 20 kgs too. Thus you cannot include weight as one of the determinants here.

Development of Motor Skills

You can develop motor skills in kids only if you allow guided experience. Being said, your little ones want to explore the world now. They want to run and touch everything to gain their own experience and develop a sketch on their mental canvas.

Physical experience, soft play areas, kids parks are specifically designed to enhance kids’ motor skills, and so when your kid is out of the stroller to experience new things, his motor skills will improve a lot.

Sense of Independence

As a baby grows 2 years plus, and learns to walk. He always wants to run and walk around, because this walk gives him a sense of independence.

And this sense of independence is affirmative to boost his self-confidence and his trust in the world around him.

Social aspect

As being stated above, when a child is out of his gear, he feels independent. This sense of independence gives him the confidence to interact socially with the things surrounding him. They will learn to follow their parent’s directions, they will follow you.

However, I know that in beginning it is quite frustrating for every parent when their toddler runs around all the time and refuses to hold their hands especially in public places, but this will also allow developing a sense of self- safeguard. In either way, it is a win-win situation.

Emotional Balance

Every toddler is an energy packet and nearly every parent struggles to channelize their child’s energy. These streams of energy and emotions are natural. Your children continue mastering the emotions since the ’30s.

So, don’t expect much from just a 3-year-old one! give them liberty and space, when they are not tied up in the strings in strollers and are running around to explore more they are learning to channelize their energy and emotions too.

Well, being a mum, it’s my mum hack, when my kid is emotionally out especially in anger, I remove the stroller and allow him to hop around. And, trust me it is quite helpful.

Exceptions and Hacks

There are exceptions in every case around the world, so is in finding how old is too old for a stroller. Many kids show development signs early, while others are slow or rather growing at their own pace.

  • But whatever the case is, watch out,
  • If your kid’s legs are strong enough to walk around and he enjoys roaming around?
  • He always throw tantrum, when you buckle him up? Time to switch from stroller now!
  • You want him to develop his motor skills, feel more secure in public and get up as he falls on the ground? Time to switch the stroller.
  • Perhaps, your kid wants to walk, he is 5 years plus but walks for 15- 10 minutes only? Train him to walk at least 30 minutes in a go and later extend these 30 minutes to an hour. This is crucial for their growth.
  • Don’t be judgmental, no stroller shame, every kid has his own pace so let him grow in a positive environment.

Rest, as a Mum hack, save your strollers for the next baby, and if your first one cries out for the same stroller again, buy him a glider. This hack works for me.

Safety Measure

Follow the following safety measures when you are in the transition of removing your baby from the stroller.

  • Never leave your child unattended in public places.
  • Don’t allow them to walk on the roads or crossroads.
  • Don’t allow them to touch and sharpen things around.
  • Never hang heavy objects at the back of the seat, because your baby is grown up, he might try to jump and your stroller might trip off.
  • Keep the baby cool and for that you need to keep stroller in the shady place.
  • And finally, don’t forget to put on parking brakes when your stroller is not in use.


To sum up, don’t wonder how old is too old for a stroller, because no one states the exact age that is appropriate for your child to get out of the stroller.

Being a parent, look for the signs and age-appropriate developments that you want in your child and start practicing walking with him.

But let me tell you, it will be a tiring and somewhat frustrating transition but in any case, you have to do it for your child’s developmental milestone achievement.

Hello, This is Erica Wilson and I am a mother of two kids, one Three-year-old daughter and my beautiful 2 year old Son. I studied MA in Social Science at University of Texas at Austin, United States. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected].

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