What is an Umbrella Stroller

What Is An Umbrella Stroller

No doubt the regular strollers are good. But all parents can relate that sometimes it becomes challenging to use these strollers. Especially, during traveling. These strollers are heavyweight and big in size. This means these strollers occupy a major part of your trunk.

But the good news is, there is something that can get the job done with more ease than the normal strollers. The umbrella strollers!

Umbrella strollers are smaller in size, therefore, occupy less space. These strollers are preferred by parents, especially those who are always on the go.

But they come with fewer features as compared to normal strollers. For example, they won’t offer a variety of whistles and bells. Rest assured, in terms of safety the umbrella strollers for tall parents are in no way less than regular strollers.

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Suitability Of Umbrella Strollers

As mentioned earlier, these strollers have fewer features than normal strollers. So, you should buy an umbrella stroller if you prefer the following things.

Lightweight And Small Strollers

If you are one who prefers lightweight and small strollers, then an umbrella stroller is a good purchase for you. There are umbrella strollers in the market that weigh less than 10 lbs. Its less weight makes it portable.

These strollers are very simple to fold and on folding, their size becomes equal to an umbrella. Most umbrella strollers come with a strap with which you can carry it on your shoulder.


As these umbrella strollers are lightweight and become very small on folding so they are perfect to travel with. At the airport, you can get it checked at the gate. Since they don’t bother parents much so they often carry it as a secondary stroller while traveling.

To get rid of unnecessary hassle, many people put an umbrella stroller at the place which they frequently visit. Such as a very close friend or grandparents.

Umbrella Stroller Age

Umbrella strollers are usually designed for kids of six months and above. In other words, it is suitable for kids who are able to sit on their own.

It’s better not to use these strollers for a newborn. In case you intend to use it for an infant make sure that it is well-made, strong, and solid. Also, its seat should be the one that can back recline entirely. If not this, then you can get a newborn bassinet, separately.

Suitable For City Life

If you live in a city, most probably you are a frequent user of public transport and live in an apartment. In such a scenario, an umbrella stroller is ideal for you. As it is easy to take up and downstairs and not difficult to travel with.

Characteristics Of A Good Umbrella Stroller

Numerous options are available in the market for buying umbrella strollers. However, not every stroller is worth buying. Given below are the features you should consider before buying it in order to pick the best umbrella stroller.

Safety Features

The first and the foremost concern of every parent-safety. To optimize the safety of your child, get a stroller that has a 5-point harness. It will keep your child in place with the help of straps. Its wheel should have a lock.

To make sure that the stroller’s safety system is up to the mark, look for the JPMA (Juvenile Manufacturers Association) seal.

Never keep the baby’s fingers near the folding system/mechanism. Furthermore, avoid hanging anything on the back of the stroller. Otherwise, it might impact the stability of the stroller.


Get a stroller that can be conveniently folded and unfolded with only one hand.


The umbrella strollers offer less storage space because they are designed in a pared-down style. Some of these don’t offer any storage space. So, don’t forget to see the storage capacity before buying.


Before purchasing the stroller, move it around in the store. This will give you a good idea if it is easy to direct and move or not.


By carefully looking at the stroller and knowing its upper weight you can get to know a lot about its quality and consequently its durability. Good quality means longer life.


Usually, these strollers have a sunshade/canopy. Buying such a stroller that has a canopy will protect your child from the harsh sun rays.

Seat Recline

To increase the comfort of your child, purchase a stroller whose seat reclines.


There is a clear difference in the price of a regular stroller and an umbrella stroller. The umbrella strollers are cheaper than the regular stroller.

However, some of these can cost really high. You get the one that has a reasonable price particularly if you are treating it as a secondary stroller.

Additional Features

Though umbrella strollers are known to offer very few features and accessories with respect to the regular strollers. But some of the models come with additional features such as cup holders, extendable canopy, extra straps, etc.


An umbrella stroller, as seen above, can be used to store space and facilitate things for parents, particularly those who are always busy at work.

That too, without having to spend lots of money. You can use your money even more smartly if you consider the characteristics of an umbrella stroller mentioned above before finalizing your purchase.


1. Why is it called an umbrella stroller?

It is named an umbrella stroller because when we fold it up its shape is very much similar to that of a large golf size umbrella. Which can be very easily carried at the back with the help of the strap.

2. Can you push an umbrella stroller in one hand?

Although, it is light in weight and smaller in size than a regular stroller. But, it cannot be moved/pushed with one hand.

3. How much weight can an umbrella stroller hold?

An umbrella stroller can hold no more than 40 lbs.

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