How to Protect Stroller When Flying

How to Protect Stroller When Flying

Nearly every parent wants stress-free travel along with kids and to be at ease of travel, surely you need your stroller too.

But whenever I think about an air flight with a bulk of luggage and two toddlers, and a stroller too, it seems horrifying.

Well, for past years, traveling with kids has taught me much, including hacks, tips, and precautions that surely I am going to share with you all.

So, for now, stop worrying about how to protect my stroller when flying and read the article below to have a sigh of relief.

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How to Protect Stroller When Flying

Well, I will not say that you can 100 % protect your stroller when you are flying, because e we all know how our luggage is being handled at the planes.

But there are certain things that I have learned over my travels along with kids, that if followed will keep your stroller safe against any serious damages and losses. Let us have a look.

Gate Check the stroller

I highly recommend you gate-check your stroller. Let your toddler drag this across the airport and spend his energy, especially if you want him to fall asleep on the plane.

Moreover, there are many other benefits of gate checking the stroller, you can get your extra luggage in the cargo basket, specifically a baby blanket, his diapers, and his loving toys. It will save your weight and space in the luggage.

When you gate-check the stroller, they allow you to take the stroller to the duct and at the plane bridge, the staff will give a tag to put at the stroller. The rest of you be at ease, they will take it to the luggage area, pack it, and put it on the plane.

Additionally, the best part of getting the stroller checked at the gate is that, on arrival, you will get it on the plane bridge no need to wait on a luggage belt.

If you have not received it at the bridge then you will see that it will be the first thing coming out on the belt as it was the last thing to pack in the plane luggage carrier.


Check the travel policy of your airlines. Many airlines allow the strollers till the gate that pack compact. And many airlines only allow strollers, not car seats.

So, before carrying any stroller along, you must get this checked with your airline to avoid a last-minute fuss.

Use Stroller Bag

Always use the stroller bag, no matter you have decided to check your stroller at the gate or at the security. To be honest this bag will not keep your stroller safe against bumps but it will keep your all stroller belongings intact.

And yes, be cautious to remove all your belongings from the stroller before getting them in the luggage area specially the passport or any other important stuff that you might have kept in the stroller parent console or the cargo basket.

There are many stroller bags easily available in the market. Many brands do offer bags along with their specific model, but to save money you can get it 2nd hand also.

As many strollers nowadays are coming with detachable parts, I feel that using a stroller bag is a safe option to keep everything in one approachable place.

Using Padded Bag

Yes! You will find padded trolley bags for your stroller too. But, let me tell you a Mum hack, you can keep the baby diapers, blanket, and his favorite stuff toys to create that cushion. This will save you a luggage weight too.

Scan or Security Check the Stroller

Well, this is completely dependent upon the airport policy and your stroller size. If your stroller folds compact then the staff might ask you to get the stroller scan.

But if your stroller is huge then will check it with the manual scanner. Many mums hesitate or worry when they hear about such security checks, but you can go through all smoothly if you follow the following:

  • Empty your stroller beforehand. None of your belonging should be there inside.
  • Don’t allow your kid to sleep until you board the plane. Trust me this hack works a lot for me. I used to keep my babies busy all the time at the airport so that they can sleep easily on the plane.
  • Keep your baby carrier in hand. This will give you a huge sigh of relief.

Is the Stroller Allowed on Planes?

For this, you must read the instructions given on your ticket. There are many strollers out in the market that collapses like a briefcase carrier or pack so compact to fit underneath an airplane seat.

Read the dimensions of your hand carrier baggage, this will give you the exact answer to the above-stated question.

Moreover, check with your airline also, because I have experienced that there are certain stroller brands allowed onboard by several airlines, you need to dig into this detail with your airline.

Damages claim

Irrespective of taking all the precautionary measures, there is still a possibility that your stroller might get damaged at luggage.

Well, I suggest every parent take thorough pictures of their stroller before sending it to the luggage.

Because, if you have proof, airlines are obliged to compensate for any damage specifically related to stroller wheels, security bands, and its frame.

They will compensate it completely for you, additionally, if you have a before and after picture, you can easily claim the damages in the


I am sure, now you are not worried about how to protect the stroller when flying. You just need to follow the instructions given above as taking a few preliminary measures can save you a lot.

With all my experience of flying along with my monsters, I have summed up the best hacks and tips that you can blindly follow to have stress free journey.

Hope you will enjoy reading the text above. Have a happy flight though!

Hello, This is Erica Wilson and I am a mother of two kids, one Three-year-old daughter and my beautiful 2 year old Son. I studied MA in Social Science at University of Texas at Austin, United States.¬†Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected].

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