Does Stroller Expire? Things You Should Know

Does Stroller Expire

When parents are investing a good amount of money on strollers the primary question they have is does stroller expire? A simple answer to it is no.

Strollers do not expire and can be used for more than one child. You might be curious about the expiration date written on some strollers. Well, that date tells us about the expiry of the seat base and the seat.

We are aware that every stroller can be used for a child till the child reaches a certain age and weight. For instance, the doona stroller age limit is 12 months. But the expiration date (for seat and base) written on it is for 6 years.

It means, even if your child overgrows you can use the stroller for your next kid or you can even sell it if you don’t plan to use it anymore.

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Strollers’ Manufacturers Claim

Manufacturers of strollers claim that a stroller can be used for as long as parents want. But we all know that every machine has a specific life and the same goes for strollers. It is true that a stroller may serve the kids even when it has some mechanical damage. 

For example, you can use a stroller if one of its wheels is not working. But there are certain circumstances under which a stroller should be disposed of. Such circumstances will be elaborated in the next stage of this article.

When To Replace A Stroller?

As mentioned earlier, strollers do not have any expiration date. But it doesn’t mean that they can be used for a lifetime.

There are certain conditions a stroller must satisfy in order to be used for next time/more.

  • If you are using an old stroller make sure that its security system works properly.
  • Do not try to use a stroller for a child whose age limit exceeds the age limit provided by the company.
  • Similarly, if you are using an old stroller for your newborn make sure it is suitable for his/her age group. For example, the bob stroller age limit starts from 8 months. So, it is not safe to use for a child below this age. You should buy a new one for your infant if you were previously using a bob stroller.

If the conditions are met, then the stroller is good to use. Otherwise, you should replace it.

Does Stroller Expire?

Strollers do not expire like most of the things around us. But, why?

If you see a stroller, you’ll notice that the material used to manufacture it, such as plastic and metal, takes a very long time to perish. This is the reason we say that a stroller does not expire provided that it is used in normal circumstances. The seat is made of fabric, therefore, it expires.

But remember that strollers become obsolete as the child grows. You’ll see that every stroller is recommended for a certain weight and age group. If your child has outgrown that limit then that stroller is of no use for you. If used, it won’t be safe. 

How To Get Rid Of A Stroller?

If you are done using the stroller for your child, there are certain ways to get rid of it.

Keep It For Next Child

If your stroller is functioning properly and its safety system is also 100% fine. Then you can keep this stroller and use it for your next child.

In this way, you will be able to save a big chunk of money while shopping for your new baby.

Sell The Stroller

If you don’t wish to use an old stroller for your next child, then it’s better to sell it.

Though selling a used stroller won’t give you money compared to its original price. But it’s better to have something than nothing. As simply throwing away the stroller means all your bucks are thrown away. However, if you sell it you will get some bucks back.


If you don’t want to use your stroller again nor do you want to sell it for a few bucks, then the best option for you is to give it to charity.

There are parents who do not have enough money to buy a stroller for their children. But they can get one from the charity.

Winding Up

A stroller never expires and can be used for multiple children if you give attention to its maintenance. There are a few parts that need to be replaced before the next use such as wheels, seats, etc.

If you plan to use a stroller for multiple children, then buy a model whose parts are easily available in the market. If you are using an already used stroller make sure that its safety system is working properly.


1. What can I use instead of a stroller?

Instead of the stroller, you can use the following:

  • Amazon. Saddle Seat and Standing Platform
  • Radio Flyer. Classic Red Wagon.
  • Yvolution. Y Glider Luna 5-in-1
  • Micro Kickboard. Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe Scooter.

2. How long do toddlers need a pram?

Generally, it is advised by experts that kids should not be kept in a stroller after the age of 3 years. Because it will hinder the process of developing stamina and strength.

Children who are kept in strollers after the age of 3 tend to be lazy and less independent. Moreover, they have more chances of obesity.

3. Can you check a wagon as a stroller?

Wagons are not considered the same as strollers. Therefore, you cannot check it as a stroller at the airport. Before you pass through security, you will have to check wagons as part of your checked baggage allowance. 

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