How to Fold Uppababy Stroller

How to Fold Uppababy Stroller

If you are planning to travel with your little one, then the Uppababy stroller should be your choice. These strollers are not only light and spacious but are super easy yet tricky to fold and unfold. Like Graco Uppababy also produce many different models in the baby gear line.

Every different model has a different opening and closing mechanism but the basics of the procedure remain the same.

Once you master it, you will not feel any difficulty in unfolding it. In the text below we will generalize how to fold the Uppababy stroller so that you can apply the procedure on every Uppababy model.

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How to Fold Uppababy Stroller: A Complete Guide

To generalize the procedure, we have summed up the following steps that you need to follow when folding an Uppababy stroller:

Brake Activation:

At first, you need to activate the back wheel brakes, this will restrict the stroller movement. But in Uppababy strollers, you don’t need to activate the front wheel brakes.

It is because when folding the stroller you need to maintain a specific angle and to achieve this angle, sometimes we need to move the stroller back and forth a bit.

Extend the handlebar

Once the brakes are on, you need to pull the handlebar upward to its maximum limit. Doing so will make the frame free.

Recline the seat

The most important consideration in this step is to keep the seat face forward i-e the face of the seat will be opposite to you. Now, recline the seat at its second upright position that mostly meets at 3600.

Release the frame

Watch out for a lever or a trigger that is mostly located at both sides of the frame bars. Release these locking structures at pulling upward along a small, gentle jerk. Once the lock is released, your frame will start folding automatically.

Secure the Fold

In the end, you need to lock the folded stroller. It can be done with whatever structure is given in your model. You need to look out for it.

Putting Uppababy Stroller in Your Travel Bag

Uppababy strollers can be packed so compactly that you can easily put them in your bags especially when you are boarding your flight and similarly for opening you need proper guide. Once you are done with folding the Uppababy stroller, you need to remove the wheels and pack them separately in the bag. This will not create a dirt fuss for you.

We assure you that the axles of your wheel are facing adjacent to each other. This will allow them to be more compact.

Now, pick the stroller and put it in the bag in a way that its hand bar faces downward. While doing so. Don’t forget to remove the bumper bar and the tray, better to place them separately.

Put this tray, bumper bar, and the bag of wheels within the stroller bag. You might wonder, how the whole structure would be so compact.

But trust me, these strollers bags are super spacious, easy to troll, and will hold all of your stroller belongings. Moreover, Uppababy strollers are designed specifically to pack in a compact and easy manner.

Stuck in Folding the Uppababy Stroller

Undoubtedly Uppababy strollers are tricky but easy to fold. If you are not taking care of your stroller and its maintenance is not done periodically, or if you don’t practice the folding procedure, you might feel stuck, way in the process.

But whatever the situation, never put force or pressure on the stroller to get a fold. Because it will cause unrepairable damages to your baby gear. You can check out for the following when you feel hard to fold the stroller:

  • Check the side frame locks, these are structures located at both hand sides on the bars of the frame. These structures must be free and allow the hand bar to slide upward and downward.
  • Ensure the alignment of the bars, the strollers silver pin, and its plastic tab that is usually black located at the left-hand side is not damaged.
  • Make sure to lubricate the joints of your stroller at least once a month. This is crucial for the smooth operations of the Uppababy stroller.
  • Be considerate, if your stroller is new, then you might feel it hard to fold when pushing the hand bar downward. But if you will continue for an inch or half with a mild force your frame will start folding on its own.

But, be careful, this applies to new stroller only, if have been using your stroller for months and it is showing resistance then better to examine it first.

Things to Consider While Folding Uppa Baby Stroller

Likewise, every stroller, Uppababy strollers also need the same considerations before putting them in folds. You need to clean the stroller thoroughly, lubricate it and watch out for the safety of your hand. For details on these considerations Read “How to Fold a Stroller”


Like all other famous brands in baby gear, Uppababy too has a list of models to study in detail. But the basic prototype of the manufacturer remains the same and based on that we have summed up the above-stated generalized procedure that you can follow to fold your Uppababy stroller.

For the detailed description of How to Fold an Uppababy stroller on different models, you need to check on their official website with a specific model number or read the manual given in the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brake do I need to activate when folding an Uppababy stroller?

While folding an Uppababy stroller you need to activate the back wheel brakes. However, you will keep the front wheel brakes free, this is to allow the smooth folding of the stroller.

Is it necessary to remove the seat when folding the Uppababy stroller?

For the Uppababy stroller, it is not necessary to remove the seat before folding it. You just need to make sure that the seat is in the second upright position i-e it is reclined to allow compact folds.

How to unfold the Uppababy stroller?

Like folding, the unfolding of the Uppababy stroller can also be done in seconds. At first, unlock the latch or a button that you used to lock the system.

Put your foot on one of the back wheels and pull the handlebar upward until you hear a click sound that shows that your stroller is secure to use now. Free the back wheel brakes and here you are ready to roam.

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