Where To Donate Strollers – Top 7 Places

Where To Donate Strollers

Strollers make life easier and quicker for parents as well as kids. They help parents do their basic life chores such as walking in a park, shopping, etc. with much more ease and comfort. 

However, a stroller cannot be used for a lifetime. And we often see some parents asking can you donate a stroller. The answer is, yes you can. 

For those, who don’t know why they would need to donate a stroller and when a stroller expire. Here is the answer for you. 

The first and the most obvious reason is, when a toddler is above a certain age then a stroller is of no use for him/her. After that parents start looking for where to donate old strollers. 

Second, every stroller is suitable for a specific age. For example, there are some strollers that cannot be used after a child is 1-1.5 years old.

Similarly, manufacturers specify the weight group reasonable for a particular stroller and you can also check stroller for 75 lbs weight limit. Hence, every parent wants to get rid of such strollers that are no more useful for their child. As it occupies space. 

Keeping all of this in view, we have designed this article to cater to all your concerns. We will not only tell you the places where to donate used baby strollers, but we will also walk you through the process of how to donate car seats and strollers. 

So no more wait, let’s get straight into our topic. 

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Best Places To Donate Used Strollers 


Load Up provides decluttering services. They have a website. If you want to donate your stroller. You can simply go to their website and select a time that suits you. Their services are pretty quick. The company will pick up the stroller from your home. 

After considering the condition of your stroller they will either donate it to a suitable person or recycle it. Note, that you will have to pay a few bucks to avail of the pickup services. You can get to know the exact amount you need to pay through their website. 

This website also accepts other kids-related stuff such as car seats, baby pens, and baby carriers. 


Many parents are found searching “Does goodwill accept baby strollers”. We got the answers for you. Yes, it does. If there’s a Goodwill located near you then donating your used stroller over here is the best option. 

Many of you may not know that Goodwill is a platform that is focused on helping less privileged members of society. It does so by assisting people in finding jobs as well as by providing funding to the families. 

To achieve its targets, it sells mildly used kids-related stuff including strollers. Therefore, by donating your stroller at Goodwill you’ll get rid of something that is of no advantage for you. And the cherry on top is you’ll take part in a great, noble cause. 

Donation Town

To be precise, parents don’t look only for “where to donate old strollers and car seats” rather they are more interested to know “ where to donate strollers near me”.

Because this will make things convenient and time-saving for them. For example, a resident of NYC would want to know “where to donate stroller NYC”.

If you are also the one who is looking for a nearby place to donate a stroller, then you should take help from Donation Town. It is a website that will tell you which places near your home accept used baby strollers.

You just go to their website, write down your zip code at a specified blank. And you have got the answer. The website got answers for all from where to donate strollers in San Diego to where to donate strollers in Edmonton. 

Freecycle Platform

You can donate your used baby stroller to the FreeCycle platform. It will give your baby stroller to some other parents on your behalf. 

The Salvation Army Thrift Shops

It won’t be hard for you to find a thrift shop of The Salvation Army near your place since it currently has around seven thousand thrift stores across the US.

You can donate the used stroller in any of their shops. They will sell it and distribute the revenue generated from this amongst the Adult Rehabilitation Centers all over America. 

Facebook Groups

You can find many Facebook groups that are dedicated to donating various items. Some groups are just focused on baby products. You should join such groups and post pictures of your stroller over there.

There are bright chances that you will be able to find a new owner for your stroller. Make sure that the pictures you post are clear so that people can easily judge the condition of the stroller. 

Local Charities

Local charities are always in the search of used home products as well as used baby strollers. You may donate them there as well. The easiest way to find a local charity is to use Google or you can ask your friends from that area or relatives too. 


This detailed article must have answered all your questions related to the donation of strollers. So, if you have an old stroller at your home and are not using it anymore.

It could be given to an organization that could pass it on to another parent who might not be able to afford to buy a new stroller for their child.

Otherwise, it will just occupy space that could be used for some other thing. Above all, not donating will take away a chance from you to help others. 

Even if your stroller is not in use anymore, you can still donate it. It will be recycled, which is good for the environment. 


#1 How many years are strollers Good For?

Many parents may not be aware of this but a stroller never expires. Only the part of the stroller that consists of leather or fabric such as the seat can expire.

#2 What do you do with old strollers?

An old stroller can be donated to parents who can’t afford to buy a new one for their baby. Moreover, you can recycle some of its parts and resume them accordingly. 

#3 Where is the best place to donate used items?

There are many well-reputed organizations for this purpose. Our article mentions a few of them. We suggest choosing one and donating your old or unused items. 

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