How To Open a Graco Stroller

Do you want to know how to open a Graco stroller? So you are on in the right place.

As Graco is a renowned brand producing baby gear products, its strollers are famous for their comfort and compact packaging. These strollers are built-in by using advanced technologies to make their opening and collapsing procedure easy.

Being a parent, holding your baby at one side and trying to open the stroller with the other hand can be frustrating and tiring, especially if you don’t know which button to press or which leash to pull on.

But the Graco stallers are compact and tranquil, you just need to understand the whole mechanism to do justice with this product.

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How to Open a Graco Stroller: Complete Solution

Graco strollers can be easily carried in SUVs, for small street walks, and more. You can easily fold them single handily as laying forward flattened in its open state.

You just need to understand the mechanics of the product before laying it flat or making it upright. Graco strollers come both in single and double-seat models. So if you are expecting twins, you can trust Graco for a smooth ride.

Either the stroller has single seat or double, Graco strollers follow almost the same opening mechanism, the major difference lies in the size of the stroller.

Opening Graco Single Stroller:

To open a Single Stroller by Graco, you need to follow the following steps:


Hold the stroller on apposition, with its wheels facing the ground and its handles facing the upright position.

Step 2:

Now press the button, you will see the button on the handle. Don’t forget to hold the handle tight, and fasten it firm till it a clinking sound comes as you have pressed the button once.

Step 3:

You can also use the latches to open the stroller. You will see the latches coming from both sides of the seat till the middle of the stroller’s back. You can simply release the latch.

But be cautious, different Graco models have other latches too, which are used to either pack the stroller compact or make its back straight upright so that your baby can sit with its support easily.

Step 4:

Hold the latches and place your hand on the handlebar or tray. Now apply pressure in the opposite direction and pull the lash, until you hear a click sound. The sound is a confirmation that the stroller is ready for a safe ride now.

Opening a Double Stroller:

Because the size, stability, and balance are the main considerate factors when buying a Double Stroller that fit Chicco key fit 30. But Graco has covered it all, you will see this balance when folding and unfolding the stroller too.

The steps to open a Double stroller are almost similar to that of the single stroller except most of these Double strollers can be opened by just pulling lashes, it is because of their size challenges.

To keep them cool, safe, and secure for your babies, Graco has designed the unfolding mechanism as follows.


To give an extravagant ride to your twins, place a stroller with its wheels on the ground and a handle in your hand standing in a vertical position.

Step 2:

At first, release the latches used to make the double stroller compact, if any. Then push the button on the handlebar.


As soon as you press the button placed on your handlebar, your stroller will be open. But don’t rush, you must hear a click sound, which assures that your stroller is ready for a fun ride.

Moreover, sometimes you need to put pressure, especially when your stroller is new. Once you press the button, just pull the handle towards yourself to give a good jerk to a stroller. This will make the stroller open instantly.

As you press the button and hear a click sound, you can confidently place your baby inside the stroller for a safe ride.

How to Open Graco New Models of Strollers:

Every new model launched in Graco baby gear is more smooth and comfortable than the later. Currently, Graco has launched two new models that we will discuss below:

  • Graco Click Connect
  • Graco Fast Action Fold

Opening a Graco Click Connect:

As the name suggests, this stroller is popular as it opens with a single click. There is a lever, placed at the left-hand side of the stroller.

You just need to find the lever, press it, and pull the stroller in opposite direction, i-e pull it towards yourself. And here is your Graco ready to go in one click.

Opening a Graco Fast Action Fold:

At first, opening this model by Graco looks uncomfortable. But trust me, if you get your hand on it you can open it in a second because its lightweight feature makes the whole process easy and handy. At first, you need to spot the red latch on the stroller.

It is normally located at the center of the stroller seat. You have to pull the latches towards yourself while placing the other hand at the other side of the stroller. Now just lift the whole package upward in a way that latches and rear side of the seat move in opposite direction, and here your stroller is open.

But be cautious you do not need to put pressure, because this Graco model is super light and once you get your hands on the action, you will do it in a fraction of a minute.


Every stroller from the Graco baby gear collection can be opened single-handedly, and the versions that are coming now in the market are more refined. All of their designs focus on customer comfort, that’s why Graco strollers can be opened by pressing a single button, pulling the lashes, or just opening the lever.

Whatever the design you have, you do not need to think, How to open a Graco stroller, anymore, because these Graco strollers are tailored to be lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, yet provide durability and smooth maneuver.


How to open a Graco jogging stroller

Opening a Graco jogging stroller is a simple process that can be accomplished with just a few simple steps. First, locate the key lock located on the front of the stroller.

This lock will need to be unlocked in order to open the stroller. Once the key lock has been unlocked, simply lift up on the handle and slide it forward to open the stroller.

How to open Graco Snugride stroller

In order to open your Graco Snugride Stroller, there are a few different ways that you can go about it.

One way is to use the manual release button located on the side of the stroller, which will unlatch the front wheel.

Once the wheel is free, you can then use your fingers to pry open the front panel of the stroller.

Another option is to use the keyring attachment that comes with most Graco Snugride Strollers, which will allow you to unlock and open both sides of the stroller with one simple turn.

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