Disney World Stroller Rules

Disney World Stroller Rules

Exploring Disney World means taking thousands and thousands of steps. This can be tough, especially when it comes to toddlers. Therefore many parents put their kids in strollers as they explore this huge park.

Some people bring it from home while others rent a stroller for them. However, people are not allowed to bring any sort of stroller. Disney World stroller rentals have some rules that can be followed inside the parks. 

Disney world strictly observes these rules. Any stroller that does not comply with those regulations is banned from entering Disney premises. Therefore, parents should plan beforehand which sort of stroller they will buy or rent.

This will help parents to shun chances of getting into any type of problem related to strollers at the eleventh hour. There are several websites whose strollers are in accordance with the updated Disney stroller rules.

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Recently, Disney revised its stroller rules/guideline on May 1, 2019. There has been confusion amongst parents since then. We will unwind these rules and clear out all the confusion prevailing.

Stroller Size

Current Disney world stroller rules specify that a stroller’s length should not exceed 52 inches (132cm). Similarly, the width of the stroller should not exceed 31 inches (79 cm). Previously, the maximum length allowed was 36 inches.

You can find many strollers in the market that fit these measurements. In fact, several jogging strollers including double strollers also come within these measurements.

The rationale behind imposing a limitation on the length and width of strollers inside the premises of parks is to avoid crowding. This will prevent the flow of tourists from stopping and let them enjoy their tour to the fullest.

It is important to note that these measurements apply to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. These parks have certain locations where you can measure your stroller.

However, it’s suggested to measure the length and width of the stroller at home. This gives parents a chance to make an alternate arrangement if needed.

Here is a list of some popular strollers whose size is in line with Disney’s official rules regarding strollers.

Strollers That Fit The Guidelines

Stroller NameMeasurement
Austlen Entourage Double Stroller44”x 24.5”
Baby Trend Sit’ N Stand Elite49”x 21.5”
Baby Jogger City Mini Double44”x 29.75”
Baby Joy Convertible Bassinet Stroller43.5”x 23.5”
Baby Jogger City Select Double46”x 25.59”
BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Duallie Stroller48”x 30.5”

If you want to use a double stroller infant in the park, then Baby Jogger City GT stroller is a perfect pick for you. You can buy more cheap strollers at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Because of theft incidents at the park, transportation hassles, etc., a number of people do not prefer to bring their own strollers. Rather, they choose to rent the strollers, either through an online stroller provider or rent it directly from Disney.

Below is the table which shows some of the suppliers that provide strollers on rent along with their charges. 

Stroller Suppliers 

Supplier/Stroller providerSingle Stroller’s Cost(1day/ 3days/ 7 days)Double Stroller’s Cost(1day/ 3 days/ 7days)
Disney World$15 /$45 / $105$31 /$93 / $217
Simple Stroller Rental$25/ $35/ $55$35/ $45/ $65
Baby Wheels Orlando$30 / $40 / $55$40 / $50 / $70
A Baby’s Best Friend$30 / $45 / $45$40 / $60 / $60
Apple Stroller$30 / $40 / $80$45 / $60 / $105

It has been observed that people misjudge several strollers and assume that their size is as per Disney guidelines whereas, in reality, they don’t. They become aware of this mistake when they measure the size of strollers in the park.

Then they either have to arrange a stroller in a very small-time period or explore the park without it. Such strollers are enlisted below along with their measurements so that you can avoid taking these to Disney.

Strollers that don’t fit the guidelines

Stroller NameMeasurement
Peg Perego Duette Piroet in Atmosphere53.5”x 22.25”
Joovy Big Caboose55”x 21.5”
Foundations Quad Sport Splash Color 4-Pass48”x 33”
Combi Fold ‘N Go Double40.25”x 31.25”
Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double46”x 32.5”

Ban On Stroller Wagons

The Stroller wagons are not allowed inside the Disney parks, no matter what size they are. The reason is the same as for the size of the strollers. This ban was also present in the previous guidelines. 

Lately, many tourists at Disney have been expressing their distress over stoppage due to wagons and large size strollers. Since some parents fail to control these big strollers. This results in congestion. All that Disney had in its hand about this matter was to allow only certain-sized strollers. 


As we head towards the wrap-up of this article we are hopeful that all your confusions and queries are now resolved. 

The guidelines are pretty much straightforward. All those planning to visit Disney should pay attention to these guidelines. Otherwise, they might have to encounter inconvenience.


1. Can you take a stroller on the Sky liner at Disney?

The maximum number of people that can sit in a sky liner is 10. The seats of the cabin are made of wood. Strollers, wheelchairs can fit in the Sky liner at Disney.

2. Do Disney strollers have storage?

Yes, these strollers have small storage spaces. You can see this storage space at the back of the stroller. The storage space is made of plastic and is quite solid.

Someone who doesn’t find these strollers or their storage space suitable can rent a suitable stroller from a website that provides such services. You can use the suppliers that have been featured by Walt Disney World.

3. How do I protect my Disney stroller?

In order to protect your stroller at Disney, follow the instructions given below:

  • To easily recognize your stroller amongst all, tie a ribbon on it or place a colorful paper on it with your name or your child’s name written on it.
  • Never put costly things in the stroller’s storage.
  • Capture a snap of your stroller before leaving it in the park.
  • Detach the wheel of the stroller.
  • Make sure you lock your stroller.

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