How to Clean a Graco Stroller

How to Clean a Graco Stroller

Being a parent of a toddler or young kid can be challenging. Graco strollers allow you to take your child on long walks and store all of the things you must bring with you.

There are limitations in how much you can carry while holding up an infant. While Graco strollers can sometimes be slightly challenging to clean, they are certainly worth the effort.

As parents, you can understand how difficult it can be to keep our stroller in good condition. Between inclement weather, muddy shoes, and on-the-go snacks, the appearance of quality strollers also can become soiled after continued use.

You will be astonished to learn that you can make your Graco stroller look new again with a few simple cleaning tips.

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How to Remove Graco Stroller Cover to Clean it?

Getting a stroller cleaned is not really an easy task. Because of this reason, many people buy a new one instead of spending money on cleaning it.

But the fact is that when you take proper care of its maintenance, then it can last longer. Strollers are very important for any parent who has small kids, and they have to be cleaned regularly. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you remove the Graco stroller cover for washing.

Step 1: Remove the canopy by unbuckling it from the bottom and making it down. There are different methods for removing the canopy from other kinds of strollers, but in the case of Graco, follow the below-given steps.

Step 2: Search for three tapes that are located at different parts of your stroller on the right corner and remove them one after another. 

Step 3: Behind the canopy, look for two snaps and remove them as well by pressing them softly. 

Step 4: Now, you need to search for several buttons on each side of your stroller, press them together so that they come out, and detach your seat from its frame. 

What is the Standard Cleaning Procedure for a Graco Stroller?

The essential elements for cleaning a Graco stroller are water, a soft brush, and mild detergent. It is also recommended to use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe off the dirt.

  1. First, check whether the stroller’s fabric is waterproof or not. You can do it by sprinkling some water on the fabric and checking whether it soaks in or not. If your stroller has no waterproof fabric, then you have to be very careful while cleaning it. Otherwise, your fabric may get damaged. 
  2. After this, you have to wipe off any mud and dust from the material of your stroller with a clean cloth. Ensure that you do it carefully and do not rub against the material too hard as it may result in scratches on your stroller. 
  3. Now, to remove any stains or residues from your fabric, you can use warm water with a touch of mild detergent in it. However, make sure that you are using the variety meant for baby products and not general detergent that might harm your child if they accidentally come into contact with it. 
  4. After this, you can use a soft brush to remove any stains or residues left behind by the detergent and then leave the stroller.

Things You Need to Clean the Graco Stroller:-

Here are the things you need to keep your stroller in good condition:

1- Wash the seat pad in your washing machine with mild detergent and on the delicate cycle. Hang the seat pad up and allow it to air dry.

2- Mix about 1 tsp of dish soap into 2 cups of warm water and use this solution to wipe down the seat, frame, and rain cover.

3- To clean the child’s tray, wipe it off with a damp cloth or sponge and wipe it dry.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can you wash a Graco stroller?

Yes, you can clean your Graco stroller. Graco makes some of the best and most popular strollers on the market, but that does not mean there is no need to clean them from time to time.

Besides that, it is essential to keep your Graco stroller in good condition for your child’s safety.

2. How to take apart a Graco stroller to clean?

The instructions for disassembling a Graco stroller are available on the Graco website. Before implementing these steps, make sure that your child is out of the stroller. Try to amass all the necessary tools you need for the adventurous undertaking for the going to perform.

3. How to remove the seat pad on a Graco stroller to clean?

Remove the back of the seat by removing all of the screws. There are six total, one on each side of the back and one under each wheel well.

Pull back on the fabric at each side of the seat. The fabric should easily slide out without any fasteners. Remove the screws from each side with a flat head screwdriver.

4. Is it necessary to clean Graco Stroller?

Cleaning a stroller is essential to keep it in good condition. The stroller can get dirty very easily, especially when you walk your baby through the park or the market.

You might find bugs, and you definitely will find your baby’s drool, which may make the straps of your stroller sticky.


Cleaning a Graco stroller is surprisingly easy to do. The most difficult part is simply finding the time.

By utilizing the cleaning tips and tricks included in this guide, you will be able to return your Graco stroller back to like-new condition without too much trouble.

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