What is a Pram Stroller? Read it Before Buying

What is A Pram Stroller?

A stroller can hold a child in place, like sleeping or feeding. It has an upright seat and may have wheels, so you do not need two hands for movement.

On the other hand, the pram is usually much more lightweight than most four-wheeled models but does not recline at all. It is flat on one side while leaning back slightly if needed (which some parents find helpful).

These were traditionally designed as specific purpose devices, but today many modern styles offer both positions, so people mix them up and give the term pram stroller.

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What is a Stroller?

A stroller, also known as a pushchair, is a device used to carry a child in. Besides that, it has either three or four wheels and typically consists of a frame with fabric stretched over it to create a canopy, seat, and footrest for the passenger.

Apart from that, some models also include storage baskets and canopies.

Strollers are often used with infants insert and young children but can be adapted for use by older children and even adults.

Although there are numerous different types of strollers on the market today, they all share one primary function: to provide a safe and comfortable place for babies to sit while being pushed around.

What is a Pram?

A pram is a baby carriage that might also be called a stroller, but it is relatively distinct when looking at both of these baby care products in detail.

Traditionally, the word “pram” was used to describe what we now call a bassinet or cradle, which was pulled by horses. But the term has changed over time, and now its meaning is remarkably different in modern society.

The most common type of pram is one that parents can push around with their children inside.

It may have two seats for older children to sit on while they ride along with their sibling, or just one seat for an infant who lies flat on his back when he is not being pushed around in it. These days, you can easily find these prams because of their widespread usage.

Comparison table of baby pram and stroller:

Definition Normally use for sitting Pram is used to increase baby comfort, where the baby can sit and rest.
Suited forThis device is only for children who can sit upThis product is suitable for infants and newly born babies
ChairIts chair is near to the surfaceIts chair is elevated above the surface
WeightIt is not very heavy and is easy to carryIt is relatively bulky and heavy, making it hard to carry everywhere
SafetySafety belt and harness are availableSafety belt and harness are not there
AppearanceA baby stroller appears to be as a chair over the wheelsA pram appears to be as a bucket over the wheels, resembling a buggy
Comprehended asBuggy or PushchairBaby Carriage

What are The Types of Pram and Stroller?

Strollers can be a little more challenging to understand than prams. One thing they have in common, though? They both allow parents the option of using them as an everyday stroller or taking it out when your baby needs their seat. Following are their widespread types:

1- Umbrella Stroller

Are you looking for a stroller that can do it all? This handy appliance is perfect for city living, as it folds up tiny and does not take up a lot of space. It is also lightweight, so you can easily carry it with you on your travels.

2- Jogger Stroller

Do you ever feel like you are juggling too much? Maybe it is your job, kids, spouse, and the groceries. A jogger stroller will allow you to keep up with your fitness routine while keeping your hands free.

3- Traveler Stroller

A Traveler is a three-wheel pushchair that you can use as an everyday stroller and is suitable for children from birth to 15kg. Moreover, it is designed with comfort and stability in mind, so your kids can enjoy the ride.

4- Double Stroller

Double strollers are the perfect way to go for parents with two kids under five. They offer many benefits like making it easier to get around and giving you more free time. Amazingly, this 2 in 1 stroller is also a budget-friendly option if you have little kids.

5- Lightweight Stroller

A lightweight stroller is perfect for on-the-go moms and dads. Folding it up is effortless and can easily fit into your car trunk or storage closet. Apart from that, it is affordable without sacrificing quality.

Tips for using a stroller or pram perfectly

Follow these tips to use the pram and stroller appropriately:

  • A pram or stroller is not a substitute for safety techniques like safe cots. So make sure you always keep your little ones close by when out and about.
  • Make a habit of always strapping your baby in a pram when you go out. It may seem like an annoying task at first, but once they are rolling and sitting, it will be easy for you.
  • The tether strap is a must-have for any parent on the go. It keeps you and your baby safe when jogging or even just striding down the main street.
  • Apart from that, the safest way to carry your bags while out in public is by placing them on a tray under the stroller.
  • While in the store, consider how you position your baby when placing them into their pram and lifting them out. Avert standing or twisting “side on.”
  • When it is hot outside, avoid using a blanket or wrap to cover your baby while in their pram. The temperature under the canopy can be up to 15 degrees higher than where you are outside.


We hope that this guide is helpful for you to understand how prams and strollers are different, so now it is time to decide. Which one is the right choice for your family? A good rule of thumb is to consider what kind of terrain you will be traversing on foot or by car. If most undertakings involve driving in urban environments where sidewalks are smooth and flat, then a simple umbrella-style stroller with an easy fold will work well. In the end, it all depends on your requirements.

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