How to Clean Stroller

How to clean stroller

What can a parent expect inside her bub’s stroller other than the crumb of those nuggets, some waffles, and spots of juices, ice cream, and milk?

Cleaning all these and making the stroller look brand new again needs efforts beyond boundaries. You have to think about deep cleaning the stroller, but how to clean the stroller?

Well. You need not worry, as an expert mum, I am here to facilitate your queries in instant. Read the text given below, completely to get a step-by-step guide on how to clean a stroller and make your stroller sparkling clean again.

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How to clean stroller

Dissemble the stroller

To initiate the deep of this beast, you need to disassemble it. Many strollers have removable seat covers, if your stroller is the one with a removable seat cover then you can simply wash it in the washing machine on delicate mode with mild detergent.

But, if your stroller seat cover is fixed, then you need to follow the instructions that I am going to put down here in this text.

In addition to the seat cover, you should remove the canopy, snack tray, or if you want wheels also. But be cautious, when you are dissembling your stroller make a video, or check the instructional manual for later assembly.

You can also find some youtube videos demonstrating the assembly of your product model.

Clean the Visible debris:

What else can you find in a baby stroller, other than crumbs or leftovers of all those finger foods? It’s best to clean up these leftovers first. You can collect them by hand or just use a piece of cloth to clean all crumbs.

But, I found a vacuum cleaner as the best option in getting this job done. You can use a hand vacuum or any regular vacuum cleaner that you are using in your house.

Expert Tip:

Don’t forget to open the buckles and clean the curves of the stroller. For small creases, you can use a toothbrush to reach out for those areas and clean them thoroughly.

Start washing the Stroller:

Grab your tools and start washing the stroller now. You can use any mild detergent with baby-safe enzymes.

Mix this detergent in warm water and start scrubbing the seat using a microfiber or a brush with soft bristles. Rub the seat gently, so that you don’t end up ruining the seat as a whole.

Mum Hack:

To treat, stubborn small spots on the seat fabric, soak a brush with soft bristles or even you can use any old toothbrush, to rub in the spot gently and rinse it off quickly.

Never use any bleaching agent as it can not only harm the stroller seat but is dangerous for your baby too. Instead, you can use stain removing spray.

Rinse of the Stroller:

Once you are done with scrubbing and rubbing, immediately rinse off the stroller seat. It is more preferable to use Luke warm water. Use a hose or bucket full of water for a pressurized throw, as it is crucial to take all the detergent out.

Expert Tip:

Whenever washing the stroller, choose a wide space, where it is okay to use plenty of water without the fear of mess or any other damage. Because, when rinsing off, you have to use lots of water for thorough rinsing

Treating Molds:

Make a habit of generally cleaning your uppababy stroller always, after every single trip. Because, if you will not adapt to clean the stroller, it will catch mold at the highest frequency.

Moreover, if you will remove the mold once, there is a chance that the foam of the seat will catch it again around the same spot. You can remove this mold by targeting the affected area with soapy Luke warm water.

Mum Hack:

  • Squeeze a lemon on the mold and sprinkle salt over the mold, keep it in the sun for a day, and here your mold is gone!
  • For long-lasting treatment, mix three parts vinegar with two parts of water and spray over the mold.
  • If none of the above, work for you, just mix 2 spoons of chlorine bleach with one quart of water, make a paste and apply it over the mold.

Dry the Seat:

Now, your stroller seat is washed thoroughly, rinse it off with plenty of pressurized water and keep it in the sun.

Always allow your stroller to sit in sunlight for around half an hour of the day. It will not only make it dry but will remove any bad smell and disinfect it also.

Cleaning Other Parts of the Stroller:

Cleaning the Canopy:

Canopy fabric should be cleaned similarly as the bob stroller seat has been cleaned. Use soapy water and micro fabric, or use a brush with soft bristles. Scrub the canopy gently especially at the side of the extension and rinse it off. Let it air dry later.

Cleaning the cargo Basket:

This part of the stroller needs lots of effort to clean up. It is deep and un-detachable. For me vacuuming the basket first works best. Later you can wash it with a brush and soapy water for thorough cleaning.

Clean the frame:

Before cleaning the frame disassemble it, and don’t forget to keep the assembly manual in hand. Check for any rusty part and start cleaning the frame using microfiber dipped in soapy water.

You can use all-purpose cleaner spray also. Thoroughly and gently clean all the rods once with soapy fabric and once or twice with plain water-soaked fabric to rinse off all the soap if left any.


Don’t use, more water when cleaning rods, as it may lead to erosion. And the rods get dry in sun for a day long. And check if any oiling is required at any junction.

Cleaning the Snack tray:

If you have a toddler, like me, then surely like seat this will be the dirtiest part of your stroller. Cleaning the snack tray is very crucial.

I generally prefer to clean it with dishwashing liquid as most often the area is used for food and I don’t want to rely on any other chemical for cleaning this part of the stroller, specifically.

Take care of the Brakes:

Check the brake condition and clean the debris if there is any. Oil the brakes, you can use WD-40, it has a spray with straws so the liquid can reach deep in the brakes.

Clean the wheels:

Cleaning this part of the stroller is very important. Use a strong brush and scrub the wheels with detergent. Check if the air in the tires is okay, in addition to this, there should not be any hole or puncture.

Check the axle also and oil it if necessary. To keep the wheels running smoothly, you need to clean them and incept them in every manner.

Reassembles the stroller:

This is again one of the most time taking jobs. Consult the user manual or instructional guide to serve the purpose. Always keep the manual of your stroller safe, if you don’t have the manual, use the brand website to search out for it. Else, you can consult youtube also.

But before you start any reassembly, make sure that every part of the stroller should be dry and well sanitized. Otherwise, your whole effort will go in vain. And, after assembly, fold your stroller compact and keep it in a safe, clean, and dry place.


Putting it all together, deep cleaning of the stroller is a time taking and laborious task. If you opt for the habit of cleaning the stroller in general after every use, you will not worry much about How to clean a stroller.

You can easily, prolong this deep cleaning for a later task. But whenever you start this job, keep the manual ready to reassemble the stroller and make sure to use baby-friendly products.

Lastly, don’t forget to spray a good, child-friendly sanitizer as strollers are most vulnerable to germs around in the environment.

Hello, This is Erica Wilson and I am a mother of two kids, one Three-year-old daughter and my beautiful 2 year old Son. I studied MA in Social Science at University of Texas at Austin, United States. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected].

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