Uppababy Cruz vs Vista Stroller Comparison

There is a large number of strollers available in the market. The top two UPPA baby VISTA and the UPPA baby CRUZ is most popular among all the strollers in the market and preferred by most of the users. These are available easily and backed by manufacturers guaranteed! The very first VISTA Strollers has the complete ability to shift from single to double one. On the other hand, the CRUZ Strollers can accommodate only one child and are not converted to double! In this article, you can analyze the UppaBaby Cruz vs Vista 2021.

uppababy cruz vs vista

One of the main features discussing Uppa baby Cruz vs Vista is the size of the strollers. The size and length are the two bona field factors that build up a comparison between these two strollers. The Vista one oversized with a larger basket and have large wheels while the Cruz strollers are small comparatively, but still, accommodate nice space area for the child!

These two strollers are highly competent and mostly preferred and used in certain areas. The parents have to choose which stroller suits them as both are favored according to the needs, baby nature, age, and many other factors. In this article, we will completely review both strollers and try to express a detailed difference between Uppa Baby Cruz vs Vista!

Uppababy Cruz
Uppababy Vista

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Uppababy Cruz vs Vista 2021– Strollers Comparison

Uppababy cruz
 Key Features 
  • Best for toddlers
  • Leather Seats
  • MESA Infant Car Seat
  • Extra-large basket
  • Adjustable canopy

You can’t ignore the top class and highly comfortable UPPA Baby Cruz Stroller that is available worldwide clients. These types of strollers are quite suitable for the newborn babies and this the stroller cannot be converted for double babies too. You can’t ignore their beauty and elegance!

These strollers include a toddler seat that is highly adjustable and can be set to any multi-level height! You can find the extra-large adjustable canopy installed over the strollers, that acts as a rain shield & bug shield-Full size front and rear! The large-sized stroller with extra spaced food basket is quite impressive while you can find a peek-a-boo window having Extendable UPF 50+ sunshade!

There is one hand adjustable handlebar and the leather seats add value to the stroller and make it a perfect fashionable device to carry your clients! The MESA infant car seat is available without any adopter – you can separately demand these adopters!

The strollers are lightweight, durable performance and made through high-quality aluminum with large-sized tires. It can hold up to 30 lbs in an extra-large basket while best for newborn babies! Here are some of the leading Pros and Cons:

  1. Large Wheels
  2. Beautiful colors
  3. Single baby
  4. Large seats
  5. Adjustable canopy
  1. Best for single baby

Uppababy Vista
 Key Features 
  • Adjustable handle
  • Leather Seats
  • MESA Infant Car Seat
  • Best for twin babies
  • Large canopy

Holding a number of different types of configurations, you find the elegant UPPA Baby VISTA Strollers can be altered into any type! It means you can transform this stroller into a single or even double child pair stroller for disney. So, either you need to travel with a single child or twin, this stroller can be converted into two child strollers!

The VISTA offers a reversible seat, that is very comfortable and highly adjustable, with a canopy over the stroller. This will safeguard the babies sitting inside from sun rays and have a large spaced food basket. It includes a bassinet, with large-sized wheels and saddle leather with multi-position recline seats for higher adjustability!

Find the fully-featured stroller Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat that is separately sold with adapters on-demand. The convertible stroller can hold up to 30 lbs and adjustable handle for parents’ the grip adds convenience and stronger hold. So, do you need a perfect stroller for your babies? Well, this Stroller is the best option for all! You can find below some key Pros and Cons:

  1. Beautifully Designed
  2. Color Variants
  3. Altered for two babies
  4. Large-sized wheels
  5. Adjustable canopy
  1. Expensive product

Uppa Baby Cruz vs Vista Comparisons

Size Comparison:

Here is the list of design and dimension comparison Uppa Baby Cruz vs Vista – check out!

Uppa Baby Cruz: The unfolded Dimensions of the Vista Stroller is 36″ x 25.7″ x 39.5″ inches. The ultimate Folded dimensions excluding the seat is 17.3″ x 25.7″ x 33″.

Uppa Baby Vista: The unfolded dimensions of UPPA Baby Cruz Stroller is 37 x 22.3 x 40.5 inches. The complete folded dimensions excluding the seat are 3 x 22.3 x 36 inches. This seemed an ideal design dimension!

Price Comparison:

The price bracket of these strollers ranges from 500 to 650 USD mostly with free shipping across the world. This is quite competitive and expensive price but the stroller meets top class standards.

Wheels Comparison:

Uppa Baby Cruz: The wheels of UPPA Baby Cruz are small in size but still you find the stroller meeting the higher convenient rolling

Uppa Baby Vista: The UPPA Baby VISTA stroller has large wheels especially the rear wheels are large-sized. The front wheels are a bit smart with greater mobility.

Quality Comparison:

There is a great difference in both strollers, but both meeting top quality standards. The parents find these strollers a perfect piece of gift for the parents as these providing an adjustable handle to grip, large-sized canopy, and basket.

These are 2018 released strollers and nowadays shifted to 2020 models with some add on variations like better seat quality, more spacing seats, and greater design variants.

UPPA Baby Cruz vs UPPA Baby Vista 2021: The Key Difference

Both the strollers come with great variants. You just have to select the one according to your use and needs. Moreover, your baby’s nature is a great deciding factor for the buyers. Still, there is a great difference between UPPA Baby Cruz vs UPPA Baby Vista that is as following:

1. The Cruz model is very famous, and well designed for families having more than one baby. It can be converted into a big double stroller on need while the Vista stroller targets for single babies but comes with different add one stroller configurations!

2. The UPPA Baby Vista has added on a bassinet that assures high-quality safety and security for the baby during the ride. The Cruz version lacks these safety features but you can buy it as an add-on feature separately!

3. The size and weight of Vista some bit heavier and larger than Cruz stroller.

4. The Cruz strollers featuring a lighter aluminum structure than the Vista stroller. The frame is highly standardized and meeting the highest benchmarked standards!

5. The Cruz model featuring a compact streamlined design than the Vista stroller. Yet, both strollers offer almost great eye-catching design always that is preferred the choice for most of the parents!

6. The Vista model offers a great seat infant mobility and positioned rather than Cruz stroller. This helps to readjust the stroller seat dimensions and height can be adjusted easily. The parents love this feature as it brings ease while serving food and also can adjust the baby’s front vision.

7. The Vista strollers have the one single folded feature while the Cruz lacks this. It further adds convenience to carry the stroller and makes it more portable and a great choice for the parents!


The strollers are the basic need when you become a parent. It helps you with ease to carry the little champ and when it comes to perfect, Vista and Cruz 2021 strollers are always in discussion. So, these are the main list of the key differences among the Vista and Cruz Strollers.

You might find both highly competent and best for the babies. In 2018, these strollers were leading the market and its new version 2020 is still in discussion. Just check out the features, differences, and then buy which suits your needs.

The prices are quite the same and but the in-built features vary with one another. Maybe, for the twin pair of babies, you love to have the Cruz Stroller and if you are a growing single child, the Vista stroller is a perfect option. Don’t miss the extra-large sized adjustable canopy that safeguards the baby from sunlight. The food basket allows you to carry all the necessary items along with the child on a road trip and extra larger sized wheels make the mobility even more perfect.

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