How To Fold a Maclaren Stroller (Simple Steps)

How To Fold A Maclaren Stroller

Maclaren quest strollers are parents’ top choice as they are lightweight, compact, great value for money, and easy to use. Above all, these strollers comply with global security standards.

Another reason why parents choose a Maclaren stroller is that it is convenient to travel with. This is because it occupies less space in the luggage.

In this aspect, the most searched question is How to fold a Maclaren stroller?Over here, we’ll take a dig into this matter. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to fold the Maclaren quest stroller correctly and handily.

The method discussed here is not only applicable on the Maclaren quest stroller but also on several other types of Maclaren strollers such as the Maclaren Volo stroller.

The fold of a Maclaren is the best umbrella stroller which can be easily unfolded within a few seconds, similarly, it can be folded back comfortably and quickly. Let’s have a thorough talk about it.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Fold a Maclaren Stroller

Before folding the Maclaren umbrella stroller red,

  • Engage the parking brake of the stroller, do this with your feet only. Engaging the parking brake amplifies the safety and comfort of your child during the folding process.
  • Pull back the umbrella/hood of your stroller.
  • Remove everything that is present in the basket of stroller. Take the out from the baby stroller.

As we move towards the main steps of folding, remember that to fold the graco stroller you should always use your foot. Unless it is mentioned otherwise. The folding and opening system is designed to be operated on foot. So, the use of hands can hurt you.

  • Grasp the handle of the stroller.
  • There’s a primary lever present just below the secondary lever. Push it upwards by lifting the central lever and disengaging the parking breaks.
  • In case you don’t know, primary, secondary and central levers are present at the back of the stroller’s basket.
  • Push down on the secondary lever with your foot.
  • Pull down the lock lever. It is present on the right side of the locking system.

While you follow the step mentioned above, use one of your hands and keep a firm grip on the handle of the stroller.

  • Push the stroller forward. Use your hand as well as your arm.
  • As soon as you are done with the above step, a clicking sound will be produced. It means you have successfully folded the quest stroller.

The steps for folding Maclaren techno xtare the same. Except that there is an additional step. Before folding ensure that the seat is in an upright position.

Some of you might be looking for how to fold a Maclaren double stroller? It’s exactly the same as what we discussed here. The only difference is you have to apply the mechanism on both the strollers individually.

How To Open a Maclaren Quest Stroller?

To open it:

  • Grasp the handle.
  • Pull the stroller backward and upwards.
  • Whilst doing this, lock the primary lever using the foot.
  • Care instructions are the same as folding it.

How To Open A Maclaren Triumph Stroller?

It’s another popular question. Follow the instructions given above to open it. However, there is one difference, that is, that you’ll have to clip the seat once it’s opened.

The folding process should be done smoothly. Never try to force the folding mechanism. Because it can damage the stroller as well as harm you.

In addition, test your quest stroller on a regular basis. This will ensure the safety of your child and the trouble-free application of folding and unfolding operations.

All the gadgets that fold and unfold have some pinching points. The same goes for the Maclaren quest stroller. You have to be very careful about your child’s safety.

One such pinching point is the joints present at the two sides of the baby’s seat. So, be aware of it when putting the baby inside the stroller and taking him/her out of it.

Final Words

After going through the guide on “How to fold a Maclaren stroller?” you can see that the folding of the quest stroller is a matter of a few seconds.

It can be easily done by using only one hand. Both these points are a great relief for parents. As parents are always multitasking and have to complete numerous chores within the shortest possible time span.

Furthermore, the Maclaren quest stroller comes with a strap that can be used to carry the folded stroller easily. You can see this carrying strap once the stroller has been folded successfully. This stroller remains folded until you don’t unfold it with the help of the catch.


1. How do you collapse a Maclaren double stroller?

To collapse a Maclaren double stroller, simply unclip the back of the seat and push down on it. All these instructions should be followed twice, once on each stroller.

Now, disengage the previously engaged parking brake. Push the secondary lever down and pull down the lock lever. Lastly, push each stroller forward while gripping the handle of the stroller.

2. How do you open a Maclaren Volo Stroller?

To open the Maclaren Volo stroller, follow these steps:

  • Pull off the side clip. 
  • Lift the stroller up.
  • Now, pull down the central lever of the stroller. Do this with your foot only.
  • Your stroller is now open and ready to use!

3. How do you take the cover off a Maclaren Techno XT?

  • Remove the canopy. There are small plastic clasps on both sides of the umbrella. Push down the lever part of it on the outside and push it through.
  • Now, hold the straps through the seat cover.
  • Remove the front end of the seat.
  • Open the buttons that hold the seat to the frame of the stroller.
  • Remove all the straps from the seat.
  • There’s still a part left on the stroller.
  • It can’t be removed from the frame. You can wash it while it’s on a frame.

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