Chicco Bravo vs Uppababy Vista

Whether you want to take your little one to the park or go on vacation, the only thing that can bring ease in traveling is an ideal stroller. The best stroller not just allows you to move around hassle-free but also brings solace to the baby.

Therefore, to consider the primer stroller from renowned brands is an essential and right decision.

So, in this article, I have brought two of the leading stroller brands that have gained a lot of popularity by delivering top-notch products to their esteemed customers. These brands include Chicco Bravo vs Uppababy Vista.

On one side, Chicco offers a versatile baby stroller with car seat compatibility; on the other side, Uppababy delivers numerous modes that fulfill your requirements. But which one is worth buying?

Let’s compare the two popular brands with each other and see which one suits your desires.

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Chicco Bravo vs Uppababy Vista Comparsion 2021

Chicco Bravo Stroller

Chicco is a top-notch brand in the baby products market. It’s the foremost choice for those who seek affordable yet multi-functional products for their kids.

The Chicco Bravo comes with three modes that make traveling easier for newborns. With the help of multiple recline options and UPF rated canopy, you will be able to provide relaxation and privacy to your little one while traveling.

In terms of storage, it has a large storage basket along with two organizer pockets, which are easily accessible and can hold a maximum number of items. Making this more comfortable for parents, this stroller can stand on its own with the most effortless folding in just one go.

Looking at the comfort and safety of children, this stroller is heavily padded and has large wheels. Through this, you can stroll smoothly even on a bumpy surface. Besides, it has a break that allows you to control its speed whenever you need it.

Moreover, the Bravo not only functions as a stroller but also has the capacity to change into a car seat carrier in one step. When it works as a stroller, you can also adjust its height according to your preference. With all its specifications, it’s another best choice to opt for.

Moving towards its installation, it is as simple as pie. With its super Cinch force-multiplying tightener, key fit 30 features LATCH connectors, removable head and body support, and energy-absorbing foam, it is super easy to install.

  • Lightweight
  • Large wheels
  • Accessible organizers and ample pockets
  • Affordable option
  • It wobbles sometimes
  • Slots on the stroller’s handle are not large enough.

Uppababy Vista Stroller

From a well-known brand, Uppababy Vista is admired by many parents because of its latest features and heavy-weight body. This magnificent tool has the ability to hold the weight of 3 months to 50lbs of a child without causing any problem.

Other than that, it is fitted with leather that has all the abilities any pro stroller could have. This material is super breathable that prevents the baby from sweating.

Also, you can remove its fabric and wash it quickly. Its full-size reversible seat and the deep footrest is the finest choice for a growing child. It also allows you to ride while facing your child right in front of you and make sure your baby is relaxed.

Additionally, the piggyback; is an appealing and relaxing thing parents find in this product. This piggyback helps your toddler easily stand on it without any fear of falling.
Paying 999$ is worth it if you have a multi-functional seat that brings ease to your infant.

The rumble seat can adjust according to parents’ desires, such as forward-facing, recline, or parent-facing. In addition to this, you can store any kind of item in its large, strong, and easily accessible pockets while walking.

Baby’s skin is sensitive to bear harmful sun rays. You need to make sure that the stroller has a canopy. Luckily, the Vista has a canopy that has not only a zip on its fabric but is also extendable. It means no matter which place you are, your baby is secure.

I am sure that all these eye-catching attributes of the vista are enough to satisfy parents. But, if you think that this stroller could have more features as it costs.

Let me tell you that it has the ability to fold in one step and stand on its own regardless of whether the toddler seat is attached or not.

  • Ability to hold a weight of up to 50-lb child
  • Constructed with durable leather
  • Extendable canopy with zipping
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum storage bags
  • It is a heavy product
  • Pretty expensive

Chicco Bravo vs Uppababy Vista Comparison

Choosing the right stroller for your family requires a lot of heeds. While reviewing these products, I get baffled too because these two were competing with each other in many factors. I know that looking at each specification and making a final decision could be a little time-consuming and hectic.

Hence, I have simplified it by comparing some of the essential aspects of Chicco Bravo and Uppababy Vista. With the help of these traits, you will get to know what item is worth it. So, let’s look at what are those features that are more prominent in each item.

Range of use

In Vista, there are two seats, a toddler and a rumble seat. The toddler seat can be used for 3 months to 55 lbs for a child. At the same time, the rumble seat can be utilized for 3 months to 35 lbs of youngsters. It means that you have got multiple options to opt for while traveling.

On the other hand, in Bravo, the stroller can be used along with an infant car seat for 6 months to 50lbs of little ones only.


Wheels not just bear weight but also absorb shock while strolling. Therefore, the ChiccoBravo is more exceptional than the Uppababy Vista in terms of wheel construction and durability.

They are larger wheels with better shock absorbance capacity. Whether you are on bumpy roads or rocks, your baby will stroll smoothly.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight determines how easily you can carry anything. Therefore, it is another factor that matters when buying a product, especially when it’s for your child.

Hence, the Vista is 27 lbs and is 36” long, 25.7’’ wide, and 39.5” deep. This means that this item is a bit heavier yet extra spacious and wide to carry kids easily.

While the Chicco Bravo is lighter and less wide than the Vista. It is 35.2” long, 22.8” wide, and 42.7” deep.


Another thing that attracts buyers is its accessories. Therefore, Vista offers more supplies in terms of Chicco Bravo. It has a snack tray, travel bags, bassinet stand, bassinet, rain shield, stroller blanket, and car seat adapter. However, the Bravo only has a parent’s tray and a snack tray with it.

Other Features

Although both the items hold the ability to stand in just one step and stand on their own. The seat’s fabric is removable and can be washed easily, but one thing that is distinctive in both of them is its handle.

In Vista, there is a telescoping handlebar along with maximum storage and weight tolerance of up to 30lbs. Yet, in Chicco Bravo, the handle does not hold any bag, but it is adjustable according to the parent’s choice.


Undoubtedly, the cost and warranty of an item matter a lot while purchasing anything. Since many strollers come with heavy price tags, they might not be multi-functional. Similarly, both Vista and Bravo differ in price range and warranty too.

On the other hand, the Uppababy Vista is relatively more expensive than the Chicco Bravo and offers one year of limited warranty on all the items. No matter what specs are absent, Chicco Bravo is a more cost-effective product than Uppababy Vista. There is a ten-year warranty on car seat shells and three years of warranty on fabric.

Final Thought

Comparing these two strollers was like contrasting multiple deserts. Although it’s true, both products are exceptional and hold maximum traits. But if you are ready to invest money in the multi-functional and latest stroller for your kid,

Uppababy Vista is all there. This stroller contains more features and ample space than Bravo. Not only this, its durable construction makes this product long-lasting.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable option with appealing features, Chicco is good to go.

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