How to Fold a Graco Stroller

how to fold a graco stroller

World’s renowned brand-Graco produces strollers in different styles and mechanics. After 2020, Graco has changes its manufacturing procedures and contrary to old Graco models, the techniques and comfort are incredibly enhanced in new Graco models and now they are famous for their ease of folding and unfolding single-handedly.

Every other model has different instructions to fold or unfold the stroller, so How to Fold a Graco stroller, well, we have generalized the whole procedure in certain steps, so that it is easier for a user to apply the same.

Nonetheless, old Graco strollers are quite different to collapse so we will cover them separately below.

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How to Fold a Graco Stroller: Old Model

Graco’s old Models take a little longer when folding as compared to its new models. But once you understand the whole procedure, the task will become a piece of cake for you.

Lock the Wheels

In old Graco models, brakes are located at the rear wheel side. It is an I-shaped lever that you need to press downward using your foot. The downward position of the lever shows that the wheels are now locked and will not move in any direction. Some people say it is to set the brakes, but whatever you say the purpose is to put the brakes on and lock the back wheels.

Front wheels Lock

This step is optional, depending upon the model variant you own. Many old Graco strollers have brakes for the back wheels only, but few models have a lever for the front wheel locking system too.

You need to look in your stroller, if you find any lever in between the front wheels then you have to check the manual instructions to verify whether it will go up or down to lock the front wheels.

Moreover, whenever you need to lock the front wheels, make sure you move the stroller back and forth first, this is to align the front wheels of the stroller first following its lock.

Canopy Setting

Check the setting of the canopy. In old Graco models, Canopies were not detachable. So, in general, you just need to pull it back towards the hand handle side and collapse it gently.

Set the Seat

If your seat is set upright, then you need to recline it at its maximum position. As per my experience, many old baby stroller models allow their seats to recline at a maximum of 3600, further you need to check in your model. Moreover, you need to look for latches that are typically found at the side of the seat, undo these, and set the seat free to recline.

Look for Folding Button or any Handle

Graco’s uniqueness lies in its different mechanical patterned designs. So, as the case for its folding mechanism too. You need to look if there’s any button at the hand handle, if it is there then simply press the button and twist the hand bar slightly, your stroller frame will get loose.

But if there is no button then there must be a handle beside the wheels, or at the base of the set. You need to check it in the manual, releasing this handle in a particular direction will free the stroller frame joints.

Packing it all together

Now, as the frame is free, you can easily pack the stroller. Simply push the handlebar side towards the wheelbase, it is better to pull the wheelbase together first. If there is any latch available to secure the fold then tie it up so that your fold won’t get loose on the way.

How to Fold a Graco Stroller: New Model

Many new Graco Models, like Graco Fast Action, Graco Stroller Click Connect, Graco Modes Pramette Stroller, and many more can be folded in a single tug. Let’s have a look at the generalized step-by-step guide on How to fold Graco strollers, new models, below.

  • Detach the accessories first. Remove the canopy or seat if detachable.
  • Put the brakes for both back and front wheels by pulling the lever, up or down (check your manual) Look out for the anti-locking system. In most cases, it is either a button located at the side of the seat or a latch placed in the center at the seatback.
  • Now put your hand on the handlebar, twist it gently and move it down until it faces the wheels.
  • The focus for a Click/snap or cling sound, will confirm that your stroller is lock and ready now.

How to Fold a Graco Fast Action Stroller

As the name indicates, Graco Fast Action Stroller is fast-acting and can be folded in a fraction of seconds. These strollers are very popular nowadays, they are super convenient in usage and provide large storage space. You can fold them easily following the steps below:

  • Check for the unfold latch or strap on your stroller, it is mostly located at the back of the seat.
  • Place your one hand over the hand handlebar and twist it slightly and gently.
  • With the other hand pull the latch/strap upward until you hear a cling sound.
  • The cling sound conforms the stroller is locked.
  • The frame will fold automatically as you will push the latch, your Graco Fast action is folded now.

How to Fold a Graco Click Connect Stroller

Graco Stroller Click Connect can be folded in the following steps:

  • Put the back wheel brakes and hold the handlebar of the stroller.
  • Twist the wrist slightly on the handlebar and start pushing it downward till it meets the back wheels and the whole structure is folded.
  • Continue pushing the handlebar down until you hear a click sound, that confirms that the stroller is locked and you can carry it now.

How to Fold a Graco Nimble Lite Stroller

Graco Nimble Lite is the lightest weighted stroller available in the market. It can be folded by using the following steps:

  • At first, remove the car seat, pull back the canopy or remove it if removable, then put the brakes on.
  • Look for the frame unlock button and press it, it is on either side of the seat.
  • Twist the handlebar and move it downward until it matches the wheels.
  • Don’t forget to hear the click sound that confirms the folds are lock now.

Things to Consider While Folding a Stroller

You need to focus on the given points for smooth folding of your stroller:

  • Make sure your stroller is empty, no obstruction should be there on the seat. Moreover, the basket should be empty too.
  • Watch out for the safety of your hands and fingers while folding the stroller and make sure the prior safe placement of your baby.
  • Don’t ever use force on the stroller, while folding. Graco Strollers are too smooth, if you are unable to fold them check the instructional manual. You might be at a mistake somewhere.
  • Check the lubrication of the stroller joints, periodically. This will not only increase the life of the stroller but will make it easy to use too.
  • Always fold the stroller dry. If because for any reason your stroller is wet, first make it dry then fold it.
  • I will recommend, if your canopy is and the seat is detachable, remove both first and fold store the frame separately.


Thus, it is no longer difficult to master How to fold a Graco stroller. Because these new Graco strollers are just a tug away from folding. Graco strollers are not only lighter in weight but can be folded single-handedly too.

Although the folding, mechanism varies from model to model you just need to focus on few basic steps as prescribed above, and here your stroller is neatly packed to go. Hope the article will clarify all your queries related to How to fold a Graco Stroller.

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