Uppababy G Luxe vs G Lite Comparison

Uppababy G Luxe vs G Lite

Now that you’ve decided to buy an Uppababy stroller, you’re still muddled between its several models.

Well, Uppababy itself is a renowned brand in the kid’s industry that conveys absolutely flawless products for your little munchkin.

However, the Uppababy G Luxe vs. G Lite is two of the bestselling products by this brand.

These two strollers are explicitly designed to make your life easier, especially when you have to travel casually along with your baby.

These two strollers feature numerous specifications that help your baby with comfort and convenience. But do these specs vary in both items?

To get to know about these products, I have reviewed both of these strollers by the same brand to help you choose the best one. You can also check the difference between Uppababy Minu vs G Luxe and Uppababy vs Baby Jogger.

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Difference between Uppababy G Luxe vs G Lite 2022

Uppababy G Luxe Review

Uppababy G Luxe Review

Uppababy G Luxe is the 2018 latest model with all the traits that can make parents’ lives easier. Just like its one-handed recline seat and footrest that allows the baby to have a comfy nap while traveling.

Similarly, when you are out with your baby, you can easily store about 10lbs of items in the spacious and easily accessible basket.

Moreover, you can stop the stroller with just one-click breaks and have some water with a G-LUXE removable cup holder. Undoubtedly, all these traits not only take care of your little one but also ensure that you will feel relaxed while strolling.

Similarly, the UPF50+ extendable canopy is there for your child’s safety. The fabric is soft and breathable and doesn’t make strolling suffocating for children. All the stuff used while the fitting is easily removable and can be washed with any detergent.

When you are done with strolling, fold the G-LUXE with the help of a hand-level trigger without any foot effort. The best thing is that it can stand on its own, or you can carry it over your shoulder with a convenient carry strap.

This item is the parent’s favorite travel accessory because of its vast dimensions and lightweight weight of only 16lbs. This means that carrying your newborn-3 months of baby won’t be hectic at all.

  • Light-weight
  • Fabrics are washable and removable
  • It can carry newborn-3 months of baby
  • Stand on its own
  • Extended canopy
  • Foot breaks require some effort to stop the stroller
  • Some people might find folds tricky to initiate

Uppababy G Lite Review

Uppababy G Lite Review

With all the essential traits, Uppababy G Lite is now winning the hearts of many parents. It holds every characteristic that an ideal product should have.

Manufacturers have made this stroller with a lightweight aluminum frame and a mesh seat to make sitting snug for the baby.

With its large 4.5″ diameter and shock absorbing wheels moving, the stroller of rocks will have zero effect on your baby’s nap.

You can easily stroll and push it with its tall ergonomic handles. Have some rest and grab a cup from the G Lite holder wherever you are.

Furthermore, your five months or 55lbs child is comfortable with the help of multiple recline options. It will allow you to adjust the seat according to your baby’s solace.

Despite being a succor stroller, it has a UPF50+ canopy that protects your little one from harmful sun rays. Also, the fabric used while construction is soft and washable; within a few minutes, you will have fresh and clean material right in front of you.

Besides all these traits, another thing that appeals to me is that, like other strollers, this one also has a large and accessible pocket. You can easily hold it with a strap and store as many things as you want.

In terms of folding, it’s a piece of cake. You can make it possible with just one-handed quick fold triggers; no effort is required. Woefully, this item lacks the ability to stand on its own. Otherwise, it is a reasonable and reliable product to consider.

  • Manufactured with durable aluminum frame
  • It can easily carry 55lbs of child
  • The product is easy to pick with the help of straps
  • Wheels have a shock-absorbing capacity
  • The seat is fitted with breathable mesh
  • It cannot stand on its own
  • Breaks might cause problems while strolling

Uppababy G Luxe vs G Lite Detailed Comparison

SpecificationUppababy G LuxeUppababy G Lite
Weight 16.3 lbs 11.2 lbs
Weight Capacity 55 lbs 55 lbs
Dimensions (Folded)19.2″ L x 12″ W x 41.8″ H12.5″ L x 10.7″ W x 42″ H
Recline Position 2 3
Recommended Age Up to three months Up to six months
Comparison chart Uppabbay g luxe vs g lite

In this article, I am going to cover the differences and similarities between the Uppababy G Luxe and G Lite strollers to help you make your decision wisely. So, let’s break down each feature of both products and compare them.


The Uppababy G Luxe and G Lite strollers typically have a similar design. When you glimpse both items, you will hardly find any difference. Both strollers are equipped with adjustable straps, mesh back, comfortable handles, small and large wheels, and a sunshade canopy.


The folding feature of the Uppababy G Luxe is quick and straightforward. You would find handle-level triggers for effortless folding. This feature allows you to fold the stroller with the help of your fingers only.

On the other hand, G Lite’s folding requires your hands. You need to pull the loop and push the hand simultaneously to fold this stroller. Make sure that you pull the loop first, then press the button.

However, the good thing is that both strollers can stand on their own after folding. Thus, if you’re strolling on steep terrain or your hands are not free, you don’t need to worry about holding this stroller at all times.


The seat on the Uppababy G Luxe stroller is considered more comfortable than G Lite. Its seat is very breathable that is made with high-quality padded material for enhanced comfort level.

Moreover, this material gets super compact after folding. Besides, this seat has the ability to recline to the flat level, but it does not have a mesh seat like G Lite.

G Lite, on the other side, has breathable mesh material that prevents your baby from being sweaty. This fabric is also water-resistant.

Yet, its reclining system isn’t as powerful as G Luxe. Thus, it uses a zip recline function. Still, your baby can enjoy his naps in this stroller.


Both strollers allow your baby to enjoy the cool shade under sharp sunlight since they come with multi-panel knit canopies.

The Uppababy G Lite stroller holds an SPF 50+ sunshade, and the G-Luxe features a UPF 50+ canopy. Both canopies work the same that cover your children from head to knees. Unfortunately, there is no peekaboo window in either of the strollers.

Storage Basket

A storage basket in G Luxe and G Lite strollers is pretty extensive that can store things of up to 10 pounds.

But, the G Lite is harder to access than the G Luxe because its straps are in the front of the basket. Additionally, there are no side pockets in each stroller.


The G Lite stroller comprises plastic wheels. However, its frontal wheels are dual design that may become challenging to stroll over rough ground.

Even, it may change the direction of the course any time when the wheel hits on any jump on the road. But if you stroll on plain roads, these wheels are buttery smooth. Still, they are not as responsive as G Luxe’s wheels.

The G Luxe features four double hard-rubber wheels. Its frontal wheels are swivels that can be locked off when you stop the stroller from providing more stability.

These wheels pass through rough roads very smoothly due to their all-wheel suspension technology.

G Luxe Vs G Lite Key Difference

Now, after reviewing Uppababy g luxe and g lite, I have observed that the main difference between Uppababy G luxe vs G lite is that the G lite is lightweight, compact, and super easy to fold, its wheels are soft on any sort of floor, and the seat is made with breathable mesh material. Moreover, the G Lite is also cheaper than the G Luxe. While the G luxe comes with an adjustable footrest and also comes with a seat recliner up to 130 degrees.

I have come to the conclusion that Uppababy G Lite is undoubtedly an excellent option to bring style, convenience, and comfort to your baby.

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