How to Fold a Stroller

With the wide range of products available in the market, it is getting hard to learn the mechanics of every gear available for your baby, out in the market.

Following the industrial progression in 2020, we can now see automation in nearly every other product, so is the case with strollers.

Now, there are brands producing strollers to fold and unfold single-handedly with just a click, or a push of a button.

Although these all follow somewhat different mechanical alignments and algorithms, still the basics are the same and here we will try to generalize the procedure on How to unfold the stroller that you can use on nearly every stroller.

Let’s have a look:

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How to Fold a Stroller: Step by Step Guide

Remove all the Accessories:

The very basic step when folding a stroller is to remove all the accessories out. Make sure to empty the whole basket, and there should not be anything left in the seat too.

If you have a stroller with a removable seat, then it is more viable to remove the seat and fold the frame separately. Check out your kid’s belongings, and lastly don’t forget to remove the bumper bar and eating tray at first.

Close the Canopy:

The second mandatory step in folding any stroller is to close its canopy. Hold the wired or smooth end of the canopy and push it gently towards the handlebar to close.

Check the Wheel Alignments:

Most strollers have brakes in the back wheels. When you are trying to fold the stroller, you need to put these brakes to stop the wheel movement any further, in addition to its alignment with the front wheels.

*If you have a stroller with removable wheels- check the manual for its positioning, before attempting to fold it.

Lift The Central Lever:

You will find a V-shaped lever at the back of the stroller. This lever is center aligned and is a lock that holds the seat from the backing. Use your foot and give an upward jerk at the junction of this V- shape, you will hear a clinking sound that ensures that a lock is open now.

Pull Down the Lock Lever:

You will not find this lever in older models but it is mostly found in modern strollers now. This is an I- shaped structure located at the side of the wheel. It is the locking system of the frame joints. You need to release this lever so that your frame gets free. As soon as you release this lever, your frame will fold automatically in a fraction of a minute. Such strollers can easily be folded using one hand.

*In some models you will find a push-button at the handlebar. This push button is to unlock the frame as the side lever does. Still, you are unable to free the lock! Concern product manual.

Push the stroller forward:

The last step is to push the stroller forward. Typically every stroller folds in the forward position, in such a way that its handlebar is aligned just above its front wheel. As soon as your frame joints get free, you just need to push the handlebar away from the body in opposite direction, and here is your stroller closed. But make sure to look for any key, lever, or latch that will secure the fold, so that your stroller will not get open on the way.

Considerations while Folding a Stroller:

Now as you know the whole mechanism to fold your stroller, there are few factors that you should be considerate about when trying to fold a Graco Stroller. Here is the list for your convenience:


Safety is the priority, yes! When folding the stroller be considerate to place your baby in a safe place first, or if have a naughty toddler along, watch out for his fingers or foot that might get stuck in the frame. Be cautious for your fingers too, that might get pinched off often in the sidebar or at the handle bar side.

Empty the Stroller:

There should be no hindrance when you are trying to fold your stroller. Because such hindrance forces you to apply pressure on the stroller in frustration and you might end up harming your product. So, to avoid this be considerate to empty the stroller thoroughly, check the basket and seat both, because any small toy in the basket is enough to make your job tough.

Frame Lubrication:

Many manuals prescribe the oil usage in the frame for joint lubrication of your stroller. But, for me, it is more important where you keep your stroller after use contributes more to this factor. Because if you store it somewhere outside the garage your stroller will catch erosion quite fast. If you feel you’re your frame joints are not working properly lubricate them, don’t put pressure that might end up in disaster.

Frame Alignment:

It is observed that in some cases, any pipe of the frame is d-shaped or deformed causing hindrance to the smooth folding of the stroller. If you see any kind of structural deformation in your stroller, make sure to mend it using a plier, this will keep the stroller operations flat.

Fold It Clean:

Before folding the stroller, make sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly, there is no eatable left in chair creases, to be specific. Moreover, if your toddler has spilled anything on the seat causing it to be wet, try to dry it with a towel or a clean piece of cloth. If it is still wet, then leave the stroller open for a while until it gets dry, unless it will catch mildew and mold.

Don’t put Pressure:

Despite considering all the factors mentioned above, if your stroller is still hanging and you are putting force to fold it, then trust e! You are at the wrong edge. Not, in any case, push or force your stroller to get fold because it will not only damage it physically but its internal mechanism will get disturbed too.


Well, don’t get confused on How to fold a stroller, over period baby gears are now much advanced and easy. Manufacturers keep customers’ safety and comfort at priority so generally you just need to focus on few major things i-e, taking all your stuff out, the wheel alignment, seat, and frame joint release.

And the most important one, when you are done, don’t forget to secure your folds with whatever structure is available on your stroller to serve the purpose. Rest you can check the product manual to verify which lever, latch, and button is for what purpose.

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