How to Fold a Nuna Stroller (5 Simple Steps)

how to fold nuna stroller

As a parent, you want to make sure that you have the right gear to help make your life easier. One piece of gear that is making parents’ lives easier is a Nuna stroller. These strollers are some of the promising in the market and are renowned for their outstanding quality and strength. 

It can be tricky to fold a Nuna stroller, especially the first few times. But with a little practice, you will be folding it like a pro in no time. In this blog post, we will show you how to fold Nuna strollers. We will also give you some tips to make it easier than ever before.

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How to Fold Nuna Strollers?

Even though the folding mechanism of different strollers is not the same, you can follow these steps to fold Nuna and other strollers.

Step 1- Use the brakes

Before you fold your stroller, make sure that it’s in the correct position. If there are brakes on board, of course, use them and obtain some from another source because what might happen when we need them most is a problem already.

Brake mechanisms/levelers are typically located at back wheels. The swivel wheel tends towards the front with lever locks both motion and push-button sides.

Step 2- Retract the canopy

When you are ready to fold your stroller, ensure an open position and then pull on both sides of its canopy. It forces them to meet right above where they connect at the handlebars. When released from their respective slots after folding down into place, there would not be any gaps between each panel. 

Step 3- Remove accessories

When removing accessories like cup holders, sunshades, and food trays before folding the stroller, ensure they are unnecessary for your particular setup. If you have many of these pieces or if one is crucial, consider 

removing it from the respective slot in advance. In this way, you can avert possible havoc during transport/storage. 

Step 4- Locking mechanism

There are some distinct ways to release the frame’s locking mechanism. One option is by pressing down on either side of an indicator button, which will pop up when it reaches its maximum height-like shape. Another way would involve pushing forward with both hands while simultaneously pulling back slightly.

Step 5- Folding action

The way you fold your stroller will depend on the type of pushing device attached. If it has handles, push them toward the front to manually close and lockdown for storage or transportation purposes. But if no grabbing feature is available, then grasp one end in each hand before pulling towards yourself until both snap together securely at their hinges. 

Tips on How to Fold Nuna MIXX Stroller:-

Here are a few points you have to be conscious about when folding a Nuna stroller:


When you are putting your baby in the stroller, assure that they are not too tight to it. Look at your fingers as well so that they do not get pinched.

Ensure that its dryness

If you get your stroller wet, you should wipe it down with a towel. If you let it air dry outside, then the chance of getting mold or mildew is low. Otherwise, mold will grow on it.

No obstacles

Your stroller may not be closed because there is something in the way. Look at the places the fabric or straps are sticking out. Is there anything in the basket under your stroller? Remove these things and try again.

Warped frame

Do not fold your stroller if you see a piece of metal sticking out. The metal catches in your stroller could stop it from folding. You can fix this by using pliers to straighten them out.


The joints and catches on a stroller can sometimes freeze, especially if it has been stored outside. You should apply lubricant to keep them functioning perfectly. Try WD-40.

Do not apply extreme force

You might find that your stroller does not close properly. Never try to force it closed, or else you may hurt yourself and the stroller. Could you bring it back to the store?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Nuna strollers good?

Are you a mom or dad who is looking for a new stroller? If so, you may be wondering if a Nuna stroller is a good option. The quality and performance of these strollers are much better than its other alternatives, but Nuna strollers are pricier.

2. How long do babies use Nuna strollers?

Most new parents are surprised to learn how long their baby will be using a Nuna stroller. Many strollers can accommodate babies up to 3 years old or more depending on the make and model. So it is going to be an essential factor in your buying decision.

3. What makes a Nuna stroller different from others?

A Nuna stroller is different from others because it provides a unique comfort level for both the child and the parent.

It has a sleek design that makes it easy to navigate through tight spaces, and it is also lightweight. So you can take the Nuna stroller with you on hikes or family trips.

Final Words

We hope that these instructions on how to fold a Nuna stroller were clear and easy enough to follow. You will not find any difficulty in folding a Nuna stroller even if you are a first-timer by the above guidelines. If you have any doubts, please share them with us by commenting on the below section.

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