How To Fold A City Mini Double Stroller

How To Fold A City Mini Double Stroller

Baby jogger city mini double stroller has been parents’ favorite for quite some time now. Because it is very easy to use, budget-friendly, compact, and has several other valuable features to offer.

One thing that makes baby jogger city mini gt double strollers stand out in the market is its one-step fold feature. Folding this stroller is a matter of a few seconds. However, folding can be a big deal for you if you don’t know the exact way to do it.

This article on “How to Fold a city mini double stroller” will provide you with step-by-step guidance in this regard.

It is worth noting that though the process is very simple and swift. But, the city mini double stroller won’t fold if you don’t follow the right guide.

The folding mechanics show some differences from model to model. Therefore, we will discuss the widely used models separately to avoid any confusion. 

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How To Fold Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Folding a baby jogger compact double stroller is very quick and easy. Carefully follow the directions written below and it’s all easy for you!

  • The in-chair handles are one of the city’s mini double stroller accessories. They are present in both seats. Grasp these handles. Note that these handles play an important role in almost all the models, particularly the ones we will be talking about in this article.
  • Pull these handles to fold the double stroller that fit chicco keyfit 30. Remember to pull both the handles at the same time.
  • Keep your hands in the handles and lift both the seats above. Be careful while lifting it up since it’s heavy.
  • Immediately, after this, the whole stroller will collapse and lock automatically.
  • The stroller is freestanding if you adjust the handlebar and you can stand it anywhere. That’s it. 

How To Fold City Select Double Stroller

In order to fold a city select a double stroller for disney follow the step-by-step given below.

  • First up, press down on the buttons(the grey ones) in order to remove the seat. These buttons are present on the right and left sides of the seat.
  • Next, press in the silver buttons present on the second seat adaptor and then release it.
  • You can see “Fold” written on both sides of the frame. Lift the stroller up from the points where it’s written to fold, simultaneously. And now, fold the stroller.
  • In order to lock it, engage the lock present on the frame, near the wheel of the stroller. 

How To Fold Baby Jogger Stroller

It is one of the easiest strollers to fold. Without any delay let’s get to the objective and see how to fold it.

  • Most of the time people don’t use this feature, but there is a safety strap in this stroller. To fold down the stroller, the first step is to detach this strap from both sides of the frame. It is red in color so even if you haven’t used it ever, you can still easily find it. The strap is attached to the frame via buttons, just pull these buttons and you are done with this step.
  • Now you need to activate the easy fold mechanisms on both sides of the frame. To do this, just lift up the extra strap present on the bottom of the stroller’s seat. Use strength whilst performing this as the stroller is heavy.
  • The city mini double stroller folded dimensions are 31″L x 29.75″W x 11.5″H. These are obviously different from the unfolded stroller’s dimensions.

Final Overview 

In the article above we have discussed How to Fold a City Mini Double Stroller? In the easiest way possible. All the commonly used models have been discussed separately.

This is because of the fact that the folding mechanics are different for each model, to a certain extent. As mentioned earlier, the use of a strap present on the seat is common for all models.

The care instructions are also almost similar for all the models discussed above. As the strollers are heavy, so always lift the strollers up carefully and with strength. The whole folding process takes no more than 10 seconds once you have learned the right process to do it.


1. How do you fold a Baby Jogger City Mini gt2 double?

This stroller possesses the quick fold technique. This enables it to fold within seconds. To fold it, just grip the straps present on the seat. Then pull both the straps up at the same time. This will lift the stroller up and fold it. The stroller will be locked automatically.

2. How do you fold up a baby jogger stroller?

Folding up a baby jogger stroller is really easy. All you have to do is pull up the in-seat handle with strength as the stroller is heavy. Now, the stroller is lifted up and hence, folded. It’s that easy. If you want to keep the stroller freestanding just adjust the handlebar.

3. How do you fold a city mini zip stroller?

Folding a city mini zip stroller involves one additional step as compared to usual folding mechanics. That is, first, press the button present on the handlebar. Then just like for other models, pull the strap up to lift up the stroller and you are good to go. 

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