What is a jogging Stroller?

What is a jogging Stroller

Many wonders, what is a jogging stroller? well, just like any other stroller or pram, jogging strollers also known as running strollers have specifically designed aerodynamics that supports parents to continue their fitness regime while carrying a baby along.

You will find different styles of jogging strollers in the market ranging from three-wheeler up to twenty-wheeler that is so firm and sturdy. Many mums claim that running along strollers has increased their running speed manifold for their marathon.

But, pediatricians have a concern about continuous movements and jerks that a baby might experience while you are on the run. Hence, they agreed that a child below 6 to 9 months of age should not be taken along for jog.

However, many new mums prefer to keep their safety measures at maximum and adapt to go along with their newborns. Well, I suggest, better for you to consult your pediatrician before letting your baby sit inside the jogging stroller.

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Difference between a jogging stroller and a regular stroller

You can observe many differences between jogging and regular strollers. Regular strollers are more versatile and diverse while jogging strollers are specifically designed to jog with.

Aesthetically, you can easily recognize a jogging stroller, as it has three wheels while the regular stroller has four wheels.

All the three wheels of the jogging stroller are rubber material with air-filled in. front wheel has a brake and you always need to be cautious and pull up the brakes on this wheel while jogging, this is to ease and control the maneuver on bumpy and rough trails.

Jogging strollers have relatively heavy and thick canopies, they are specially designed with UV protective material so that your baby should be safe while you are busy in your exercise under the sun.

Moreover, a firm handlebar is ergonomically designed to support your push when you are dragging the stroller holding the handrail.

These could be the main differences that a person can aesthetically observe to identify the jogging stroller, rest o=f the things like recline, cargo basket, etc. are all same.

What to look for in a Jogging Stroller:

Likewise, for any other regular stroller, jogging strollers’ traits also differ a bit depending upon the brand, but the core mechanics of the stroller remains the same.

If your family is a fitness freak, then you need to observe a few things keenly, while deciding to buy a jogging stroller for your little one. A single mistake will cost you many dollars.

While buying a jogging stroller, you must not compromise on the following:

Front Wheel Brakes:

Nearly every jogging stroller front wheel has brakes and these brakes are crucial. It is because, these brakes keep the front wheel static and control the mobility of the stroller while you are dragging it at a faster pace, unless or otherwise you can end up in a disaster.

Brake Accessibility:

Check the accessibility of the brakes. Most brakes are located at the foot access, but now many brands are manufacturing strollers with brakes by hand placed at either side of the stroller hand bar or the sidebar of the frame.

But, whatever the position is, it must be easy to access in case of emergency.

Handle Bar Adjustment:

Check, if the handlebar is adjustable or not. The adjustment of the handlebar allows every family member to adjust it according to their height and ultimately they can drag the stroller easily on their run, without the hustle of bowing a lot or raising hands.

Safety Features:

This is the most critical part, here there should not be any compromise. Check about the safety straps and their comfort. If they are padded or not? They are a five-point harness or a three-point harness?

Moreover, the material quality is suitable for baby skin or not? Lastly, check if the strap length is adjustable or fixed.

Never, compromise on any of these features, because these safety straps will hold your baby intact in the stroller without car seat while you are running at a faster pace, otherwise he might get jolted out of the seat.

Demerits of the Jogging Stroller:

Jogging strollers are designed to maintain balance when you are dragging them at a higher frequency. In this regard, you will observe that nearly every jogging stroller has big wheels. In addition to these wheels’ size, they are designed to be bulky, this adds to their balance maintenance.

But simultaneously, it becomes messy to carry them along in public areas, malls, parks, or on trips. These wheels, stuck at every corner especially in the malls, and maneuvering along becomes a headache.

This size issue not only impacts the maneuver of the stroller but also raises storage issues, especially on the go. Because when we fold these bulky strollers, they occupy fairly a large amount of space in our car trunk.

Well, many brands are working to address this issue and are producing compact jogging strollers. But, I suggest buying an extra umbrella stroller and using it in public rather than taking this heavy jogging stroller along everywhere.

Another demerit of most jogging strollers is their air-filled rubber tires. These tires are highly vulnerable to getting a puncture. And image, you are enjoying your hiking trip with stroller and it get a puncture, what a mess would be you in. to address the issue, it is safe to keep puncture repair kit along with you and learn how to use it.

Moreover, I always suggest keeping an eye on your stroller’s wheel air pressure. Regular checking of the air pressure in the tires will save you from ending up in a disaster.

What to choose: Single / Double Jogging Stroller:

Well, the choice of a single or double stroller for jogging is entirely dependent upon your needs. But, let me clarify, as you go for a double jogging stroller, keep in your mind that its size and bulkiness will increase and you need to arrange for the things accordingly as I mentioned in the text above.


To wrap it up, a jogging stroller is just like a regular stroller, with certain specific aerodynamics that adds in easy maneuver while you are pushing at a higher frequency. Thus, there are a few things that you need to keep in consideration while deciding to buy a jogging stroller, as mentioned above.

Lastly, let me highlight, don’t forget to consult your pediatrician, before deciding to let your newborn sit in the jogging stroller, or else you can opt for the baby gear set that is convertible and you can safely add your baby inside in the car seat.

I am sure, after reading this article you will not wonder what a jogging stroller is. Enjoy your read!

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