How to Fold Bob Stroller

How to Fold Bob Stroller

Bob is producing a wide range of single, double, and jogging strollers. Bob jogging strollers are the most popular among new mums, as these strollers not only give liberty of movement but are easy to use.

But, I have observed many new mums being reluctant to get their hands on Bob because of its aesthetical bulky appearance. They think that the stroller is heavy and difficult to maneuver and fold.

Let me tell you, it’s not the case at all, I use Bob Stroller and found it the most stable and durable in the market. I have listed a step-by-step guide below, to help you on how to close a bob stroller.

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Folding Bob Stroller: A Comprehansive Guide

Being a mum, I completely understand how troublesome it could be if your stroller is not easy to fold on.

That is why the concept of a single-hand folding a graco stroller is gaining more customer trust. Bob Strollers are also foldable at just a pull, read the guide below for more clarification.

Folding Single Stroller by Bob

Bob has many varieties in the baby gear series, but the main mechanism of operating every product line is almost the same.

Similarly in Bob Single Stroller, you will find different options but you can follow the below-stated mechanism unanimously to fold Bob Single Stroller.

  • Remove, all the stuff from in your cargo basket or another compartment of the stroller.
  • Make sure that you place your baby securely at some distant place where you are going to fold the stroller. Otherwise, your baby can get his fingers in the frame accidentally.
  • Hold the sidebars gently but firmly and push them in the center towards the red tabs.
  • This pushing will make them free so that you can lift them easier to move in the forward position.
  • A hanging red handle will appear as soon as you are going to fold the bar forward. Pull this tag and your stroller is folded now.
  • On the opposite side of the red handle, you will find a black or red-colored buckle that you can use to secure your fold.

Now, you can easily carry the stroller in the trunk using a red handle or driving it on its wheel as it folds upright.

Folding Double Stroller by Bob

Bob Double strollers are well known for their durability and performance. Many think that the Bob double stroller is bulky and looks heavier in weight.

But, trust me, bob has rugged these strollers for your baby’s comfort and safety, they just look bulky but in actual they are super adorable in performance.

To fold these strollers, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Safety comes first, so whatever stroller you are going to fold, always empty it and place your baby at some safe place.
  • Put the parking brakes first. These are usually located above the wheels and are easily accessible at just a tap of the foot.
  • It’s better to release the leash at the back of the seat and make it at the 360-degree position, it just adds to fold your stroller compact.
  • Now, check if your stroller has adjustable handlebars? If it is so, then, release the bar by pressing its lever.
  • Move the handlebar in the direction opposite to you.
  • A red color handle will appear immediately. Pull it towards yourself and here your frame is set free to collapse.
  • Check for straps, or buckle-ups to secure the folding and carry your stroller with confidence.

Collapsing the Bob Stroller

You can easily fold and collapse Bob strollers if you want to store them for a season or want to carry them along in luggage or at the airport.

Before, starting the folding procedure, just remove all the accessories including a canopy, any snack tray, mug holder, and most importantly the belly bumper.

After completing the fold, don’t forget to remove the wheels and pack them in a separate bag, it will save you even more space.

And here your BOB stroller is collapsed packed and compressed to store at minimum space.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to Fold Bob Single Jogging Stroller?

Folding Single Jogging Stroller from Bob follows the same mechanics as of the Single Stroller by Bob.

You need to follow set the handlebar free, put the parking brakes on, and push the handlebar forward.

Later, pull that hanging red handle and here your BOB Single Jogging Stroller is folded and ready to go.

Is the Bob Stroller heavy?

Well, on average, Bob strollers weigh from 25 pounds to 28.5 pounds, dependent upon the model that you are going to buy for your little one.

For the double stroller for chicco, though they look bulky, they weigh no more than 35 pounds on average, the rest is subjected to a specific model that you have decided to buy.

How to fold Bob Stroller compact?

You can always pack the Bob stroller compact, even you can collapse it to store at minimal space.

Whenever you are going to fold a stroller, remove all the accessories over it, say, its canopy, belly bar, any snack tray, or mug holder.

Moreover, you can always remove the wheels to make them more compact and easy to store.

Is it safe to convert Bob Jogging Stroller into Bike Trailer?

Bob jogging strollers are designed with the idea of a centric gravity point. It helps to keep the balance in place while you are dragging the stroller fast when you jog.

If you put a trailer, it will disturb the weight distribution and there is likely a chance to get tripped off. So, as per my opinion, it is not safe to convert Bob’s jogging stroller into a trailer.


Thus, don’t panic when you see the size of the BOB stroller and think “How to close bob stroller?” Because BOB strollers look heavy but on average they weigh no more than 287.5 pounds. You will love the stroller in its performance and durability.

So don’t get distracted and read the article above, you will get step-by-step advice on how to close a bob stroller for both, single and double strollers for disney.

Moreover, folding bob jogging stroller is also, more or less the same, you just need one or two times practice and then you are ready to go with your Bob stroller even at the airport too.

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