How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller

How to keep baby cool in stroller

Although it is not safe to go put with a baby during heat waves, simultaneously, it is obvious that you cannot force a toddler to stay inside for whole long days.

So, at any cost you will have to take them out, even your region is facing extreme heatwaves. And here comes a question about how to keep a baby cool in the stroller.

Well, it’s not that complicated, if you take a few precautions and preliminary steps to avoid any extreme. Let me elaborate few genuine and a few mum hacks to explain how to keep the baby cool in a stroller.

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How to keep baby cool in stroller | Stroller Air Conditioning

Remove Seat Linings:

Many strollers nowadays come with removable padded lining. Check if your stroller has a padded lining and if it is removable or not. Remove such extra pieces including the pads of the straps and make the stroller light.

Baby Dressing:

When going out in the sun don’t forget to wear sunscreen. You will find baby-friendly sunscreens in the market separately. Apply these and keep your baby’s skin safe from getting burnt. Moreover, get them to wear very light clothes, as per my experience rompers work well in these days.

UV Protected Canopy fabric:

Brands now are focusing more on having UV-protected canopies. You can use these canopies to keep your baby in shade. These canopies have extensions, so extend the canopy and try to cover the baby till his foot and keep him away from the harmful sun rays.

Use Portable Fan:

Many battery-operated, tabletop small fans are available in the market. You can use any of them to keep inside the stroller and let it be airy.

Caution: whatever fan you are going to purchase, be mindful of its wings material and mounting capacity. Select the fan with soft plastic or formic sheet wings to keep your baby away from any harm. Moreover, consider how you will place the fan safely on the stroller so that it should not fall off again and again.

If needed, park the stroller under shade:

If it is required, always park the stroller under the tree or any shady place, otherwise, it will heat up the same as the car burns when we park it in sun.

Remove blanket or plush toys:

Any kind of extra layer inside the pram will add to increasing its temperature. Take away all such things, any pillow, plush toy, or even a soft muslin cloth piece should not be there. Hence, keep it more open and spacious.

Water bottle sandwich hack:

This hacks works to decrease the temperature insides pram of your baby. Fill the 2/3 of two bottles with water and let them freeze in the freezer. When leaving home wrap them in the towel or any piece of cloth and place them at both sides of the baby. These bottles will regulate the temperature inside the pram.

Hack: instead of these bottles you can use a cold plate too. And if your stroller is padded it is best to place it under the seat pad for cooling effect.

Use Evaporative cooling towels:

These towels are specifically designed for ventilation. By looks, they are just like micro fabric, and they are as light and soft as muslin. Wet the towel thoroughly and place it around the neck or shoulder of your baby. As the air will pass by the airdrops inside the towel will make it cold.

Place separate cooling liners’:

You will find many brands out in the market, selling separate cooling liners for strollers. Select the one according to your needs and budget. These liners regulate the body temperature and reduce the heat effect by more than half of its adversity.

Keep the stroller ventilated:

It is extremely important to let the air pass by the stroller. When you are using a canopy, its extension, or even if you are using a muslin blanket to create shade, it will block the air passage too. So, better to look for a mesh body pee a boo window, at the back of the canopy, whenever you are deciding to buy a stroller. Mesh body will allow the air passage while canopy will give shade to the baby.

Keep the baby hydrated:

Always keep a sipper along, when moving out with a toddler, or you can use a bottle instead. But, keep your baby hydrated. You can use any juice, water, and additional electrolytes to overcome the loss of ions because of sun rays. Check for the wet diapers too, this is the exact indication if your baby is hydrated or not.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How much is too for a baby in a pram?

As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, if the National Weather Service indicates that the heat index for the day is below 90 F0, then you can safely take your baby out alone. But if the heat index is above 90 F0 or 32 C0 with humidity more than 70%, it’s not safe for your baby out.

2. Is the use of a cooling towel safe for babies?

If your baby is less than 6 months old, then my answer is No. because, infants are most likely to be affected by temperature extremes, too hot, or too cold, both are not good for their health. Moreover, pediatrics say that using cooling towels for less than 6-month-old, make it hard for their bodies to develop temperature control mechanism on their own.

3. What is the effect of overheating on baby health?

Overheating will disturb the whole biological makeup of your child. They will not feel hungry, sleepy, will be more dehydrated and in turn, lesser urine will pass out of their body. In extreme cases overheating can cause a baby’s death too. It is generally known as SIDS.


Thus, I should say that it is far better to stay inside rather than go out in the scorching heat of the sun especially if your baby is less than 6 months old.

But still, if you want to go out with your baby, make sure to learn how to keep the baby cool in the stroller.

The above-stated article will answer all your queries if you are curious to know how to keep your baby cool in the stroller. Hope you will like the text narrated above for your convenience.

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