How To Clean Uppababy Vista V2 & Cruz Stroller (Complete Guide)

How To Clean Uppababy Stroller

An Uppababy stroller can be a very useful addition to your baby’s stuff. But cleaning an uppababy stroller can be a challenge.

Particularly, when you don’t know the right way to clean it. As the cleaning process of this stroller doesn’t involve really hard steps.

It means you can easily clean the stroller once you have got to know the proper way to do it. From removing the fabric to debunking the myths regarding the material of some parts, whether they can be washed or not.

Considering that the cleaning process differs a little bit for various models. So, each of the most commonly used models will be discussed separately. 

Uppababy Cruz Vs Vista,

Uppababy Cruz Vs Nuna Mixx,

Chicco Bravo Vs Uppababy Vista,

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How To Clean Uppababy Stroller: A Comprehansive Guide!

This article will surely solve one of the most common concerns of every Uppababy stroller user which is “How to clean an Uppababy stroller?” you can also uppababy folding, things will be made easier for you by giving you an in-detail description of every step.

How To Clean Uppababy Vista V2

To clean an Uppababy vista V2, do the following and check the folding guide for uppababy vista:

  • To remove the canopy, take it off of the stroller’s frame. Hold the clutches that attach the canopy to the frame and pull them sideways. You can do uppababy vista seat canopy replacement by following this step.
  • You need a small poking device to remove the elastic strap. 
  • Poke the device through these three struts one by one. When you press it in that hole, a little plastic peg will be released from the backside.
  • Now, you can pull the strut out. 
  • After this, you will be able to pull the entire adapter off.
  • You can release the entire elastic strap by feeding the fabric all the way across to the other side.
  •  After this, flip the seat over. 
  • At the foot side, there is a pair of elastic straps. Pull them off the little hooks. 
  • You’ll see a zip around a rod, present above the foot side. Open that zip. 
  • Now, there is a little strap around the frame that has a push-button on the inside. Take that off on the inside. 
  • The clothes are essentially loose. You can now pull the fabric over the adjustment button. Then, pull the entire piece off.
  • The piece you pulled off has a backboard and a seat board. If your washing machine can accommodate such a large piece you can wash it in it. Otherwise, you’ll have to wash it with your hands. 

Debunking Myth

Many people are apprehensive to wash the backboard and seat board. This is because they think its material is the same as that of cardboard. Whereas, the reality is that they are made of stuff more or less similar to the credit card’s material. So wash it at peace!

How To Clean Uppababy Cruz

If you want to know how to clean an uppababy stroller, read the following: 

  • Remove the canopy. If you did uppababy vista canopy assembly, then this step is easier for you. Just pull the canopy clips off the chassis.
  • Use a poking device to remove the plastic strap present on the canopy.
  • Using this poking device, pull out all three struts.
  • After this, you can detach the elastic strap from the opposite side of the struts.
  • For the seat, first, turn over the seat.
  • At the lower side, pluck off 2 elastic straps from the hooks.
  • Unzip the rod, present just above the elastic foot part of the seat.
  • To detach the seat from the frame, use the pushbuttons present on the strap of the frame. Push them on the inside.
  • At this point, you can remove the fabric entirely and wash it.

Additional Tips

  • Use a wet cloth and a mild cleanser to clean the frame. As soon as you are done cleaning, use a towel to dry the frame.
  • It is recommended that the chassis parts of the stroller should be cleaned using tap water to fight to rust.
  • Never use bleach, dry clean on the stroller. 

How To Wash Uppababy Mesa

 Washing the uppababy mesa is very simple.

  • First of all, just detach the seat from the frame.
  • Washing uppababy vista seat in the washing machine is possible for you if the machine is large enough. Otherwise use hands. 
  • When using the machine, keep the speed moderate. 
  • To wash the fabric, use cold water and a moderate detergent. 

How To Remove Rumble Seat Uppababy

  • To remove the rumble seat, observe the instructions given below,
  • Click on the two buttons present on both sides of the bumper bar.
  • Press down and then lift the seat up, that’s it.

Final Words 

Uppababy strollers opening is typical and these are not only beautifully designed but are also functional and easy to use. The mechanism to remove the fabric of the stroller is principally the same. But there exist minor differences in the fabric removal process from model to model.

I’m sure this article on “How to clean uppababy stroller” must have solved your queries and saved your time by making every step clearer. You can use the uppababy vista seat fabric replacement option if the stains are too hard to remove. The steps for this are already mentioned above.


1. How do you clean a white UPPAbaby stroller?

To clean the frame, use a damp piece of cloth and a mild cleaner. For leather accessories, use a leather conditioner.

Wash the fabric either using hands or in a machine with cold water and mild fabric detergent. Tough stains can give you a tough time and might require you to replace the fabric.

2. Can UPPAbaby Vista go in the washing machine?

UPPAbaby Vista can go in the washing machine if your machine’s size is large enough. When washing in the machine, keep the cycle moderate. Always use cold water and a moderate detergent.

While drying the fabric keep it away from direct sunlight. Use of bleach, dry clean, and iron is not recommended. 

3. How do I clean a fabric stroller?

Cleaning the fabric stroller is very important to keep the bacteria and germs away.

Firstly, remove the fabric from the frame. Fill the washing machine with cool water and a regular, mild fabric detergent. Keep the machine cycle modest. You can also use your hands to wash it.

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