How To Open a Duoglider Stroller (Complete Guide)

How To Open Duoglider Stroller

Oh great! This is the luckiest time you have bought the DuoGlider stroller for your cute little family member. These are portable and lightweight strollers.

Duoglider Graco stroller is a wonderful roomy product for the babies that they can even lie down and zizz also. Fret not if you are worried about how to fold or unfold the newly purchased device.

Opening the stroller is the most essential segment if you own a stroller and have to spread it out and then assemble it on a daily basis.

This tutorial is sufficient to tell you the quick method to unlock the Duoglider stroller which is sure not a hard nut to crack _ you simply have to know the knob and gear which you need to push or pull while assembling or disassembling it.

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How To Open Duoglider Stroller – A Complete Guide

  • There is a red latch on the left side of the Duoglider stroller, unlatch it.
  • Shake it a little.
  • Erect it in its place.
  • It is unfolding. Now! it is ready to set out!

How To Open Contours Double Stroller

Contours double stroller comes with amazing features as you love to purchase it. It looks nice, deals with a handsome price, and is pretty easy to open.

The distinctive quality of the Contours is its arrangement of two infants’ seats in a particular form. It can easily accommodate two car seats for twins especially. Furthermore, the dynamic front and front-wheel suspension enable your babies to be comfy.

Over and above, it is a bit technical to navigate and steer when your kid is sitting on this pram as it is heavy, but it walks evenly on curbs or smooth ways. The thing which makes it the most favored is its simple and easy process of assembling and disassembling.

  •  First of all, uplift the left side clutches and shake it then.
  • After getting it erect, fix the handle.
  • Place the basket inside and clasp it around the bar.
  • Recline the seats and clasp the buckled harness.
  • Affix the front-rear wheels.
  • Put the brakes assembling down at the same time.
  • Set the big wheels and fix the protective washer after.
  • Spread over both canopies in their respective places. Now it is on its way!

Assembling of the Contours Double Stroller

  • The same simple is the assembling of The Contours_ push the red button to remove the handlebar.
  • Hasp the brake.
  • Fold the canopy
  • Fastened the handlebar with the other edge of the stroller while pressing the brake bar.
  • See it is folded and now it is convenient to place wherever you feel better.

How To Open Graco Ready To Grow Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow Stroller is re-engineered with a new look and refurbished features. Its uniqueness lies in it jaunts as a double stroller but closes as a single one.

It accommodates multiple children’s seats for sitting and point to stand by as support also for the grown-up child as well. Plus, its widespread canopies cap trudged ahead that comfy you kid while traveling.

Besides these traits offered by Graco Stroller, it servers with easy opening and closing the function about which parents bother a lot. The following steps assist you to open it fast.

  • Lay down the stroller on an even surface and raise the handles upward.
  • Press the buttons outlying the bars
  • After, mount up the grip bars until it sounds “click”.
  • Unlatch the side clip from either side
  • Shudder it a little- it opens.

How To Open A Graco Stroller Youtube

As the Graco brand, which has been introducing variable baby products from infancy up till toddlerhood, for 60 years. It guarantees safety standard products to keep your baby secure and safe, and you feel easy and convenient to use, open and close the lightweight device.

Some caregivers complain that it is quite ticklish and knotty to open it. No, it’s not. You have to know simply the gears and knobs you need to push or pull, which can be mastered very easily.

Step 1– Stand your stroller directly upwards on an even surface.

Step 2– Elevate the handle to stay in point by pressing the knobs on the outer side handlebar. Then, pull it till it gives a clicking sound.

Step 3– Release the latch on either side & squeeze it close.

Step 4­- Put pressure on the seat & back on the opposite sides.

Step 5-You can carry it from the stripe on one shoulder easily while carrying the baby in one arm.

How To Fold Graco Duoglider Double Stroller

There are a few steps to fold Duoglider Stroller:

  • Slide side the hook between the top handlebars.
  • Squeeze the lowest button at the same time while pushing the former one.
  • Bow the front seat forward while putting your toe on the side of the basket.
  • press down the bottom bar by holding the front handle. It is closed; you can place it conveniently even at the narrowest part of the home.

Duoglider Stroller Instructions

After viewing and experiencing it, you know the Graco strollers come in different models and types. It means that all strollers can not be opened by applying the same methods. Similarly, you will have to recognize the knobs and gears you need to move to open the Duoglider Stroller.

  • Put your stroller on a leveled surface on the wheels.
  • Split the handles by putting pressure on the buttons which are located on the external side.
  • Raise the handlebar till it makes a “click” sound.
  • Free the side latches in both directions of the stroller.

Congratulations! You have opened it successfully.

Besides, there are also a few essential product instructions to keep it riding for far longer effectively.

  • Take a soft detergent or soap with cozy water to wash the seat pad.
  • Take a damp cloth to clean the surface as it is not good to soak the harness stripes in the water.
  • Plastic parts can be washed easily with soft or chemical-free detergent.
  • You can also apply the light oil on squeaky wheels.

For your convenience and proper guidelines, a detailed manual is sent with it. This manual provides you with comprehensive and all-inclusive information about the tools, opening, riding, repairing, and products’ thorough functioning in a very simple way.


The Graco strollers come with convenient features and effective traits. They also offer additional and useful things available on each line of stroller that assist you wherever you need them.

The cup carrier, large canopy adjustable handles not only cherish you with their decent budget rather comfy the baby as well. Some new purchasers are a bit confused about the functioning of the products.

Here, a thoroughly required knowledge is laid out about the folding and unfolding of the above-mentioned strollers.


1. How do you disassemble a Duoglider Graco stroller?

  • There is a red latch on the outer left side, unbuckle it.
  • After shuddering, place it on the ground.
  • Press the front bottom bar to stand it properly.

2. How do you open a Click in a stroller?

  • Erect the stroller in an even place with the wheels keeping their handles upward.
  • Rotate the handle by pushing the located sidebars.
  • Pulling the grippers upward as it sounds “click.”
  • Open the side latches adjusted on both sides of the stroller.
  •  It is open and ready to ride on.

3. How do you open an old Graco stroller?

You have to pull upward the tiny hook on the sidebar to unfold an old Graco stroller. After, twist the lever on the handlebar and open up the stroller. Then, pull the seat along with the back of the stroller in its differing directions.

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