Why Are Strollers So Expensive

Why Are Strollers So Expensive

If you are going to be a parent soon then the first thing that pops up in your mind will be, which stroller should I go for and how much should I invest? Baby strollers usually cost from $100 to $750 dollars but luxury strollers may cost upto 10k dollars. 

As we all know we always get what we pay for. Therefore, the expensive and luxury strollers come with more durable features. These luxury strollers not only give your child a comfortable ride but also give mommy a voguish look. That’s why celebrities always prefer to invest in costly strollers. 

If you are looking for why baby strollers are so expensive, what reasons you should buy expensive strollers, what features make them costly, and why are strollers important then we have solved your problem. Let’s take a read on the factors which make strollers expensive. 

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Factors Making Strollers Expensive

The following features can answer why strollers are so expensive every day

High-Quality Material

Strollers which are made of durable and high-quality materials are usually expensive. Low-cost strollers use plastic in its structural form and their canopy is made of normal fabric which falls apart completely after a few months.

Whereas, the expensive strollers use an aluminum frame which makes them lightweight while carrying and pushing. Moreover, their canopy is large and made of a waterproof fabric so you may use strollers on rainy days as well. 

Exclusive Technology

Strollers can be folded with one hand but it requires a little bit of effort. The branded strollers provide a two-point folding system. As a result, the strollers fold easily. If you want to save your time and effort from folding the stroller every time then it is better to invest in expensive strollers. 

Movable Back Seats

The primary function of every stroller is to provide comfort to the child while carrying him in strollers. Therefore, the expensive and luxury strollers provide recline seats. This feature enables you to take off the seats from strollers and install them in your cars.

This increases the functionality of the stroller seat and your baby will also enjoy comfort rides in your car while you stay free. 

Foot Rest

This feature allows your infant to place his foot on the footrest and his legs will never be hanging from the stroller. The footrest provides support to the baby’s feet and they can sit easily in the stroller for a longer duration. 

Moreover, the footrest is necessary for grown-up babies. This feature is only available in luxury strollers as they are designed for grown-up babies as well. 

Safety Features

The costly strollers present extra safety features as compared to cheap ones. They come with emergency brakes and child safety belts. No matter if you are walking on an inclined or a rocky road, your child will stay safe from any emergency situations. 

Smooth Ride

The highly expensive strollers come with suspension systems and swivel wheels. This makes every ride pleasant for your child and provides you with increased maneuverability while having a walk on zig-zag roads. 


The more price you pay the more durable the product you will get. The expensive strollers provide 8 to 10 years of warranty so you can easily use them for your next born children. 

Resale Value

Mostly, the expensive strollers with good brand names provide great resale value. If your child no longer needs a stroller then you may resale it on various sites and may get 50 percent back of your invested money. 

More Weight Holding Capacity

The normal stroller provides you with a holding capacity of 12 to 15 kg. The luxury strollers can hold upto 25kg of weight. This makes them remain functional while your child grows up to 4 years. 

Increased Features

In comparison to cheap strollers, the robust and functional strollers with hefty amounts provide modernized features. With luxury strollers that can carry your entire grocery load, you also get food trays and accessories holding buckets.

With these tough buckets, you’ll be able to carry all of your essentials and go for a long walk on a beautiful sunny day. Even your purse may be placed in the stroller bucket, so you don’t have to carry anything.

Customize Colors

You can always have the most customized color strollers which your baby loves the most. The funky color strollers with multiple baby themes are available in the market. 

Adds Style to Mothers

Today fashion celebrities and various rich people are purchasing branded strollers which are matching with their branded bags and clothes. This gives them an overall chic look and adds uniqueness to their style which every celebrity wants.


Your baby is going to live most of the time in strollers when you are having an outing. Therefore, it is best to invest in luxury strollers. If you have the budget then it’s better to invest in your child’s care than anything else. Moreover, an expensive stroller also provides you the freedom to move freely while knowing your baby is safe in his stroller. 

Today, the most expensive and exclusive brands which offer top-quality strollers are Versace, Fendi, Baby Dior, Bugaboo, and Nuna. These strollers are used by most celebrities and the elite class. 


What strollers does Kardashian use?

Nuna is used by the Kardashian sisters and many other celebrities. 

Are expensive strollers worth it?

Expensive strollers provide the best resale value. When your children outgrow you can get most of the invested amount back by simply selling them as a used product or storing the stroller for your next child. 

 Why is UPPAbaby so expensive?

UPPAbaby provides top-notch quality baby strollers and gears. The material used is durable and lasts long. They can easily carry up to 50lbs weight with 10 lbs weight in the basket. Moreover, they provide a warranty for 5 to 10 years from damages due to normal wear and tears. 

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