How To Open a Maclaren Stroller (in Simple Steps)

How To Open Maclaren Stroller

Being a new parent who has purchased a full-featured Maclaren stroller, one needs not to get fret about how to open it fast and easily.

It is just a snap of fingers. Besides it, Maclaren strollers are resistant, lighter in weight, long-lasting with much more friendly features.

As a matter of fact, the Maclaren brand offers prestigious and rich baby products worldwide.

It comprehends the needs and essentials of infants to toddlers. Furthermore, its iconic position, protective style, and the easiest way to open it quickly surpass its overall contemporary perambulators.

  • Open the side black clutch.
  • Erect it.
  • Put pressure on the secondary lever with your toe while holding the handlebars.

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How to Open a Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

Award-winning structure, function, and protective style Maclaren Techno XT has become a name of guarantee for baby buggies.

It serves with a secure smooth ride and reclining 4-position seat where an infant or a toddler can enjoy lying or sitting in any position he feels comfortable with. Moreover, it has a large expandable, silky, and waterproof canopy that lures your baby, with a cozy feel.

Over and above, it is not a hard nut to crack when you need to assemble it for convenient storage and open it for the next day’s use. The following steps will help you fold & unfold Techno XT Stroller.

Opening of Techno XT in degrees:

  • Hold the front handle & erect it instantly.
  • Push down the back latch with your toe.
  • Shake a little and leave it free.
  • It’s ready to walk on.

How to Close a Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

The easier is the opening, the same easier and faster is the closing of the Maclaren buggies. They are so carefully designed that you can bend them immediately without putting in any extra effort. Here are some steps that will help you close it immediately:

  • Clutch down a loose bar at the back lower.
  • Uplift the latch.
  • Press the safety clutch and lay down.
  • You may put it now in even the thinnest place by holding the side handle.

How to Open a Techno Maclaren Twin Stroller

Techno Maclaren Twin Stroller is the most advanced and upgraded form of the baby car seat which is perfect for your infant and grown-up juvenile.

The two babies can easily adjust and comfortably nap. Plus, you don’t have to use your force to walk it on every route-type,- it goes with a simple kick.

The most amazing thing about the Maclaren umbrella double stroller is its adjustable canopy that you can push or recline flat as per your baby’s need.

On the same ballot, you only need about 30 seconds to fold/ unfold the twin stroller. Hold the handle and press firmly to lower the wheels to the ground. You can put it in the storage on any side.

Moreover, the handles of double techno have multiple adjustments that can be held by a person with every height.

You can adjust them so smoothly that they don’t disturb the kids sleeping inside. Plus, the Maclaren Twin’s functions are easily mapped out and structured so that you can unfold them using one hand only.

  • Simply place it upright on a flat surface.
  • Open the dual seat canopies.
  • Turn down the clutch and extend the umbrellas.
  • Pull the grippers towards you.
  • Adjust the 4-seat positions.
  • Open the leather harness locked to protect the baby.


After reviewing and testing sundry and umpteen umbrella strollers, I have found the Maclaren umbrella strollers above all other baby buggies. They are lightweight and spacious that can comfort the infant and toddler.

They are nice to be carried, folded, and unfolded with one hand only. Having boarded two babies, it does not feel heavy as its frame designed with ultra-light aluminum keeps the mass down and serves us with a light sturdy feel.

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