5 Best Nuna Stroller Comparisons

Best Nuna Strollers

Trendy And fancy-designed strollers are never out of style. On top of that, the Best Nuna strollers come with line-up car seats and home gear which is an instinct that changes the entire game. Nuna has launched some of the incredible strollers.

Their entire collection is amazing and liked by parents for the comfort these strollers give to the children. The below-mentioned 5 Nuna strollers will definitely up your everyday strolling rides with your baby. Their durability and car capability make them incomparable to other strollers on the market.

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Top 5 Best Nuna Strollers in 2022

11.Nuna 2021 Mixx Next Stroller Caviar★★★★★
22.Nuna Tavo Next 2021 Stroller Caviar★★★★★
33.Nuna PEPP Next 2021 Stroller Caviar★★★★★
44.Nuna Demi Grow 2021 Stroller Caviar★★★★★
55.Nuna TRIV Stroller★★★★★


Nuna 2021 Mixx Next Stroller Caviar - Best Nuna Travel Stroller

Nuna 2021 Mixx Next Stroller Caviar

Best Nuna Travel Stroller

  • Size: 19″x27.5″x23.6″
  • Weight: Newborn’s weight – 50 lbs

Relish smooth rides everywhere you go with this Nuna stroller and lay it down when your baby is in the mood to take a nap. The Mixx next has a solid magnetic secure snap and fold-away axle.

The stroller has a buckle that is self-guiding and it locks into the place itself. It stays still with the help of a solid fold.

The Mixx next features four modes that include; it can be put together with the crib or PIPA, set the stroller seat fronting yourself or outside the window to let your baby have a view of the road trip as well, sequence of a little one.

It also has a ring adapter that makes traveling easy by one push on the on/off button.

Front and rear wheels have flex and progressive suspension system plus the Mixx next a one-way folding technique which stands still no matter the direction.

The Mixx next has very comfortable cushioning for the baby and it’s ideal regardless of what the season is it provides utter comfort to the baby.

This stroller is known for its security reliability as it has 5 point harness security which will have a very strong grip on the wheels making them standstill.

Mixx next has automatic features and one of them is folding it up with a quick click, the stroller’s height can be adjusted accordingly.

This Nuna stroller has up to 50plus waterproof and sunproof canopy which provides complete comfort to the baby. It also has wide windows for ventilation.

And considering space, it’s very spacious plus it has one secret zipper pocket and a phone holder on the front seat.

It has a removable armbar that can fit any kid of any size and it can be paired up on any car seat that holds capability with the PIPA series by Nuna.

  • UPF 50plus canopy and windows for ventilation
  • Single-handed control
  • Automatic features
  • Ideal for an all-season cushion seat and it meshes back
  • It has a narrow seat if the toddler is older


Nuna Tavo Next 2021 Stroller Caviar - Best Design Nuna stroller

Nuna Tavo Next 2021 Stroller Caviar

Best Design Nuna stroller

  • Size: 43.7″ x 28.35″ x 22.44″
  • Weight: 23.2 lbs

The next model of the stroller by Nuna is incredible, it features a secure snap, folding axle, and many other automatic features that include a self-guiding buckle which is magnetic and is made for gripped security.

The Tavo model doesn’t need an adaptor to fit in a car; it can be fitted in infant car toddlers with the PIPA series. In addition to that, the design is so elegantly constructed that makes it even more attractive.

The Tavi next has front and rear wheel developing suspension. It has an axle that is an easy one-hand fold away. And has more safety for the baby due to the Magnetech lock feature that automatically keeps the baby secure.

The seat is made for all the seasons, it keeps the cushion warm and it has a mesh back which doesn’t bother the baby in summers.

Single-handed and 4 positions to flatten the recliner’s backrest and the calf is adjustable as well so it provides complete comfort. The wide UPF 50plus canopy with oversized ventilating windows provides immense support and protection.

It had a no-rethread harness which is for easy adjustment and three to five-point harnesses are for security and it features a quick push-button.

And the front wheel has a single-handed braking system plus the storage pockets are quite spacious with the secret pocket inside as well.

The removable armbar has the capability of adjusting toddlers for all sizes but not the older ones.

  • Protecting sunroof canopy and ventilation windows
  • Rear and front progressive security wheels
  • 5 point harness
  • No adapter needed
  • Bulky even after folding


Nuna PEPP Next 2021 Stroller Caviar - Best lightest Nuna stroller

Nuna PEPP Next 2021 Stroller Caviar

Best lightest Nuna stroller

  • Size: 42.5″x35.6″x22″
  • Weight: 16.8 lbs

The Nuna PEPP next version is ready for all kinds of trips you’re planning to go on. Like others this Nuna stroller also features Magnetech security, it is compatible with the car seats and adapters come with it as well.

The buckle for locking up the wheels is self-guiding plus the solid and gripped fold stays still and hangs around you.

It has an adjustable height bar and matte black wheels that are designed for smooth and even rides. The seat is comfortable and supports all kinds of weather accordingly and is adjustable which can be changed with just one hit, it has an easy folding technique and is lightweight.

UFP 50 plus canopy is wide and protective plus includes wide-open windows and is removable. You can easily wash the canopy to give the baby a good hygienic environment.

The space storage of the Nuna PEPP stroller is a huge basket for storing your and your baby’s belongings. The Height-adjust harness adjusts accordingly. Recline is three positions ideal for your doze.

Two positions support the comfort of the baby. Single touch, wheel braking of the rear wheel is sturdy and supportive. The front swivel wheel is lockable which ensures security. An ideally built stroller for parents and the baby alike!

  • Flimsy
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Easy folding and storing
  • esn’t fold with a single hand


Nuna Demi Grow 2021 Stroller Caviar - Best expensive Nuna stroller

Nuna Demi Grow 2021 Stroller Caviar

Best expensive Nuna stroller

  • Size: 43.5″x39.5″x24″
  • Weight: 27.4 lbs

A stroller promoting Custom dual suspension and that with MagneTech Secure feature, and a buckle that is automatically self-guiding and grips the place.

23 modes made or sharp similarity in manner, single or double any way you would like to convert. One of the best latest designed strollers in the year 2021!

The Ring adapter makes the on/off system easy with just one click. Also, Folding, flipping, and switching to the bassinet is now easy in this stroller. It also Fits fine in the infant car seat with a zip that can change the cushion set as well.

Standard double suspension authorizes the ride best for parent and baby and gives protection from surroundings, the UPF 50 plus canopy is removable, it can be extended and the eyeshade it has can be flipped out.

No rethreading is needed due to the 3-5 point harness belt. The push bar is height adjustable and luxe leatherette. The reclining back-rest also has three positions and is controlled single-handedly along with one-handed calf support.

In terms of storage, It comes with a huge storage basket. The braking system of the front-rear wheel is secure and protected. The armbar is removable which can fit babies of all sizes.

  • High-quality built-in
  • Five-point harness
  • MagneTech secure snap
  • Removable and adjustable car seat
  • Car seat magnets are not strong enough


Nuna TRIV Stroller - Best Compact Nuna stroller

Nuna TRIV Stroller

Best Compact Nuna stroller

  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Size: 30.5″L x 20″W x 42-43.5″H

Coming with a lightweight and sturdy design, the new Triv Stroller by Nuna is an ideal stroller. It features all Nuna PIPA Car Seat compatibility and MIXX Bassinet, the Triv has an easy folding design. It’s designed perfectly for the comfort of your baby.

And for parental comfort, the Single-handed folding technique is featured. Providing three adjustable recline positions and other handy features such as a handlebar and footrest. Moreover, there is a wool mesh insert that is removable.

Also, a magnetic harness buckle is present for more security, and the backseat is zippered. Also, it has a ring adaptor that can be folded easily with the stroller.

The wheel suspension of the TRIV model is very sturdy and gives you a smooth and even ride on the terrain roads. The TRIV has an all-season cushion seat that acts according to the seasons. This stroller has a no-rethread harness and easy height adjustment.

For protection from UV rays, the UPF 50PLUS canopy provides a dark shade. And the ventilation is given by the windows on it. The front and rear wheels have a strong locking grip for security.

The storage space is quite spacious and you can easily fit a sufficient amount of your belongings along with kid’s toys.

  • Lightweight
  • The quick and one-hand folding technique
  • Ring adapters also fold in a half
  • For breathability, the seat is made up of merino wool
  • Smaller wheels create difficulty to maneuver/li>

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Nuna Stroller

Having read about the most common and high in demand best Nuna strollers, you might find it difficult to narrow down your search to have a suitable stroller for you. We have compiled a list of the factors you must consider before buying a Nuna stroller.

Let us jump right into these factors.


Checking the security features is very important and it’s the foremost concern of all the parents. All these strollers have a 5 point harness system to keep your baby secure.

Also, make sure the front wheel has locking features and these Nuna strollers have rear and front-wheel flex and progressive suspension. The grips of the stroller must be comfortable and they should have a single-handed braking system.

It provides comfort to the hands of parents as well. All Nuna strollers feature a Magnetic security snap which is great for parents concerned about security. In case of some severe security issues.

Compatibility with car seats:

Compatibility is very important to check, many times customers get a product and then realize the inconveniences it has.

Various editions of Nuna strollers come with car seats. Make sure to check the compatibility before making any kind of purchase. Car seat strollers are very necessary when you’re a parent and have to run errands and roam around the city for work.

Delicate and easy folding technique:

Moreover, as strollers are huge you need to pick one that features a folding technique.

Folding a stroller is one of the most convenient options you could ever have, it helps in reserving fewer spaces as compared to the ones which don’t come with any folding mechanism.

The folding ones, basically take less space and area. Moreover, they are easy to fit in the car making them portable.

Reasonable options:

Of course, you can find them although these strollers are more expensive than the regular ones. Nothing beats the comfort of you and your child. Do not fret about prices as the durability of the stroller will back it up. It will also prove to be worth the money spent!

Lightweight and durable.

A stroller must be lightweight and durable. Having a heavy stroller can make your life hard as you need to carry a heavy stroller all the time.

The Nuna strollers are durable and lightweight to give you maximum portability. Further, you can choose any stroller according to your range and the age of your child.

Nuna Stroller Comparison in 2022

Nuna stroller comparison can easily narrow down your search and help you get the one that suits you. Here’s a detailed comparison of these strollers in terms of price and features.

  • Price: In terms of prices MIXX Next and Demi Grow are the most expensive ones on the list, costing $799.95 and $849.95 respectively. The best budget-friendly stroller on the list is PEPP Next costing only about$349.95. Tavo Next costs $529.95 and the last TRIV stroller is less expensive at $499.95.
  • Compactness: TRIV and MIXX Next are comparatively compact with dimensions of L 25.3x W 21x H 17.5 Inches and  L 27x W 23.6x H 19 Inches. For the latest compact technology, the TAVO Next caviar is best with dimensions of L 28.35xW 22.44xH 20.87 Inches.
  • Weight: PEPP Next is the lightest stroller on the list weighing about 16.80 pounds. Next in lightness is TRIV with a weight of only 19.40 pounds. The heaviest stroller is MIXX Next weighing 28.30 pounds.
  • Convertibility and modes: Only Demi Grow can be converted to a double seat or twin stroller. Also,  MIXX Next, Demi Grow, and TRIV have travel systems of Bassinet and rear or forward-facing seats. Whereas, TAVO Next and PEPP Next only have forward-facing seat systems

To sum it up, MIXX Next is best for more color choice; tough wheel suspension; large storage basket capacity, and five-point reclining positions. But it is heavier and has no carry handle when folded.

Tavo Next is best due to its compact fold size; New Megnatech Secure Snap; can stand when folded and has four positions reclining seat. However, it has no accessories that come with it.

Next is, PEPP Next which is an attractive choice due to its Height-adjustable handlebar; spring suspension technology; lightweight and compact fold. But keep in mind that it has the unavailability of a parent-facing position and has low storage basket capacity.

Demi Grow is comparatively heavy and expensive. However, it gives amazing features like the Convertible, 23 seating modes, a large storage basket, and all-terrain wheels.

Last but not least is TRIV, it is best for its lightweight, one-hand fold, carry leather handle when folded, and comfortable Merino wool seat. The only drawback of this is the small wheels and only three-point reclining positions.


The Nuna strollers are not only high in demand but also come with varieties of combinations of their features.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned Nuna strollers as all are highly comfortable and protective for your little bundle of joys. To sum up, our top three recommendations are:

  • Best Nuna stroller for travel-Nuna 2021 MIXX next stroller caviar: This amazing quality stroller takes first place due to its compact foldability and security features.
  • Best Expensive Nuna stroller-Nuna Demi grow 2021: In second place is Demi grow due to its 23 modes along with expandable seat feature.
  • Best Lightweight Nuna stroller-Nuna PEPP 2021 stroller: Lastly, this high price luxurious-style stroller is the trendiest among the lot. Also, it gives a satisfactory brake suspension system.


1. Why should I choose the Nuna strollers?

The Nuna strollers are fitted perfectly to every need of parents and the baby, from shade to storage, they provide it all.

2. Which country are Nuna strollers from?

These high-end design strollers are manufactured in china.

3. Are the Nuna strollers worth the money?

Most definitely yes, as they are durable along with numerous other convenient features. Also, these strollers are the most luxurious strollers and cover all the stages from newborn to 50-pound kids.

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