Will a Jogging Stroller Work on the Beach

Will Jogging Stroller Work on Beach

Will jogging stroller work on the beach or not is the debate going on in every beach lover parent. First, let me inform you that Yes! Jogging strollers works best at the beach.

Parents think that jogging strollers are specifically designed to keep bubs and parents active, while mama can enjoy her jog dragging baby stroller along. In actuality, best beach strollers are designed in a way that can be your best companion in all rough and tough terrains.

The design of their wheel and their wheel locking system is well suitable for these rough roads and so for the beach. Let’s discuss the traits of a jogging stroller making it suitable for the beach in the article below.

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What to Look for in the Jogging Stroller to Work as a Beach Stroller

Though, unanimously many parents agreed that jogging strollers serve best as the beach stroller in addition to the best double stroller for beach, still for your better understanding and convenience let me explain a few features that you must look upon if you are deciding to use your jogging stroller as the beach stroller.

Check Canopy:

As jogging strollers are designed for outdoor purposes, nearly every jogging stroller has a canopy that is extendable and has a mesh body pocket at the back for ventilation. Many extra accessories are also available for canopies to perform better by many brands in the market. 

All-wheel lock:

In standard traditional strollers, four wheels become troublesome on the rough trail or at speed. Because when you are pushing the stroller with hands on the back handle and going in speed, it often ends up in a wobbly front wheel or a half flip up of the stroller that is both dangerous for you and your baby.

Jogging strollers are three-wheelers that have either a front-wheel lock or a wheel lock. Having a wheel lock is the best option but at least you should own a stroller with a front-wheel lock. This locked wheel will glide over the sand on the beach and will not get stuck or buried in the dry or wet beach sand.

Look for Inflatable big Wheels:

When buying a jogging stroller look for inflatable big wheels. These wheels are airy and work in an alliance of bike tires phenomenon. These wheels have air tubes on the inner side and inflatable tires on the outer side.

They are wider than the wheels available in any traditional stroller, this wider area helps them to glide over the rough trails and sand rather than getting stuck or buried in the sand

Larger Cargo Basket:

As a parent of a toddler, I know you will have much more to carry by your side when arranging a trip somewhere, so as with your trip to the beach. It is better to look for a spacious cargo basket so that you can easily place your stuff inside it and carry it easily to your sitting spot.

Moreover, you can watch out if the cargo basket is covered or not, do you have a separate zipper compartment at the back, and much more. This will keep your small stuff like car keys, and mobile phones safe at the beach. Additionally, you can cover up the cargo basket to keep your towel and other belongings safe from the sand.

Wheel’s Design:

Nearly all jogging strollers have inflatable wheels that you can lock in a static position. This won’t allow the wheels to get stuck in the sand. As the advancement in the ergonomic design of the stroller progresses, there are many brands in the market offering varied varieties of jogging strollers.

These strollers have a special locking system separately for the front wheel. This makes the mobility of the locked wheels on the trails more convenient.

Size of the wheel:

The size of the wheel is not a matter of concern if you are not a beach lover and will use your stroller on a smooth surface. But for rough surfaces and dragging it over the powdery sand, you need big wheels that won’t get stuck in the sand.

Big wheels have a large surface area over the ground to prevent them to get buried in the sand. When making a buying decision about a stroller for the beach, I would suggest you go for jogging strollers as they work as all-rounders for outside strolling.

What About Taking a Standard Stroller Umbrella Stroller on the Beach:

If you are not a frequent beachgoer and have some vacation plans, thinking to enjoy carrying a standard stroller on the beach, then let me tell you beforehand that you are going to end up in mess. Your whole holiday plan will be ruined.

The same goes for the umbrella stroller, which parents think that they can take because of the umbrella, shade, and sun protection.

But, the problem lies in the wheel size, both of the above-mentioned strollers have small size wheel with less air. Such wheels are made for smooth strolling, if you will forcefully carry them on rough roads you will end up in a disaster.

Moreover, because of the smaller tier size, when you put your baby inside the stroller and its weight increases, dragging and pushing the stroller on sand becomes laborious, and you end up carrying the stroller in one hand while carrying your child in your other hand.

Thinking about an alternative:

Honestly, I don’t recommend going for fancy sand or beach strollers only for your vacations. In any case, you go with jogging strollers. But if don’t have one or want to buy something for smooth mobility, go for a wagon instead. The Beach wagon will not only carry your toddler on the sand but will drag and drop your stuff safely and smoothly on your beach spot too.


Thus, there is no need to buy a separate beach or sand stroller separately as a jogging stroller will serve many outdoor purposes. As a parent and beach lover, I hope that now you will not think will a jogging stroller works on the beach, as we have tried to sum up all the potential technical concerns in the text above. Hence, we can confidently conclude that Yes! Jogging strollers work on the beach best! Enjoy reading.

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