Stroller Rentals Disney World

Stroller Rentals Disney World

Renting a stroller is a great option for parents. They can use it to push their kids around the park even when the kids are a little cranky and tired. Disney has a policy for renting strollers, which must be followed.

In this policy, Disney has listed down some rules about the width of double and single strollers, length of strollers, etc.

You can book a stroller on rent online. You can find various websites that offer stroller services. Make sure that the site you use for stroller rentals Disney world complies with Disney’s latest policy.

The pricing differs from stroller to stroller and obviously depends on the time for which you have rented the stroller. And of course, a double stroller for Disney costs more than a single stroller.

In this article, all your ambiguities will be resolved. For this, we will give you an in-detail account of everything that matters to you! From pricing to what type of best strollers can be rented, etc. 

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Disney World Double Stroller Rental

Though the single stroller costs less than a double stroller, it goes without saying that a single stroller is suitable only for those who have one kid. If you have 2 kids and both prefer to face forward then a double stroller is the best option for you.

In this case, a double stroller will not only be economical but will also be easier for you to push around.

According to Disney’s policy, the width of a double stroller should be no more than 31 and a half inches.

Similarly, the length of the stroller should not be more than 132cm (52’”). In case you are not aware of Disney’s policy you can go to Disney’s official website and find it over there.

For very obvious reasons people prefer online bookings and there are certain websites that offer free delivery and pickup.

You can find clear pictures, from every angle, of strollers on the website. Remember to read the details of the features of strollers given on the website. So that you know what to expect from a particular stroller and see if it fits your needs.

The prices of each stroller are also given on the website. Usually, the prices are given in a table according to the number of nights and days you wish to rent it for.

You have also got the option to add any accessories such as a rain cover, stroller bag hook, and cooler bag. This whole process of booking a double stroller is easy and quick. Ensure that you review your order before placing it to avoid any inconvenience at the 11th hour. 

Best Stroller Rental Cost Disney World

Different rental strollers have different costs. But one thing that is true for almost all strollers is that as you increase the time you rent a stroller, the total cost decreases for each day.

For example, a single stroller costs you $15 a day but if you rent it for multiple days then the cost goes down to $12 a day.

As mentioned above, double strollers cost more than single strollers. A single stroller costs around $15 per day whereas a double stroller costs $31 a day. Now that’s a big difference! The prices mentioned below are true if you rent strollers directly from the Disney store.

To make it convenient and more understandable for you, we have segregated the prices of single and double strollers on the basis of the number of days a stroller is to be rented and the company a certain stroller belongs to. 

Price Table 

Supplier/Stroller providerSingle Stroller’s Cost(1day/ 3days/ 7 days)Double Stroller’s Cost(1day/ 3 days/ 7days)
Disney World$15 /$45 / $105$31 /$93 / $217
Simple Stroller Rental$25/ $35/ $55$35/ $45/ $65
Baby Wheels Orlando$30 / $40 / $55$40 / $50 / $70
A Baby’s Best Friend$30 / $45 / $45$40 / $60 / $60
Apple Stroller$30 / $40 / $80$45 / $60 / $105
Orlando Stroller Rental$40 / $40 / $60$50 / $50 / $70
Magic Stroller$41 / $45 / $65$51 / $55 / $75
Kingdom Strollers$45 / $45 / $65$55 / $55 / $75

Note: The prices given in the table may differ according to the model you choose

When you are choosing a rental stroller, remember there are many other factors to be considered other than the price. Don’t just see the price. Focus on the features of the stroller too and finalize the stroller that matches your needs.

Can You Rent Strollers At Disney World?

Yes, you can rent a stroller at Disney world and it has a certain set of rules. Renting a stroller at Disney world has its own pros and cons.


The best thing about renting a stroller at Disney world is that you can avoid the traveling hassle that comes with carrying a stroller. Carrying a stroller all the way from home to your destination is pretty challenging.

The Disney strollers are really easy to use, they come with an easy-to-apply foot brake, seat belt, and a shade.

Parents are often concerned about cleanliness. Let me tell you that the Disney strollers are sanitized after each use.


The major con of renting the stroller at Disney park is the higher cost. If you pre-book your stroller from stroller providers other than the Disney park you will be comparatively charged less. The cost decreases if you rent the stroller for multiple days. 

But, renting a stroller at Disney park offers you lots of perks that others don’t. And there’s a cost to everything! See if the perks justify the price and then choose.


There are a number of locations all over Disney from where you can rent a stroller. You can rent a stroller at Disney Springs. If you are renting from Disney Springs, then a $100 credit card deposit is required. 

Additional Information

If you are renting a stroller for multiple days, all you have to do is to show the receipt at the counter every morning and get a sanitized stroller.

What Do The Strollers at Disney Look Like?

Disney strollers aren’t really special when it comes to manufacturing and functions. But they serve your purpose.

Disney offers both, single well as double strollers. They are made of plastic and are brown in color. They have a canopy/shade to protect the kid from exposure to direct sunlight.

These strollers have a foot brake which is simple to apply. Disney strollers also come with seat belts and two cup holders.

To make identification of strollers possible, Disney strollers have complimentary name placards. The strollers you rent at Disney do not recline.

To know the prices for strollers at Disney you can consult the table given above. 


1. Can you rent strollers in advance at Disney World?

No, you cannot rent a stroller in advance at Disney World. However, you can rent a stroller in advance through other stroller suppliers.

You can do so online. Unlike Disney World’s rented stroller you’ll have to maintain the stroller on your own and keep it in your room at night. 

2. What kind of stroller does Disney rent?

Disney rents both types of strollers, single as well as double. Single cost less than the double stroller. These strollers are really basic but are enough to get the job done. They are made of plastic which gets very hot in summer. 

3. Should I bring a stroller to Disney World for my 4-year-old?

Well, there is no hard and fast answer to this. Generally, it is recommended that parents should bring strollers for their kids between the ages of 3 to 5 years.

Since roaming around in the park means lots of walking. But the final decision depends on the family’s preference. 

4. Does a 7-year-old need a stroller at Disney World?

A healthy 7 years old can easily walk for over an hour. So, you don’t need to waste your time and money on renting a stroller for a 7-year-old. The use of strollers at Disney World is advised for kids under the age of 6. 

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