Where to Store a Stroller | 21 Stroller Storage Ideas

where to store stroller

Whether you own a single bedroom apartment or you have your own house with a big storeroom, you will always feel worried about where to store the stroller? What’s the best way to store the stroller safely you will keep yourself looking for various stroller storage ideas.

Being a mum of two toddlers let me share my personal experience and research on stroller storage ideas in this article. I have summed up around 18 to 20 best stroller storage ideas that can easily be followed in any home.

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Where To Store Stroller – Stroller Storage Ideas

Maximize the usage- Use bassinet:

These strollers with bassinet are the best choice for parents who are facing space constraints. These strollers grow as your baby grows. They serve as gear in the daytime and easily serve as your baby’s comfy bed at night.

Keep it in your car trunk:

If you are living in a small apartment and are unable to spare any space for this heavy baby gear then it is better to let it rest in your car trunk. To save more space keep it completely folded and don’t forget to wrap some bungee cords around the strollers backrest and head for more safety.

Place it in your Garage:

If you have a spacious garage then it is better to keep it completely folded but it should be clean. Or you can place a hook over the garage wall or at the back of the garage door and hang your stroller on that hook.

One more option is to get a wall-mounted wide shelf and place your stroller completely folded and wrapped for safety.

Hang it at the back of any door:

Buy some heavy durable metallic hook and place it at the back of any door that is not easily accessible to your kids. Well, I prefer a garage or basement door, it not only increases the accessibility when leaving the house but also keeps the gear away from the kid’s sight.

Once you are done with the placement of the hook at the back of the door, hang the stroller upside down cautiously.

Share space with your Bicycle tent

Many bike tents of different shapes are widely used in the USA. Mostly they are placed in the gardens or back yard of houses. If your bike tent has enough space you can utilize it for your stroller or else you can extend the tent a bit by adding a cover to cover your stroller and prevent it from seasonal damage.

Share space with your Bicycle shed:

Most houses have outdoor bicycle sheds made of wood or aluminum. These sheds are far safer than tents but if you are placing your stroller in this shed I recommend covering it with rag zine or a big garbage bag or any plastic sheet to avoid erosion.

Be Creative- Store under Staircase:

So far, this option is my favorite one because can easily grab the stroller on the go single-handedly. Organize some space in your stair storage and place your stroller open in the storage. Else, you can keep it standing upright while folded completely.

Use a shed in your Garden:

If you have a shed in your garden then you can keep your stroller there too. But make sure to cover it properly with some plastic sheet to keep it safe from insects or mold. Well, I don’t like to place my kid’s stroller in the garden because of dewdrops and the danger of tiny insects that might get in the stroller.

Using Carport:

Same as other sheds being discussed above, if you have a shed for your car then you can use it to park your baby stroller too. But, similar to other outdoor spaces you will have to take necessary precautions for ever-changing weather conditions in the USA.

Utilize your greenhouse:

If you are into farms and have a valuable greenhouse where you grow vegetables for your personal use, then you surely will have enough space to accommodate a baby stroller even if you can easily place two gears also.

But, Yes! Safety is a question! Tough, it is better than an open garden but still, there are changes to insects getting stuck in stroller’s jolts and bolts.

Keep it safe in your baby’s room:

If you are lucky enough to own a spacious baby room, then it’s a paradise for your baby stroller. It will not only keep it safe from weather conditions but will keep it clean in the long run too.

Utilize space in the Baby Nursery:

If you have a baby nursery and keep your baby belongings at one dedicated place then stroll the stroller to that area. Just be sure that the stroller is clean, disinfected, and safe to be placed in the nursery. Moreover, always keep it folded or if open make sure that its wheels are locked.

Use your wardrobe:

Well, it is being believed and seen that strollers are too heavy and bulky to be placed inside the wardrobes. But, if you own a lightweight portable stroller then you can easily place it and fold it completely at the bottom of your wardrobe.

Use your Storeroom:

If you own a separate storeroom in your house, then there should be no other question in your mind. Immediately go and place your baby stroller there. But, be aware of the dust, if there is any in the storeroom.

As a precaution, I will advise you, before placing your stroller in the storeroom, to clean it thoroughly, disinfect it, and in the end cover it with some plastic to prevent dust from getting in.

Try placing your stroller in the basement:

After the storeroom, the basement should be your second most preferred choice. Likewise, you will have to watch out for proper cleaning and packing of the stroller along with the check on the basement humidity level, as you plan to store it in the basement.

Find a corner in the Hallway:

The hallway also makes a better choice when it comes to the selection of stroller storage space. Watch for corners and heavy durable hooks that can easily be used to hang the stroller on the wall in any corner of the hallway. Moreover, I advise you not to leave the stroller wide opening the hallway to become a kid play activity victim in terms of drag and drop play!

Place it in Living Room:

Yes! You can use the living room to store the stroller but it is good to place it in some corner, either standing upright or being hung in the corners. Both options will not gran any visitor’s attention toward it.

Always choose a Compact stroller:

Compact strollers are gaining more popularity nowadays and you can easily get your hands on those in the market. These strollers when folded offer such compact packing that they save a lot more space in the house and in the car trunk too. To save spaces I always recommend buying a compact, lightweight completely foldable stroller. 

Use your Balcony:

You can always rearrange the stuff placed on your balcony and place your stroller packed and neatly folded in any corner of your balcony.

Use space under your bed:

This is almost the last idea on my thought list. Fold your stroller completely, compact and place it horizontally under your bed.

Get a baby Carrier:

For all of the above-mentioned ideas, if still, you are facing a problem in storing your stroller, then it’s better to get a baby carrier instead of a baby stroller. It will not any save you space but will save a much of maintenance costs too.


To get the most out of your baby gear and make it last long, keeping it clean and safe is the key. Yet, every parent thinks of various ideas that can help them to store their expensive stroller safely.

Above stated is a list of ideas that will open up a wide range of choices you can consider to decide where to store a stroller? Hopefully, you will enjoy reading the words written above!

Hello, This is Erica Wilson and I am a mother of two kids, one Three-year-old daughter and my beautiful 2 year old Son. I studied MA in Social Science at University of Texas at Austin, United States. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected].

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