Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo (Which One is Best to Buy)


A compact and sophisticated baby stroller has been in increasing demand for over a decade. People are susceptible to their babies and seek everything with the best quality and delicate material.

However, with more demand, several retailers and brands have come up with numerous baby products. These millions of options could make it cumbersome for you to decide on the best product.

Therefore, like every time, I have brought two unique names in the baby products industry, Mountain Buggy Nano vs. Babyzen Yoyo. I have compared diverse aspects of the two strollers so that it becomes easier for you to pick a suitable pram for you and your baby.

So, let’s jump on our first product.

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Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo Comparison 2021

Mountain Buggy Nano Review

Mountain Buggy Nano
  • Extendable sun hood
  • 30% deeper recline
  • Travel bag included
  • Curb Pop for weight distribution
  • Flip-out visor

Mountain Buggy Nano is the finest art of traveling light with its 6kgs lightweight and 21” long, 12” wide, and 20” deep body while folding. With its all-equipped body, there is no need to spend a single penny on additional adapters.

It has a soft-shell cocoon carrycot for newborns that covers all the comfort aspects a child should have.

From your newborn to a 4-year child, you will be worry-free with its 3-panel hood. No matter what the weather condition is, you can extend it according to the child’s height.

In terms of traveling, you can store a maximum number of items in your travel bag and carry them with a strap anywhere you want. With its easy two-step compact, fold it when your toddler desires to walk.

As per your child’s body posture, you can easily adjust the position with the help of a 30% deeper recline and a 1” narrower width while strolling. The fabric is a breathable mesh that allows your child to have a fresh and pleasant environment all day long.

  • Strolls smoothly on any terrain
  • Very compact and great for portability
  • Easy maneuverability with one hand
  • Infant car seat adapter is included
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Canopy isn’t big enough
  • Cumbersome folding mechanism

Babyzen Yoyo Review

Babyzen Yoyo
  • 140-degree recline
  • UPF50+ protection canopy
  • Rain and insect shield cover
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Storage bag included

Looking for a stroller that is a jack of all trades? Babyzen YOYO Stroller is here as the finest choice of parents. It has four suspension wheels that have excellent shock absorbing ability and let older siblings ride along.

In terms of fitting, this elegant product is fitted with washable fabric that can be easily removed. The best part is that it doesn’t produce suffocation while strolling. So, let your child enjoy a stroll by 140-degree recline, rain cover, and extended canopy.

Are you tired of holding things in your hand? Store them in the YOYO’s durable storage bag or easily fold them when you want to carry your child.

The folding is simple as pie; there is no foot effort required to do this. So, have a safe ride with your 12 months to 10 years old kid.

  • Extremely compact fold and portable
  • Deep recline
  • Sophisticated canopy
  • Nimble and maneuverable
  • Suitable for a quite older child
  • Quite expensive
  • Not suitable for every terrain

Comparison of Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo

Concisely, you may see the two compact and lightweight strollers pretty similar regarding the prominent features. Still, there are some key differences that distinguish them from each other. Thus, let’s analyze these elements in depth and come to an outcome.

SpecificationsMountain Buggy NanoBabyzen Yoyo
Item Weight13 Pounds27.56 Pounds
Dimensions12 x 22 x 20 inches21.2 x 18.1 x 7.2 inches
Weight Bearing Capacity44 lbs35 lbs
Age Recommendation4 months – 4 years12 months – 10 years
Recline Angle160 degrees140 degrees


Starting with the seat, which is a crucial feature in any stroller_ both Buggy Nano and Babyzen Yoyo contain substantially enormous seats. However, you will find the Nano has a deeper seat with a longer leg length. Such features are significant for toddlers.

Yet, the height of the seats is quite similar in both prams, which are also suitable for a bit older infants.

Both seats have the recline option. The Babyzen Yoyo seat has a more basic recline as compared to the Nano stroller.

In the Yoyo stroller, the child can recline up the chair himself if he doesn’t want to lay down. Moreover, the baby is able to sit in every upright position.


The Mountain Buggy Nano has a single handlebar that enables you to hold and drive the stroller with even one hand. Well, in most strollers with storage baskets, the handlebar is not adjustable, so is the case with the Nano stroller.

But you will find this handlebar pretty comfortable while holding. Similarly, Babyzen Yoyo also does not have an adjustable handlebar, but its height is already good, especially for taller people. For shorter people, the handlebar comes in a curved shape for holding it very comfortably.


Both strollers comprise decent canopies of fine size. The Yoyo canopy is tougher and sturdier than the Nano one. Further, it has a flick-out sun visor that equips a transparent plastic insert. This visor allows you to keep an eye on the child.

On the other hand, the Buggy Nano also comes up with these features. Yet, it has a larger panel with open mesh without cover. This feature isn’t good for babies because they might feel cold while sleeping.

The canopy isn’t large enough in the Nano stroller because when you recline the seat to the flat level, your baby may face the sun directly.


Undoubtedly, the two chairs have excellent folding mechanisms and become super compact once they fold. Both Mountain Buggy Nano and Babyzen Yoyo have a two-level fold, which requires you to hold the handle and fold it down within seconds.

Make sure to bring out your child before folding the chair. Besides, both chairs can stand on their own after folding.

Storage Baskets

There are under-seat storage baskets in the two strollers with ample storage size. These baskets are in the form of an umbrella which can carry all sorts of stuff.

These baskets in both strollers are only ideal for carrying a few baby products such as milk bottles, diapers, etc., but you should not hold your whole household accessories in it.

The Yoyo stroller has a small mesh pocket on its back which can be used for holding small essentials such as your house/car keys, mobile, or wallet. You will also find a small zipped pocket in the canopy, which is also helpful for holding items.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Mountain Buggy Nano stroller is compatible with almost all prime infant car seats because of its strap system. This stroller comes with a strap that is explicitly designed to attach to the car seat. Moreover, this stroller has an inbuilt adapter to accommodate any car seat.

Discussing Babyzen Yoyo, you can turn this stroller into a baby car seat itself. Thus, you don’t need to purchase a separate seat or worry about its compatibility.

Although Yoyo pram is compatible with several car seats, such as Pebble Plus, BeSafe, Maxi-Cosi Pebble, etc.

Braking System

The Yoyo has a simple braking system with a push-down and pull-up mechanism that works in a flip-flop manner. In the Babyzen yoyo stroller, the brakes could be slightly concealed, which could result in slight bumps.

On the flip side, the Mountain Buggy Nano has a one-step pedal brake that is also flip-flop friendly.

Wrapping Up

Both Mountain Buggy Nano and Babyzen Yoyo strollers are the two outstanding options. However, by comparing these two items, there are several differentiations to choose from them.

Well, both strollers are ideal for newborns to toddlers and compatible with infant car seats as well. Moreover, neither of the strollers has an adjustable handlebar because of the storage baskets.

Yet, in case you want a relatively cheaper baby stroller, the Mountain Buggy Nano is a perfect option for you. This item delivers the same features yet at half the price of Babyzen Yoyo.

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