How to Use a Stroller on the Beach [10 Simple Ways]

How to Use Stroller on Beach

Planning a beach trip with a toddler is a hassle and a complete mess, until or unless you are completely geared up for it. Fear about Can I take my baby stroller to the beach is the biggest logistical concern for a parent. Other fears might include safety and protection against sunburn, sand, and heavy wind.

There are many families confused about queries like How to use a stroller on the beach, which brand of the stroller is most suitable, do jogging strollers work at the beach, and many more.

Well, there are certain concerns that need special consideration when taking your double stroller to the beach. Let’s discuss How to use the stroller on the beach in the text below.

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Things to Consider Before Taking the Stroller to the Beach:

1. Type of Sand:

Different beaches are famous for their different sand type. Some beaches are sandy-like powdered soil while others have coarse particles. Dragging your stroller on the coarse particles is relatively easy.

But, unfortunately, nearly every second beach has powdered sand, hence making it difficult to drag the stroller. Now, stay strong and get ready to carry your stroller in your hand, and I feel it is less laborious than pushing it hard in the sand.

2. Park at the nearest spot:

Arrive earlier at the beach and secure the nearest possible parking. Yes! If you want to enjoy your trip I suggest, you arrive in the morning before 9 am. At this time you will find a lot of empty parking to select from. Choose the one close to the beach so that you do not need to carry or drag your stroller hard on the sand.

3. Check for the Boardwalks:

Boardwalks make beaches stroller friendly. You can easily navigate on the boardwalk and enjoy your beach day while using Jogging strollers with large all-terrain wheels on the boardwalk. These boardwalks are paved and made with embedded sand. Strollers are allowed on these tracks and jogging strollers work best here.

4. Think about cleaning the stroller:

Before taking your baby stroller to the beach, think well about how you are going to clean all the sand that will surely trap in every inch of the stroller. No matter, how many precautions you have taken to keep your stroller safe, make up your mind to clean the beach sand trapped in your stroller for months. Y

es! Even if you will wash your stroller after getting back from the beach you will see it unexpectedly coming from somewhere in the stroller.

5. Keep your stroller safe at the beach:

A baby stroller is an expensive piece of gear and if you will leave it unattended you can expect anything if there is no lifeguard or any security at the beach. Preplan in your mind about the safety of your baby gear and check if you need to keep a constant eye on it? Is the beach you are going is crowdie?

Are you accompanied by any1 who can keep watch on the stroller or do you need any kind of lock for it? These questions must be answered beforehand so that you can be prepared for them.

6. Check the Wheels:

If you think that you can carry any stroller on the beach. You are mistaken! We need a wheel with a larger surface area that can easily be moved on the sand particles. Thin wheels will not work, they get stuck in the sand. Moreover, your stroller wheels should be all-terrain with a wide surface area.

7. Take Beach Cart or a Beach wagon:

Although there are many beach wagons to be seen in the market with wide tires. These carts and wagons carry babies in the sand, but instead, I have seen many people carrying their luggage and baby gear on the select beach spot, in it, because of the unavailability of baby protection against sand and sunburn.

8. Keep a Suslin cover to Keep the Stroller Shady and Airy:

It’s good that your baby stroller has a wide extendable canopy. Undoubtedly, it will keep your baby in the shade but it’s been observed that keeping the canopy open for a longer period will suffocate the baby inside.

Thus, I always suggest keeping muslin linen and covering the stroller with it as it will not only keep the stroller shady but will keep it airy too. You can also opt to have a toddler tent for the beach party, to keep them safe in the shade.

9. Reach earlier at the beach:

When planning to enjoy the beach with a toddler, it’s best to reach there in the morning. There are many benefits to reaching early, at first you do not need to worry about the parking and you will get the parking nearby at a distance of 500 to 100 meters from your beach spot.

Moreover, the sun is not blazing and it’s not that much crowdie in the morning. You can enjoy your trip smoothly at this time.

10. Utilize The Stroller at Fullest:

Now, as you have decided to carry your stroller on the beach, use it to the fullest. Use the cargo basket to drag and drop all the stuff like towels, bags, and other beach essentials. Even if you will need to carry the stroller in hand still you can pass by the boardwalk without holding all the stuff in hand.


Well, there is no issue in taking the stroller to the beach if you will take the above-mentioned points into consideration. The article stated above elaborates on how to use the stroller on the beach in depth.

You just need to focus on early arrival, some preliminary research about the beach, and other few factors like if there is any lifeguard available if there is any bike parking nearby where you can park your stroller too, to mention a few.

Hope you will enjoy reading the text, if you need further assistance, feel free to comment below our experts will enjoy assisting your queries related to any baby gears.

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