How to Fold a Baby Trend Stroller (Step by Step guide)

How to Fold Baby Trend Stroller?

Finally, you buy a baby trend stroller for your cute baby but thinking about how to carry this baby stroller everywhere?

Unfortunately, you tried but failed to fold the stroller accurately. Seldom you stuck with the folding buttons or won’t fold them. Thus, closing and opening a stroller often seem tricky for many parents.

Do not need to worry! Baby trend is providing accessible and hassle-free folding and opening functionalities.

Although it is a lightweight stroller, there’s no way you want a hard time working with it. The best way to fold your Baby Trend stroller will definitely come in handy, and here’s how.

However, you don’t want the hassle of using your baby stroller that won’t fit into your car or needs 2 people to fold it. Then stop worrying and check this article. Here we will tell you how to fold a baby trend stroller and know the best way to assemble it within seconds.

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How to Fold Baby Trend Stroller: Types to Know Before

Folding the stroller, but you have a different design and style of stroller. Read below to check which type of baby trend stroller you must fold.

In fact, Baby trend strollers are available in a variety of types. These are so popular and high portable, plus so easy to fold.

  1. Baby Trend Expedition ELX folding Stroller
  2. Baby Trend Tri-Fold Folding Stroller
  3. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Folding Stroller

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fold Baby Trend strollers. In addition, it is easy, as long as you know how to do it properly. 

Folding Stroller – Baby Trend Expedition ELX

Lots of strollers are lightweight with tray and portable, but Baby Trend’s Expedition ELX stroller goes a step further — it actually breaks down into small pieces. At just over 17 pounds, this rugged three-wheeler weighs almost 10 pounds less than the average lightweight stroller for 5 years old. 

In addition, with the ability to fold in only two steps, it takes up little space in your car or storage closet at home. The fabric is easy to remove, and a generously sized storage basket makes it convenient to carry bulky items. 

  1. Press the button in the center of the handlebar when gripping the stroller in the front area to fold the stroller.
  2. Bend the stroller in half with both hands as it begins to collapse.

Finally, you successfully fold the Baby Trend Expedition ELX stroller.

Folding Stroller – Baby Trend Tri-Fold

Your Baby Trend Tri-Fold Mini stroller can be a lifesaver when it comes to traveling with your little one. Just keep these tips in mind whenever you need to fold it up. 

The innovative one-second fold makes folding the Baby Trend Tri-Fold Mini stroller super simple. It’s easy as 1, 2, and 3! And because it is lightweight and compact (18 lbs), the stroller can be easily folded and stored away in a car or closet after use.

  1. Start by lowering the footrest.
  2. Keep your hands on the buttons in the center of the handlebar. Move it in your direction.
  3. Finally, close the stroller by pushing it forward.

Just 3 steps and you’re finished with Baby Trend Tri-Fold.

Folding Stroller – Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition jogger is a great companion if you’re strolling on an active vacation. Even if you’re running errands or just maintaining your fitness, this stroller can keep up with you.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is a perfect stroller to take on your journey through the city, suburbs, and all other terrains. To fold the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, use these simple steps: 

  1. Start pulling the stroller towards you as you push upwards on the handlebar, and then release your downward pressure on the handlebar when it starts to fold. 
  2. To begin, press the red buttons across both corners of the handlebar. Unlatch the buttons by pressing them, and then push upward to yourself.
  3. Begin dragging the stroller towards yourself at the same time. The stroller should begin to fold up and close effortlessly as you do so.
  4. It may be balanced on its wheels and stored once collapsed or folded up, relying on your option.

Thus, this Baby Trend Expedition Jogger stroller should begin to fold easily into a smaller configuration.


It is concluded, folding baby trend strollers is not as easy as it seems, especially with the carabineer-type connectors. Thus, we explained the correct way of folding up Baby Trend jogging strollers above that it allows users to do it well and quickly. It will help you to know the steps of how to fold up a baby trend stroller properly.

In short, we discussed why baby trend strollers are best for their portability. Secondly, we talked about some most useful baby trend strollers in the market. And finally, we discussed various types of baby trend strollers how to fold that similarly to the one outlined in this article.

Faqs – How to Fold a Baby Trend Stroller

1. Are Baby Trend strollers easy to fold and use? 

Yes, The Baby Trend strollers are pretty easy to use and very easy to fold and unfold. Further, they are available in various designs with various locking and unlocking techniques. Some of them use the one-button fold technique which is quite simple.

2. How do you take the canopy off a sit and stand stroller?

Stroller Folding and Unfolding: Close or detach the canopy by pressing the plastic lock buttons on each side of the canopy. You can fold the canopy forward or backward once the stroller is folded if you keep it on when folding.

3. What makes Baby Trend a fantastic stroller brand to consider?

Here are a few reasons why Baby Trend could be a fantastic company to consider:

  • They provide a large variety of goods
  • The brand has received various honors for their products
  • Baby Trend’s goods feature cutting-edge designs.

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