Uppababy Mesa Vs Chicco Keyfit 30


An infant car seat could be one of the most useful products for your little one to assure his/her safety. Since you absolutely want to feel secure when it comes to your baby, especially while driving.

Although whatever infant car seat you choose, your baby will be safe. However, choosing the right product not only guards your child but possibly provides him a great level of comfort.

The market is full of some high-end infant car seat brands and Uppababy and Chicco are two of them. These two brands are amongst the high-profile names in the baby product industry, which deliver remarkable baby products including strollers, baby walkers, bassinets, and so on.

Anyhow, I am going to review the most demanding products of these two manufacturers, Uppababy Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit 30. This guide has been composed to eliminate your confusion and help you pick the most desirable product for your infant.

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Uppababy Mesa Vs Chicco Keyfit 30 Comparsion 2021

Uppababy Mesa Review

Uppababy Mesa Review

Uppababy Mesa is one of the renowned names in baby tools, which comes in a super-elegant design and a variety of colors.

This piece of equipment offers plenty of features which include a Smart secure system that is quite unique from other competitive models. This feature allows you to install the seat with a base or other stroller within a few moments.

Moreover, there is a tension indicator on the top of the base that turns green when the installation is done correctly.

Another unbeatable feature in this car seat is the hideaway UPF 25+ canopy that protects your baby from sun exposure and its harmful UV rays.

An incredible thing about this seat is that it is compatible with almost every Uppababy stroller, whether it is Vista, Cruz, or any else, you would get a high-end performance.

There is an instant press button on the top of the carrying handle that quickly releases the seat from the base or stroller.

Other than that, it includes an adjustable harness and infant insert with a crotch strap setting that guarantees the security of your baby.

  • The finished base protects car seats
  • Washable and spill-resistant fabric
  • Compatible with other strollers
  • Breathable fabric
  • Bears weight of 4-35 lbs
  • Relatively heavier
  • Pretty expensive

Chicco Keyfit 30 Review

Chicco Keyfit 30 Review

Another top-of-the-line product is the Chicco Keyfit 30, which has come a long way by offering multiple specs in its product.

This product is also considered the No. 1 product of Chicco because it is constructed in a way to makes it the easiest to install and uninstall.

One of these innovative features includes reclining sure leveling foot along with the two ride-right bubble level indicators that help you accomplish and identify the most appropriate angle on the seat.

Additionally, its base is featured with latch connectors alongside a super cinch securer to tighten the straps effortlessly.

You can also install this seat manually using the car seat belts and lock them off. Its base is padded with soft material that prevents car seat damage.

You will find an extendable canopy in this product as well that provides shade against the sunlight. This car seat carrier also includes a removable head and body support.

Along with that, it is lined with an EPS energy-absorbing foam for enhanced protection. The Chicco Keyfit 30 is a perfect choice for traveling with your baby.

  • Outer covers are washing-machine safe
  • Excellent crash test results
  • Smooth underside doesn’t damage car seats
  • Can also be worked as strollers
  • Maximum weight limit is 4-30 lbs
  • Installing to seatbelt could be tricky
  • Fabric isn’t much breathable

Uppababy Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit 30 Comparison

Both products are amazing in their own ways, but of course, you cannot pick both of them. You must choose the one that suits your desires.

Therefore, I have compared the two products with regards to various aspects, so that you could decide your requirements better.


Comfort is the main concern in an infant car seat. However, if I talk about the Uppababy Mesa infant car seat, it is integrated with a head insert.

This feature is unique from others that keep your baby’s head in a comfortable posture and diminish frequent movements.

Moreover, the five-harness and securing straps protects your baby, but at the same time, it does not make your baby feel suffocated. The overall seat interior is padded with soft foam to ensure maximum comfortability.

On the other hand, the Chicco Keyfit 30 is also padded from every side. On the headrest side, there is a pillow inbuilt to support the baby’s head and neck. It is a removable accessory that could be used for babies below 11.

However, some parents have complained that this padding is a bit sweaty, especially on hot summer days. But no worries! Its fabric is removable and easily washable.

Safety and Security

Another major concern with respect to the infant car seat is safety and security. The Uppababy Mesa carries numerous features and specifications to ensure your baby’s safety.

Firstly, there is a tightness indicator that turns from red to green once the installation is done in the correct way.

Besides, the harness system also takes care of the buckling process that prevents the straps from twisting or tangling with each other.

As per the Chicco Keyfit 30, it stands out in terms of safety and has been ranked on the top five infant car seats for delivering exceptional crash testing results for the probabilities of head injuries, etc.

Not only this, this product comes with energy-absorbing foam with additional padding layers in its interior that guards the kid against everywhere. This seat also comprises a five-point harness to fasten and tighten the belts quickly.


Installation could be an arduous process for many parents, but not with these products. The Uppababy Mesa features a smart security system that helps you install the seat within around five minutes.

Well, this might not be a plus point for some because the manufacturers usually claim that the installation is done within 5-10 secs.

However, with practice, it may become settled. Other than installation time, it is very easy to install this product in the correct way. Thanks to the latch system and the indicator that does not make you go wrong.

With the Chicco Keyfit 30, the installation process works differently. This product uses a super-cinch system that does not allow you to install the seat wrong. Once you connect the latches and pull the strap to tighten it, it is installed automatically.

Furthermore, there is a bubble level indicator as well that shows the level of the seat. It’s an extremely user-friendly product.

Material and Cleanliness

Uppababy is popular for not using any harmful chemical material in its construction. However, most of the brands tend to go for cheaper materials which could be harmful to your baby. Such materials may include chlorinated and brominated chemicals.

Thanks to the Uppababy Mesa that only uses natural wool in its interior to give it a soft touch which is absolutely safe for your sensitive baby. Yet, you may need to wash this fabric by hand only.

Alternatively, a good thing about the Keyfit 30 is that its material is washing machine safe. This material is very friendly to remove and reattach for washing purposes. If you want to clean your infant seat frequently, this is a perfect choice.

Final Decision

Deciding which product suits your desires totally depends on what your preferences are. Nevertheless, as per a long debate, Chicco Keyfit 30 is definitely superior to the Uppababy Mesa in terms of cleanliness, installation, safety, and price as well.

Uppababy Mesa is pretty expensive than Chicco one, still, it doesn’t deliver that many features. But, if you are looking for a higher-end model, it’s good to go for Chicco.

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