Uppababy vs Baby Jogger

Whoa! The baby is about to come, and you must be shopping for your little one. Of course, parents seek the best of the best for their children. However, amongst all these new baby items, a stroller is perhaps one of the essentials.

Not only crucial, but it’s the most expensive product for your baby that comes with some additional accessories to comfort your infant.

Conversely, these laptops come in many kinds of sizes and shapes, which allow you to pick according to your environment. Anyhow, I have looked into two best strollers by renowned brands, Uppababy vs. Baby Jogger.

Both products of each company are their best-selling and highly-rated items with optimum reviews. So, let’s glimpse each product’s specs along with their pros and cons to decide which one fulfills your requirements.

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UppaBaby Vs Baby Jogger Quick Comparison 2022

SpecificationBaby Jogger City SelectUppababy Vista
Weight35 lbs27 lbs
Weight Capacity45 lbs50 lbs
Dimensions30.31 x 21.70 x 10.24 inches36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches
Car Seat CompatibilityCity Select Car SeatUppabbay MESA Infant Car Seat
Recommended AgeUp to 1 year3 months – 6 years

Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller Review

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Review

From a well-known brand, Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller is admired by many parents because of its latest features and heavy-weight body. This magnificent tool has the ability to hold the weight of 3 months to 50lbs of a child without causing any problem.

Other than that, it is fitted with leather that has all the abilities any pro stroller could have. This material is super breathable that prevents the baby from sweating. Also, you can remove its fabric and wash it quickly.

Its full-size reversible seat and the deep footrest is the finest choice for a growing child. It also allows you to ride while facing your child right in front of you and make sure your baby is relaxed.

Paying 999$ is worth it if you have a multi-functional seat that brings ease to your infant. The rumble seat can adjust according to parents’ desires, such as forward-facing, recline, or parent-facing. 

In addition to this, you can store any kind of item in its significant, vital, and easily accessible pockets while walking.

The harmful sun rays could be dangerous for a baby’s skin. Therefore, the Vista has a canopy that has not only a zip on its fabric but is also extendable. It means no matter which place you are; your baby is secure.

In addition to this, the piggyback is also a fascinating and convenient feature of this product. This piggyback helps your toddler easily stand on it without any fear of falling.

Now, I hope all these striking traits of the Uppababy Vista V2 are adequate to satisfy parents. Besides, this stroller also has the ability to fold in one step and stand on its own regardless of whether the toddler seat is attached or not. Make sure to glance at some of its key specs and make your decision.

  • It can carry up to three children at a time
  • The large accessible basket allows storing item
  • Piggyback provides your third baby a space
  • Relatively lightweight and portable
  • Bassinet and toddler seat is included
  • Lower seat weight capacity is 35 lbs. only
  • Highly expensive than Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller Review

A stroller should be able to benefit the growing family that not only makes your baby comfortable but also provides you convenience.

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller comes with numerous accessible features, such as the feature of accommodating three babies at a time.

You can simply convert this stroller into two seats and accommodate a third baby on a piggyback. Furthermore, the adjustable canopy, handlebar, and footrest are super expedient.

This adjustability allows you to customize the stroller as per your preference. Besides, the multi-position reclining seat straightens the seat to give your baby a peaceful nap.

If you’re out on a hot summer day, just take out the canopy, extend it, and protect your baby. Its UVF 50+ canopy guards your baby against any kind of rays coming from the sun.

Whether you’re strolling on a plain road or on rough ground, the all-wheel suspension technology would help your stroller pass through very smoothly. This decent and compact stroller is ideal for your next adventure.

  • It is able to hold up to three children
  • Becomes compact after folding
  • Kids can face each other while riding
  • 30% lower price than Uppababy
  • Two interchangeable stroller seats
  • Heavier weight than Uppababy
  • Folding mechanism could be complex

UppaBaby Vs Baby Jogger Detailed Comparison 2022

Before making any decision on the best baby strollers, let’s explore more in-depth and discover how the different factors of the two products are different from each other.

In this comparison, I have reviewed different aspects that distinguish the two strollers.

Weight Capacity

The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller comes with an impressive weight capacity of 50 lbs. Moreover, its seat features a higher back with a deep footrest to keep your baby comfortable throughout the strolling.

However, as compared to Vista, the weight capacity of City Select is lower, which is only 45 lbs.

Well, both strollers come with two seats, so the lower seat weight-bearing capacity of Uppababy is 35 lbs. only. However, the weight limit of the second seat of the Lux stroller is 45 lbs (stroller 75lbs weight limit). which is more than the Vista V2.


A stroller is obviously used for instant traveling purposes that allows you to put your infant into it and stroll wherever you want. Yet, both Uppababy and Baby Jogger strollers can easily be converted into a travel system.

You do not need an adapter for converting it. But, in case you want to travel a different route with your infant, you might require a pair of adapters.

However, the Baby Jogger Lux stroller comes with a pair of adapters that can effortlessly be used with the City GO infant car seat.


A canopy is just a heavenly feature in any stroller. Both strollers offer exceptional protection from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. The Vista V2 stroller is equipped with a zip-out extendable UPF 50+ sun protection canopy with a ventilation system.

The zip allows you to adjust the height of the canopy. The ventilation system is featured in two mesh panels that allow the airflow to pass on warm days.

On the flip side, the City Select Lux has a relatively larger canopy that comes with a peekaboo window and a magnetic closure. This extendable UPF 50+ canopy has a magnetic closure that tucks back when you don’t need to use it.

Moreover, with the help of a peekaboo window, you and the baby are able to see each other.


The Uppababy stroller has foam-filled wheels that are different in size. The front wheels are 8-inch, and the rear is an 11-inch diameter. Besides, an all-wheel suspension helps the stroller pass through any kind of terrain without feeling a bump.

Other than this, the front wheels can be locked, and you can see this feature via visual indicators. Then comes the Baby Jogger stroller that is pretty lightweight and sturdy as well.

These wheels are foam-filled, along with the front wheels locking swivels. The all-wheel suspension technology can also be found in this stroller.

Final Words- Which one is the best?

In the end, it is discovered that both strollers carry almost similar features and specifications, but of course, you cannot buy two same products.

Depending on your preferences, requirements, convenience, and budget, it is recommended that Baby Jogger is the right option for you.

This stroller can hold up to three children, provides a multi-position recline, and includes a sun protection canopy.

Besides these features, this stroller is somewhat cheaper than the Uppababy Vista stroller. Anymore, if you want to obtain a high-end baby stroller, there’s still an option.  

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