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A stroller could be one of the most expensive baby gears that you would definitely not want to purchase twice. Then, why not invest in a valuable tool?

Well, choosing a baby stroller is a huge responsibility that keeps your baby protected and comfortable simultaneously. Since so many brands claim to provide a high-quality stroller for your baby.

But what if they are constructed of some synthetic material, which could harm your baby’s sensitive skin?

Therefore, choosing a reliable stroller brand could make your life easy. However, Bugaboo vs. Uppababy is two of the most reliable baby product brands.

Currently, these brands are considered as the best-selling that deliver premium-quality products in luxury styles.

Both companies probably manufacture similar products in terms of style, quality, and features. Still, some distinctions could muddle you to pick the most suitable one.

That’s why I have come up with a new comparison of two brands and their top-selling products.

Let’s explore each item and see how they differ from each other.

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Bugaboo vs Uppababy Quick Comparison 2021

SpecificationBugaboo FoxUppababy Vista
Weight21.81 lbs27 lbs
Weight Capacity48 lbs30 lbs
Dimensions25.98 x 21.25 x 7.48 inches36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches
Car Seat CompatibilityBugaboo Turtle Infant Car SeatUppabbay MESA Infant Car Seat
Recommended AgeUp to 5 years3 months – 6 years

Bugaboo Fox Reviews

Bugaboo Fox Reviews

Bugaboo is a name that absolutely doesn’t need any introduction in the baby products industry since it is one of the most popular brands.

This brand is ranked as amongst the highest brands that provide baby strollers, infant car seats, and many other baby accessories. Anyhow, one of the most popular products of this Dutch brand is Bugaboo Fox Stroller.

Amongst plenty of features, Bugaboo Fox also has some good safety features that keep your baby protected. It holds a UPF 50+ rated sun protection canopy that protects your baby from harmful sunlight.

This canopy can be extended to cover your baby. A wonderful thing about this canopy is that you can easily detach it and wash it in a washing machine.

Then there is a wheel suspension system that is designed for smooth strolling and delivers extreme maneuverability. There is a difference between frontal and rear wheels.

The rear wheels are pretty large to ensure stability. Yet, the frontal wheels are kept small for better steering. These wheels are tremendously shock-absorbers that do not feel any jump on rough terrain.

Bugaboo Fox also features an excellent braking system to enhance your experience. This stroller is equipped with a specialized single pedal for instant brakes.

In addition to this, there are side pockets along with a lower storage basket. This basket can hold a weight of up to 22lbs. with so many features, what else do you need?

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Deep and large seat
  • Raincoat protects your baby
  • Extendable sun cover
  • Offers customized style option
  • Relatively expensive
  • No peekaboo window

Uppababy Vista Reviews

Many users appreciate Uppababy Vista because it offers several exclusive specifications and due to its heavy-weight body. This splendid stroller is capable of holding the weight of up to 50lbs of a child effortlessly.

Additionally, a piggyback is one of the appealing and relaxing things parents find in this product. It helps your infant easily stand on it without any fear of falling.

However, this stroller comprises all the abilities a high-end stroller could have. Its sturdy aluminum framework is fitted with first-class leather material along with a breathable soft fabric on it.

This material keeps your baby sweat-free. One remarkable thing about this fabric is that you can remove it anytime for washing purposes.

Not only this, but this stroller also features an extendable zipping canopy that keeps your baby protected from sunlight. The Uppababy Vista is considered a multifunctional stroller because it can hold up to two babies in it at the same time.

Isn’t that just amazing? Such numerous features are adequate to satisfy parents of two children.

  • Easy-adjustable handle grip
  • Relatively inexpensive than Bugaboo
  • Ideal for two babies at one time
  • Huge storage basket allows you to store anything
  • Instant one-hand folding
  • Still holds a heavy price tag
  • It may become heavier and more difficult with two seats

Bugaboo vs Uppababy Detialed Comparison

Essentially, I have broken down different aspects while comparing Bugaboo and Uppababy to assist you in a better way. Once you have analyzed how one brand is different from the other, you will be able to make the smartest decision as per your demands.

Weight and Dimensions

The first element most parents are concerned about is the weight of the product. Usually, if you travel a lot with your baby, you should go for a lightweight product to avoid exhaustion.

However, in terms of weight, Uppababy is slightly heavier than Bugaboo. On the one hand, where Uppababy weighs 27 pounds; on the other hand, Bugaboo weighs 21.89 pounds only.

Furthermore, if we move further towards carrying weight capacity,_ Uppababy can bear a 50-pound weight, which is suitable for older toddlers. But, Bugaboo can only hold a 48-pound weight.

Concerning dimensions_ both strollers have a huge difference in folded and unfolded forms.


If you seek a stroller with a decent and large canopy, both strollers are good to go. But, of course, you cannot opt for the two products.

However, both strollers comprise the same canopies, such as they have UPF-50 sunroof canopies that protect your kid from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Moreover, these canopies are made with good-quality fabrics with exceptional designs.


The Bugaboo strollers have sophisticated-sized wheels that provide your baby a smooth ride, despite what kind of ground you stroll on. In fact, both strollers hold big wheels that could smoothly run on bumpy, uneven, grassy, and rough roads.

Besides, you would find frontal two wheels with lockable swiveling technology that helps you to move the stroller in any direction hassle-freely.

Finally, an all-wheel suspension in both strollers prevents your baby from feeling any sort of jump and aids the stroller to pass through bumps smoothly. This is a striking yet crucial feature in a baby stroller.


A basket is also an essential part of a stroller so that you can put tiny baby items in it and travel. There is a considerable benefit of a stroller basket in that you do not need to carry an additional bag with you.

The Uppababy and Bugaboo carry great-quality and relatively larger baskets than other full-sized strollers. But honestly, you can still carry more items in Uppababy than Bugaboo. The maximum capacity of Bugaboo is 22 pounds, and Uppababy is 30 pounds.

Other Features

The Uppababy is a convertible stroller that can transform from a single to a double stroller within seconds to carry two children at a time. It means there’s no need for a separate stroller for your two babies.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Bugaboo strollers. This stroller can only be used for a single child. However, if you have two little ones, then Uppababy Vista is the best option.

Other than this, there is a five-point harness system that keeps your baby secured to the seat. However, there is a slight change in the Uppababy harness which is there to accommodate the baby’s height. However, as the baby grows, this harness may become a little uncomfortable.

Then there is a self-standing fold feature in both strollers. They are quite common in terms of this feature. This is because none of the strollers become compact after folding. Although they both can fold immediately and stand on themselves.


Both Bugaboo and Uppababy are pretty expensive as compared to other high-end strollers. But if I compare the two products with each other, Bugaboo is still higher than the Uppababy.

Final Verdict

So this was a full review of Uppababy vs. Bugaboo strollers. Well, it is pretty difficult to choose the one between these two versatile options because I could hardly find a few differences.

Yet, the only difference was that the Uppababy Vista is more appropriate for parents who want to ride two children at a time because this stroller can be converted into two. However, the Bugaboo is only ideal for single babies, which is quite expensive too.

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