Can You Take a Bob Stroller on the Beach?

Can You Take Bob Stroller on Beach

BOB strollers are designed all-terrain specifically, keeping in mind the needs of a new mum, these strollers are versatile enough to be used as jogging strollers, beach strollers, or standard strollers.

As per my experience, you will find no one better than BOB for sidewalks, hikes, and other rough terrain rides. Because of the diverse ergonomic structure built, you can easily use these strollers on heavy beach sand.

 As you know, beach sand can be heavy, dusty, or granular. BOB all-terrain strollers can be pushed easily or you can say relatively easier on any kind of sand, as compared to other non- terrain strollers which you need to pull rather than push.

And, this pulling brings more damage to your baby’s expensive gear. Bob strollers are best for the boardwalks too, and their large cargo baskets allow you to dump your beach belongings easily and carelessly at your sitting site. You can also check double beach strollers here.

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Features That Make BOB the Best Beach Stroller:

Mode Switching:

This is the main highlighting feature of BOB strollers. You can convert the BOB strollers from walking to jogging mode. This is done by using the front wheel brakes, as when you put these brakes, the front wheel becomes static and it becomes a whole lot easier to drag the stroller in the sand, without any fear of getting stuck.

UPF 50+ Coverage:

The extendable canopy of BOB strollers can be rolled over in many parts. You keep the shade as extended as you want. Moreover, the fabric material used for these canopies provides sun protection up to UPF 50+.

Proper Ventilation:

BOB strollers have mesh body opening at the back of the seat. So, there is no need to get worried about ventilation. The mesh body allows maximum air circulation within the stroller, even if you have extended the canopy for sunshade. Moreover, there is no longer worry about hot air being trapped within the baby seat.

Additional Side Pockets:

BOB strollers have additional side pockets where you can keep your baby soother or her favorite toys. These pockets make things accessible to the baby. Hence, you can have some me time and enjoy your beach trip instead easily.

Reclining Seat:

Beach trips could be hectic for babies because of the sun and long sitting hours. But, BOB has resolved this customer issue too! You can recline your baby stroller up to 180 degrees.

So, if your baby is sleepy you just need to smoothly recline the stroller seat and let the baby take her power nap. Well, here I recommend instead of opening the canopy for sunshade, it’s better to keep muslin with you.

When a baby is asleep just cover the stroller with that muslin. It will be more ventilated inside the stroller in this way.

Moreover, if your baby wants to watch the surrounding, you can always recline the seatback upright at 90 degrees so that everything is visible and enjoyable for your little one.

Clear Window:

For parents’ satisfaction and to keep an eye on your baby, there is a transparent window at the top of the canopy. This window allows you to watch your baby while she is asleep or when she is playing quietly.

Adjustable Handle Bars:

BOB has adjustable handlebars making it perfect for every parent. Even if you are short heighted or tall, you can adjust the handlebar as per your needs. This adjustment is crucial as it helps in pushing the stroller smoothly without pressurizing your back.

Suspension System:

BOB is well known for its shock-absorbing highly advanced suspension system. Moreover, the air-filled tires and the design of three wheels also make it suitable for the beach. The front swirling wheel serves as the cherry on the top.

Storage Pocket for Parents:

Several models of BOB strollers have zipper pouches at handlebars, where parents can keep their mobile, car keys, or other belongings safe and accessible. If your BOB stroller does not has such a facility you can buy this zipper pouch separately from the accessory section. Trust me this zipper pouch is life-saving!

Huge Cargo Basket:

BOB strollers have huge cargo baskets that aid in carrying stuff from the parking to the sitting spot at the beach. Few BOB stroller models have these baskets with zip covers. These covered baskets keep the crucial baby belongings like her food, towel, or her dresses safe from the sand.

Frame Size:

Overall BOB strollers are not much heavy. The weight of the stroller depends upon its model. If you go to buy a complete travel system- a stroller that grows with the baby, its frame will be relatively heavier than the frame of any jogging or beach stroller. But, you have to check-in for the specific model number to get insight into strollers’ weight.


Welcoming a new being in the family, there is a whole to be done in one’s home. Yes! BOB understands your situation, and it offers much more pocket-friendly and affordable prices in most of its models. Be assured of quality, low price doesn’t always mean that the product lacks in quality. BOB provides eminent quality at an extremely compatible price.

Other Available Accessories:

You can always upgrade your existing BOB stroller by adding w=extra accessories. These may include, adding, a parent coffee tray, baby tray, parent organizer, separate basket cover, and much more. These accessories not only increase the utility of BOB but also adds up to its overall life.


You will find many fancy beach strollers in the market, and while spending one hard-earned money, you must consider, Can you take a bob stroller on the beach?

Yes! You can safely use your BOB stroller on the beach because their sturdy, all-terrain, air-filled tires allow smooth navigation in the sand. There special shock-absorbing system and three-wheel design allow an easy push on the beach without any fear of getting stuck within.

Moreover, I hope the above-mentioned article will surely suffice your requirements. For further queries, kindly comment below, our experts will make sure to give a thoroughly researched satisfactory answer to your questions. Enjoy Reading!

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