7 Best Infant Insert for Stroller


In case your baby cries a lot and does not like to stay in the stroller, you might not be having the right infant insert for the stroller.

These infant inserts or liners for the baby’s head are specially designed cushions that give comfort and a jerk-free ride to your kids.

If you are having a baby and looking for the best infant insert for strollers, here is our review article of top infant inserts for strollers.

In this era of modern technology, everything seems to be perfect. So, it is quite difficult to buy anything that is according to our choice.

That’s why we should know the specifications of these infant inserts or headliners and also the suitability of these inserts.

In this review article, we have written the necessary features about the best stroller inserts for infants, which are comfortable, provide good body support, are soft seated, and are also affordable.

There is also buying guide at the end, that how different parts of the stroller insert works and what are their special features.

Let’s have a look at the best stroller inserts of recent times:

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7 Best Infant Insert for Stroller in 2022

11.CoolBebe infant stroller insert★★★★★
22.DorDor & GorGor infant stroller insert★★★★★
33.G Ganen 3D mesh infant stroller insert★★★★★
44.Kakiblin padding infant stroller insert★★★★★
55.Travel bug 2 in 1 stroller insert★★★★★
66.Britax adjustable car strollers insert★★★★★
77.UPPAbaby Infant Snugseat insert★★★★★


CoolBebe infant stroller insert - Extra Soft Perfect Car Stroller Insert

CoolBebe infant stroller insert

Extra Soft Perfect Car Stroller Insert

  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Material: fabric
  • Size: 12.8 x 9.88 inches
  • Age range: 0 to 12 months baby

CoolBebe 3 in 1 car insert stroller is an extra soft and trendy infant stroller insert. They are made up of mesh fabric material which is comfortable for hot weather mostly. This CoolBebe stroller insert is not only extremely soft for your newborn, but also highly absorbent, and durable.

Along with this it also has a two support combo, which covers all around the body of an infant and safe them support against jolts and bumps. Also, it features an inner removable part, this is a thin part suitable for moderate weather like spring and autumn.

Moreover, a seatbelt pillow is also present in this stroller seat. This pillow protects the neck and shoulders of the infant during driving.

For your ease and convenience, its material and inner seats are also washable and don’t get deformed after washing. These strollers are perfect for infants of the age of 0 to 4 months, but can also be used for babies from 5 to 12 months. Easy to carry out and safe for newborns.

  • 3 in 1 baby stroller provides protection to the head, body, and neck
  • Help in instant sleeping
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect fittings for newborn
  • Can be a little warmer in summers sometimes
  • Not long-lasting as only perfect for small babies


DorDor & GorGor infant stroller insert - Best in Head Support

DorDor & GorGor infant stroller insert

Lightweight Jogging Stroller with Car Seat“

  • Weight: 9.5 ounces
  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 3 x 18 inches
  • Age range: For Babies

Another infant insert stroller of the DorDor & GorGor brand is a 2 in 1 stroller insert and can be a great choice for your infants.

Composed of 100% pure cotton material, it gives comfort and a silky smooth feel to the baby. It is believed that this pure material provides more protection to the sensitive skin of your baby.

The stroller insert is purely handmade without any additives and dangerous chemicals. Further, the cotton used in making is also organic. The infant inserts for strollers are also filled with polyester material that makes them fluffy.

We can wash it 100 times with ease and it is highly durable. The color of the fabric is also extracted purely from plants. Usually comfy for summers with a breathable fabric material.

Moreover, a multifunctional stroller insert with a 2 in 1 style, can be transformed from a full-body cushion into a head support pillow.

This stroller insert is quite more comfortable for babies with ages of 0 to 3 years. Moreover, you can also put this cushion in cars seats, boosters, strollers, and anywhere easily. Soft fabric helps the baby to fall asleep easily.

  • Perfect for head support.
  • Multifunction in design
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Easily fitted in cars.
  • Issues about the flatness of cushion


G Ganen 3D mesh infant stroller insert - Best in the Adjustment of Height

G Ganen 3D mesh infant stroller insert

Best in the Adjustment of Height

  • Weight: 11.3 ounces
  • Material: 3D mesh fabric
  • Size: 16.1 x 9.3 inches
  • Age range: premature, baby

G Ganen baby cozy cushion is highly focused on providing your baby with the best support and comfortable sleep. This stroller cushion has a unique and trendy design that provides comfort to the baby, also best for head support.

Along with this it also contains pedals on both sides which provide comfort to the body of the baby. These paddles reduce the chances of falling.

The material quality of this stroller insert is good and comfy and breathable. A partial 3D material of mesh is used in its making. Mostly suitable for hot weather because it allows less sweating.

Also, have a modified feature of the height of the neck. The neck of the stroller insert can be adjusted according to your baby’s height.

The increase in height can be up to 7 cm. The total height of the seat is 57cm and can be increased up to 64 cm.

Furthermore, it is highly adjustable and you easily place it in your car, chair, high swing, etc. So ye can use it for a long time as it is washable and is suitable for all the weather.

  • Adjustable neck height.
  • 3D mesh fabric
  • Highly adjustable
  • Premium quality material
  • Some packing problems


Kakiblin padding infant stroller insert - Infant Insert Perfect for Travel

Kakiblin padding infant stroller insert

Infant Insert Perfect for Travel

  • Weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Material: cotton fabric
  • Size: 22 x 21 inches
  • Age range: newborn, baby

It is an infant stroller insert with some advanced features, as they provide extra head and body support. Also, contain paddles around both sides for body protection.

Can be adjusted easily in all the places like chairs, swings, pram, and bouncer seats. The cushion can bear the shocks and keep your baby safe.

Kakiblin infant stroller insert has excellent quality material. The fabric of cushions is extremely soft and washable. It is also a breathable fabric and your baby can easily breathe in it.

Moreover, this infant stroller is perfect for all the weather. This protects users from both of its sides. One side of the insert contains a plushy soft material. And make it suitable for winters and autumn.

While the other side is composed of spandex material which is comfortably used in hot weather like summer and spring. Spandex is a thin material and allows breathing.

These strollers have a larger size as compared to other strollers. It is useful for babies with the age from 0 to 18 months. The stroller insert has the following dimensions 22x21x14 inches.

  • Use in all seasons.
  • Modified head protection pads.
  • Soft breathable fabric
  • Long-lasting
  • Not suitable for toddlers


Travel bug 2 in 1 stroller insert - Used for Both Babies and Toddlers

Travel bug 2 in 1 stroller insert

Used for Both Babies and Toddlers

  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Material: polyester
  • Size: 8 x 2.7 inches
  • Age range: baby

Travel bug 2 in 1 stroller insert is widely used for both infants and toddlers. It also grows with your babies like when your baby grows in size you can remove the inner head support and there is now more space for your big baby.

Can be a good stroller insert, because it is used for a long time and you don’t need to buy another insert for your toddlers. Its ultra-soft fabric protects the sensitive skin of the baby.

The head support of these stroller inserts is modified for babies and toddlers. This can easily be adjusted in cars, planes, etc. along with this they are best for traveling in planes, parks, museums.

A high-quality backpack is also present with this stroller insert which is flexible. With this catchy backpack, you can easily carry the baby’s stuff.

Moreover, shoulder straps are present which provide extra safety to your babies. These stroller inserts are easy to clean. Don’t wash them with hot water and bleach, it will harm them.

  • Supportive pillows.
  • Good for traveling.
  • 2 in 1 feature used for babies and toddlers
  • Also, have a backpack
  • Not good for car seats


Britax adjustable car strollers insert - Ultra Safety With Crash Testing

Britax adjustable car strollers insert

Ultra Safety With Crash Testing

  • Weight: 0.26 kg
  • Material: fleece
  • Size: 26 x 2 inches
  • Age range: newborn, up to 14 months

Britex adjustable car strollers inserts contain a pillow for the head and body which provide ultra comfort to your babies. This insert cushion is made up of a trendy design and we can use it from both sides. Easy to wash, dry in the air.

One side of the stroller insert is composed of fleece plush material and the other side contains a dry-wicking EZ material. This wicking material keeps your child away from moisture and the pillow remains dry and comfy.

The head support of the stroller cushion is separable and adjusted according to the age of the baby. Moreover, this stroller cushion is also crash-tested approved, which makes it ultra-safe for your children.

  • Easy to wash
  • Crash testing approved
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Adjustable head support
  • Size issues for infants


UPPAbaby Infant Snugseat insert - Perfect for Extra Support and Comfort

UPPAbaby Infant Snugseat insert

Perfect for Extra Support and Comfort

  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Material: plush
  • Size: 28 x 13 inches
  • Age range: baby, toddlers

UPPAbaby snug seat stroller insert provides extreme comfort and support to your baby. The unique design of this insert must ensure infant support.

It contains removable supports for the head and wedges. The fabric of this stroller is an extra soft plush material that also helps the baby to breathe easily.

This plush fabric is a summer fabric that keeps your baby cool in hot weather. Also, an easy-to-wash stroller inserts with long durability, but try not to wash with hot water.

Along with these features, this insert is suitable for both babies and toddlers. For a newborn, the insert is used with the head and wedge support to keep the baby comfy.

But as your baby grows you can use this insert in a linear position without head and wedge supports.

Last but not the least, this insert is highly compatible with many strollers like VISTA, CURZ, VISTA V2, etc. That gives you relief not to check whether the insert perfectly fits in your strollers or not.

  • Highly compatible
  • Removable head and wedge support
  • Portable
  • User friendly
  • Sometimes could be warmer

Buying Guide for the Best Infant Insert for Strollers

It is an important thing for the parents that when they are in a baby shop to buy an infant insert for a stroller they know about the details of the product.

You shouldn’t buy a stroller insert, just because it is beautiful and seems perfect for your baby. This may discomfort your newborn. So, it’s a wise thing to know the features of a product and then select the best for your baby.

In this buying guide, all the necessary specifications about the best infant insert for strollers are written. We should know the following features:

  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Fabric
  • Easy to use
  • Durability
  • Price

Without wasting any time move towards the detail of these features:

This Flexible Stroller Comfort

We all know that there are many kinds of stroller inserts in markets. All of these are best in some of their features. But you wanna choose a stroller insert that will be perfect for the baby.

So, the first thing you should check is whether the insert of the stroller is comfortable for your baby or not.

There should be supporting pads on the insert which provide support to the head, neck, and body of your baby. Also, check the softness of the cushion.


After checking the comfort, the second thing we should note is the size of the insert of the stroller. The size of the insert is an important feature because it perfectly fits into the stroller and safe your baby from falling.

For newborns, the insert size should be small. The insert cushion is also able to adjust in a car, on a chair, on a swing, and in any other place perfectly.


Moving further we should check the fabric of the insert seat. The quality of fabric should be good otherwise it may harm the sensitive skin of your baby. The best infant insert for a stroller has a pure material fabric without any chemicals used in it.

This is a multiseasonal fabric. One of the most important things about the fabric of the insert is that it should be breathable.

Easy to use

The insert of the stroller should be easy to use. It is easy to wash and dry. The stroller insert should be so adjustable that it can easily fit on a car seat, on a stroller seat, or on a chair.


As everyone wants to buy a product that can be used for a long time without any deformations. The stroller insert cushion should also be made up of good quality material which increases its durability.

Moreover, an infant insert for a stroller should have a multifunction design and can be used for infants as well as toddlers.


In the end, the price of the inert stroller is also important. The best infant insert for the stroller is that whose price is affordable for people with all the above-mentioned features.


All the important features and their detail about the best infant insert for the stroller is described, so I am going to end this article.

I hope you got all the points and find this article helpful regarding the purchase of an infant insert for a stroller.

It depends on your choice that what kind of stroller insert you want to buy that makes you happy and also makes your baby comfortable. However, all the products written in this article are quite useful and comfortable.


What is an infant insert?

A soft and fluffy pillow that gives support to the baby and also protects the baby during traveling. It should be comfortable, soft, and easy to wash. They can be considered the best item for newborns.

Can we place a stroller insert on s dining chair?

Yes! If the chair is perfect according to cushion size then we can use it on a dining chair. So, the size of the insert and chair matters a lot.

Till which are they are suitable for babies?

Usually, these stroller inserts are useful for premature and newborn babies. We can use them up to the age of 12 months. They keep the baby warm and provide them with support.

Are these stroller inserts washable?

Yes! These inserts for strollers are easy to wash. You can even wash them in washing machines. Try to wash them with cold water. Try not to wash with hot water and bleach, both can damage the insert’s fabric.

Either these stroller inserts are breathable?

Yes! Of course, they are able to breathe. The material used in their making is a thin material and your babies can easily breathe in them.

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