Evenflo vs Graco Convertible Car Seat: Which is Better

Evenflo vs Graco

Other than purchasing a stroller or a crib for your baby, the most important thing is an infant car seat. Since safety is the first priority, especially for your little one. If you often travel, an infant car seat is an essential thing.

However, getting the right and convertible car seat could be a great thing you ever pick. This not only provides comfort to your baby and convenience to you but saves your effort, time, and money.

Anyhow, if you’re confused about choosing between the Evenflo vs Graco car seats, you’re on the right site. I have reviewed the two manufacturers in-depth and have come to the end that they look the same but are drastically different.

I have compared the top-rated products of each brand to help you make the right decision that suits your desires.

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Evenflo vs Graco: Quick Comparison

SpecificationsEvenflo EveryStageGraco 4Ever
Item Weight22 Pounds22.75 Pounds
Dimensions22 x 19 x 26.5 inches20 x 21.5 x 24 inches
Weight Capacity4-120 lbs40-100 lbs
Age RecommendedAbove 2 yearsUp to 10 years
OrientationForward and rear-facingForward and rear-facing
Evenflo EveryStage DLX Car Seat Review

Evenflo EveryStage DLX Car Seat Review

  • Polyester-plastic construction
  • 3-in-1 convertible car seat
  • Innovative EasyClick latch system
  • Custom cradled fit
  • Washable car seat pads
  • Two integrated cup holders

You might see the Evenflo EveryStage DLX infant car seat as the only option for your chunky baby because this seat has the capacity to hold a weight of up to 120 pounds.

This seat has brought a lot of things with it, including the three modes of conversion into rear and forward face harness along with the belt-positioning booster chair. These modes really deliver an incredible experience to your baby.

Moreover, the quick installation helps you save time and effort. There is an exclusive Easy-Click latch system that secures the system with the car with just one click. Other than this, you’ll find a no-rethread harness that adjusts easily to provide comfort and safety.

Besides, there is a ratcheting system that enables you to provide your baby a versatile safety, tight fit, and provides less effort in securing the seat. Using this system is optional for many parents in order to bring more ease and flexibility for an effortless fit.

Although the weight of the chair is slightly lighter than its competitors, its dimensions are higher. So, if you have adequate space in your car, then the Evenflo EveryStage is an ideal car seat for you.

Several other features included in this item are the custom cradle fit that delivers enhanced comfortability and support from each angle. Additionally, it reduces the head slump while keeping the airway open.

Other features include the two mounted cup holders that are removable and dishwasher-safe. These holders help in keeping the milk or water bottle in it. For your satisfaction, the Evenflo EveryStage has tested its performance and capacity before launching it in the market.

  • Seat padding and other fabric is machine-washable
  • Simplest one-hand harness
  • The easiest car seat to install
  • It lasts longer for above ten years
  • The manufacturers offer a 90-day warranty
  • Hard-to-read manual instructions
  • Harness adjusting and fitting might be cumbersome
Graco 4ever DLX Car Seat Review

Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat Review

  • 4 in 1 car seat
  • 6 position recline
  • Graco exclusive In right Latch attachment
  • Rear-facing harness

Parents always prefer products that last longer and protect their kids. Therefore, Graco 4ever is there to complete the dream of such parents. Along with all its advanced features, this product holds the ability to last enduringly for almost ten years while maintaining its originality.

Moreover, the toddler of up to 120lbs weight can easily sit while forward-facing as it can hold up to 20-65 pounds hassle-free. Also, the Graco car seat can be easily attached with the car seats with one simple in-right Latch system.

It means that having a shake-free and snug ride will never be hectic for your kid. This item holds all the traits that a parent could have wished for.

This seat has relatively compact dimensions; the best thing about this product that pleased parents is that the Graco 4ever is crash tested and holds the ability to control any bump or temperature while traveling.

Not just that, the booster seats have a high belt-positioning, mode of 40 -100 pounds, and backless belt from 40-120 pounds of bearing capacity. It means that when you stop the car, it’s sure that the Graco 4ever will never move a bit and assures that your kid is safe.

  • Quick and convenient convertible modes
  • No-rethread harness provides prompt adjustment
  • Simple seat belt installation for solid protection
  • Easily removable and washable covers and cups
  • This product lasts for up to 10 years
  • Somehow unbreathable fabric
  • Non-removable harness for cleaning purposes

Evenflo vs Graco Detailed Comparison

Below, I have compared the two brands Evenflo vs Graco, by breaking down several elements, which are crucial to determine.

Every trait of each brand is distinct from one another, making the two products distinguished. Moreover, these elements would definitely help you decide upon a suitable model.



Although Graco 4ever and Evenflo EveryStage are not only different in terms of price, they are pretty distinct with respect to the construction, durability, and overall design.

Nevertheless, there are a few small details that make the two pretty different from each other. If you glimpse the Graco car seat, its fabric and softness are much better than the Evenflo EveryStage seat.

This is because the Graco comes with thicker padding. Evenflo, however, has good padding too.

Weight Capacity

This is another most concerning factor how much weight can a seated bear? Well, the weight-bearing capacity of the two infant car seats is pretty comparable.

While comparing their high-back harness booster weight capacity, the Graco can hold up to 100lbs, whereas the Evenflo can bear 120lbs.

However, both seats have a weight limit capacity of up to 65 lbs in a forward-facing harness. Once your child grows, convert the seat into a backless booster seat.


Both seats are convertible and allow you to adjust the headrest with the help of your single hand.

The Graco 4-in-1 baby car seat can seamlessly be modified into four seats, including a high-back belt-positioning booster, rear-facing harness car seat, backless belt-positioning booster, and forward-facing harness car seat.

These convertible modes are ideal for your baby to provide him with the most relaxed position. On the other hand, the Evenflo car seat offers only three convertible models. These modifications include rear-facing, forward-facing harness, and belt-positioning booster seats.

Easy to Clean

While contrasting the two brands, I came to one similarity that both are super easy to clean. Both convertible seats are made with a washing-machine-friendly fabric that can be easily removed and cleaned. Once you have removed and washed the fabric, it is extremely easy to put it on the back.


Safety is one of the substantial concerns while purchasing a car seat. Let me inform you that both seats come with the Latch system that is tremendously easy to install.

This system helps in attaching the seat with the car firmly to prevent it from moving. In addition to this, the reclining position in both seats delivers great comfort to your baby throughout the trip.


Installation is another most important aspect of an infant car seat, especially in a convertible one. However, to provide you with an easy installation, both models feature a latch system that helps you install this seat in your car effortlessly.

This system makes sure that you have firmly secured the seat with your car. Moreover, the adjustment of reclining positions and headrest is stunning.

Although the Evenflo EverStage infant car seat is a bit challenging to adjust, the Graco 4ever is pretty easy with its six-recline positions.


When it comes to the price, there is a hundred-dollar difference between the two. Since the Graco 4ever seems to be more solid and offers finer features thus, this seat is pretty expensive than the Evenflo at every stage.

Yet, Evenflo car seats are similar to Graco 4ever, but the Evenflo is ideal for budget-concerned buyers.

Evenflo vs Graco – Which one to Buy?

Despite whatever you end up choosing between the Evenflo vs Graco, you should make sure that you pick a high-end product that delivers excellent comfort to your baby. Not only this, an infant car seat should be something convenient for you as well that should be easy to install, washable, and secure.

Although all these traits can be found in both models, still Graco 4ever is relatively more suitable for many parents.

This seat offers more modes, more recline positions to relax your baby. Yet, those with a limited budget can pick Evenflo EveryStage infant car seats because it is cheaper than the other option.

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